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  • Tyler Takacs

    Likewise, Article number 4 wins the most interesting article here because it involves the United States. Iran has successfully sent a rocket into space and it brings up the cause for concern on how they can develop this technology and make a weapon out of it. If they can send rockets into space with minor ease, what holds them back from using it against a potential enemy or threat, hopefully America wont have to find out. Another interesting note to add is the caption in the monkey’s photo says Iran “claims” the monkey returned from space which definitely draws a red flag on the fact of whether the monkey was ever involved. Probably not too big a concern but definitely something to point out.

  • Pratik Wagle

    I wonder what kind of impact the removal of US troops from Afghanistan will have on Pakistan. Considering the increase in attacks on Pakistan by radical Islamist groups from the northern borderlands of Pakistan and Afghanistan, the situation will much likely get much worse when there are no US troops involved in Afghanistan, and the security of the nation is left up to a government that barely controls Kabul, and not much else. The radical Islamist groups will surely target Pakistan more frequently, and could send the region into even further turmoil, this is an incredibly scary thought for Pakistan is armed with nuclear weapons and a very corrupt military and intelligence agency, as scary as it is, it would not be foolish to say that the US military involvement in Pakistan/ Afghanistan is not going to be over any time soon, although there may be no troops in Afghanistan. This viscious cycle of violence will not likely end anytime soon, in fact things look as though they may get much worse.

  • Dani Dolezal

    I enjoyed reading this collection of news stories because it reminded me of what is going on outside of my immediate area. I am familiar with many of the stories, but I have a tendency to forget about the big picture. The conflict in the Middle East is always something I have tried to keep my eye on because it can have such tremendous consequences if things explode into an all out war. Whether or not it was a hoax, the news story about Iran sending a monkey into space on a rocket renews ongoing concerns that may have taken a back seat to other world affairs. When it comes to Iran, there is a huge reason to worry about what technological developments they are making. I for one, am hoping that we never have to enter into a direct conflict with them because I can only imagine the effects it would have on the world. The same thing goes for North Korea. When I hear the stories about developing rockets and nuclear weapons, I shudder to think of the possible nuclear war that may erupt.

  • Rachel Kirsch

    This list was one of my favorites that you have posted thus far as some of these stories I had not yet heard or had never actually hit the news (only minor stories in newspapers). It actually saddened me that a monkey was sent to space as it seems cruel to them and makes me think of all of the reasons animals should not be tested on/ used as Guinea pigs 🙁 …anyway, there was a lot of valuable information here, some that I had not even thought to research more fully. In particular, my interest in Cairo conflicts with Tahir Square had waned quite significantly as there had been less and less major news coverage of it. Once you posted this though, I once again started researching and following the reports more closely as there is still a vast amount of conflict in the country. Keep on posting!

    Rachel Kirsch

    • Dr. Matthew D. Zarzeczny, FINS

      Dear Rachel,

      Well, I have submitted one on the Top 10 Important World News Stories of February 2013, so there should be more where this list came from! 🙂



  • Angela Franks

    That monkey looks so sad! It doesn’t know what’s going on, tested mess up. But about this Korean nuclear weapon, whoa. They are already super dangerous and is hate to be on their list! I didn’t realize all the events we were getting involved in, not that I’m totally shocked because the US it’s always getting in to other country’s stuff. I am a little concerned on what’s to come in my lifetime.

  • Clifford Vickery

    All very notable events, most of these events are like to have effects that reach globally. As for us hopefully China and Japan can reach an agreement with as little involvement as possible from the US. I wont be holding my breath.

  • rajesh

    good . I really like it

  • Danielle Thorpe

    #4, That monkey looks very unhappy lol,
    It’s amazing to see how much technology is improving everyday, like sending a monkey to space. Although, it is scary to think of it being used for military force especially against us.