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  • Lee Standberr

    cool and informative

    • Dr. Matthew D. Zarzeczny, FINS

      Thanks! 🙂

  • David L. Morrisnewell

    I always look forward to this class. Plus I learn so much from it. Best class of this semester.

    • Someone is looking for brownie points. 😉 We like Dr. Zarzeczny too!

      • Dr. Matthew D. Zarzeczny, FINS

        Aww, thanks to both of you then! 🙂

    • Dr. Matthew D. Zarzeczny, FINS

      Dear David,

      Thanks! 🙂



  • ParusMajor

    That monkey doesn’t look happy at #4. 🙁

  • Alexus

    Out of all the significant events, I found number 4 very interesting because in the past I have always heard people say send the monkeys to space. After reading Iranian sent a monkey to space successfully; I was in shock and was very intrigued.

  • Tick tock! If the U.S. begins to get involved in any of the world events mentioned above, which we will probably have to (especially with Japan and China as per our WWII agreement with them) then our nation could be stretched too thin, too fast. If you consider that we are already involved in Afghanistan, then we have one war already. If tensions between Japan and China go hot, now it’s two, and, of course, we will become embroiled with France and Britain’s affairs. What kind of neighbors would we be if we didn’t help? Three. Now we’re stretched too thin and some nation sees it and decides to attack us. Four, and we fall. Now the world economies begin to follow with us because of the global dependence on one another and because of our propping most of the European nations up economically after WWII. The way I see it, it’s only a matter of time.

    • Tyler

      LOL. This comment literally has no legitimacy.

      • Dr. Matthew D. Zarzeczny, FINS

        Dear Tyler, how so? Please elaborate. Best, Matthew

      • Adam Lenhart

        Seriously, I would like to know this myself. I base my theory on historical facts. Do we not have an agreement with Japan dating back to WWII to protect them if they are attacked by other nations? If not, then my history teacher taught me wrong. This being the case, is it not also possible for China, a nation that is growing quickly and, last time I checked, willing to shake its Communist fist at the world. Not to mention, China and Japan have gone to war with each other in the past, so there is a history there.
        As for Britain working with France, have we not been on good relations with Britain in the past (with the exception of the War of 1812 and the Revolutionary War)? Did Winston Churchill ask FDR for assistance during WWII, and did we not supply them with weapons and, when Japan attacked, our soldiers? In fact, we may have supplied a few before Japan attacking, but I am unsure about that. All this being said, why would it be considered a wrong assumption to assume that we would help out our British, and French, neighbors across the pond; especially, if I remember correctly, both are a part of NATO.
        Need some backing for the world economy statement. After WWII we helped the world rebuild. The U.S.A. sent money to all the impoverished nations that had suffered the ravages of war, which was most of Europe and their subsidiaries. This being the case, it means that our money is everywhere and has remained so because of the global market. This makes every nation intertwined with the economies of the others. If one falls, they all fall. Now, unless my history teachers have been lying to me, and my own research over the years has been nothing but lies, then how can any of this not be legitimate up to this point?
        The only piece that can be construed as remotely illegitimate is the idea that a fourth nation would actually attack us while we are stretched too thin, and, if you would like a list of our enemies, start with the Communist nations and slowly begin working your way to Muslim nations because, the last I saw the news or was given a history lesson, these were the nations that were most likely willing to see us fall to ruin (Soviet Russia as an example).
        The one good thing in your claim is that you have pointed out that I forgot to say that it was my theory and not reality; otherwise, I respectfully request some facts to back up your own claim. As you can see, I have provided mine and, by all means, I would love to be proven wrong because I would love to know that my nation will be around for a while longer, but until then, every nation, like every business, needs a Devil’s advocate per se.

  • NatalieWetzel

    The post that grabbed my attention most was the monkey being sent into space via rocket. This kind of news appeared to be more along the lines of entertaining, but it turned into something very informative. I wouldn’t have thought to link the concern between Iranians and the dangers of having more improved technology on the enemy’s side, such as a rocket. This article was a good example of how we should take the information given and apply it to potential situations of the future.

  • auto devis

    2013 is starting out to resemble a B movie

  • Jordan

    When Iran were showing off pictures of the monkey they sent into space they released pictures of 2 different monkeys. The said it was an accident and that one of them was a backup monkey. I find that hilarious. Though maybe not completely calling into question the validity of their claim it has to be said it’s a bit of an embarrassment

  • Lauren

    It’s hard to imagine that half of didn’t even make big news stories with their importance. Very interesting though and made good pass-time reading!

    • Dr. Matthew D. Zarzeczny, FINS

      Dear Lauren,

      I am pleased you enjoyed the list! 🙂



  • Mary Wardle

    This article is very informative and I hope you continue. Thanks

    • Dr. Matthew D. Zarzeczny, FINS

      Dear Mary,

      Thank you! 🙂



  • Kayla Leech

    informative top 10 ! Amazing how much can occur in just a month. Each of these events in some way or the other connect to our future here in the states. With up and coming advance technology, to government changes and war, 2013 most certainly has its work cut out for itself. By far my favorite article was Iran’s choice to ship a poor monkey off to space in a rocket. Pretty sure that classifies as animal cruelty if you ask me. But hey, every man for himself right. Or shall I say monkey. Great article !

    • Dr. Matthew D. Zarzeczny, FINS

      Dear Kayla,

      Thank you for your kind words! I am pleased you enjoyed it! 🙂



  • Cara

    I found number four rather sad because I feels it’s kinda rude. WHY monkeys though why not cats or dogs? I know monkeys are used to test thing s but space REALLLY

  • Josh Y

    Kerry certainly has big shoes to fill with Clinton leaving; I must admit I was surprised at the univeral support — at first — but, once I saw how involved he has been since the 2004 election, it makes more sense.

  • Caribbean Shipping

    This is a great informative information with picture/video..a morning of walking around the ship was filled with similarly enticing views. It’s a great way to wake up.

    • Dr. Matthew D. Zarzeczny, FINS

      Well, I have seen at that the dispute between China and Japan has indeed affected Royal Caribbean cruises. It is certainly amazing to think just how much these crises can impact industries one might not necessarily consider when first reading about them and it dies go to show just how influential and therefore important these events are. Thanks for your comment! 🙂

  • Amanda

    It’s pretty scary to read how we can potentially become involved in more wars. What’s even more scary is that this is probably the case all of the time and we (the uninformed) don’t even realize it as we go on about our lives day to day.

  • Cara

    I feel kind of both ways about whether or not the crises were more serious back then or now. As far as medical attention back then there were not so advanced but as far as discovering new things and using modern technologies it can make or break us today

  • Kayla Leech

    Make up Assignment :

    Although each of these top ten events have a big impact in their own way to society, the events that took place during the 1600s were a bit more moving. From the beheadings to the wars and leaders, events during the 1600s make an impression on mankind that will forever change society. Many of the events that took place in the 1600s lead us to the life we live in today. Leaders have learned from previous leaders mistakes as well as gaining knowledge from their success. The 1600s have set up the foundation of our future today.

  • Brant Meredith

    I think that the United States should stay out of Africa. With an increasing debt and being a country dealing with the tolls of two wars, I don’t think it would be a good idea.

  • Rachel Powell

    Sad that so many people died.

  • Nicholas Fill

    It will be very interesting to see what John Kerry will do with the Secretary of State position and if he can influence some major events around the world.

  • Gene Claridge

    Very informative! What do you think of North Korea’s last nuclear testing?

    • Dr. Matthew D. Zarzeczny, FINS

      Actually, I’m thinking of including that in my next month version of the article, i.e. Top 10 Important World News Stories of February 2013! 😉

  • Michael Giaimo

    Number three for me seemed very interesting. North Korea has just tried out its third nuclear test and I feel like this is an event worrying the minds of those all over the country. Countries like China are too desiring to impose ever harsher sanctions on North Korea to stop them from further developing harmful weapons. It’s unknown whats going to happen with North Korea but this even has made everyone tremble and wonder whats really to come.

  • Kenny Janz

    That poor monkey. Very interesting and informative information though.

  • Yev Khmel

    To comment I would like to speak more about NorthKorea. I mean I know they might have nuclear weapons now and they are scary country to mess with. But i think honestly they are like a spider, most people are scared of them, and don’t want to mess with them because they look scary and have a bite. But in reality this spider is making itself look big and bad because it itself is really scared. Since it is scared it will do nothing but try and make itself look scarier such as North Korea. North Korea has to be smart enough to know it shouldn’t mess with anybody

  • Christina M.

    Wow, I’m surprised some of these stories weren’t publicized as much as they probably should’ve been. The 4th article is the most interesting to me because it gets me thinking how simple it is almost now to be sending rockets into space that the same country could send rockets to nearby countries. It appears to be a possible issue in the near future too, only time will tell.

  • Tyler Takacs

    Likewise, Article number 4 wins the most interesting article here because it involves the United States. Iran has successfully sent a rocket into space and it brings up the cause for concern on how they can develop this technology and make a weapon out of it. If they can send rockets into space with minor ease, what holds them back from using it against a potential enemy or threat, hopefully America wont have to find out. Another interesting note to add is the caption in the monkey’s photo says Iran “claims” the monkey returned from space which definitely draws a red flag on the fact of whether the monkey was ever involved. Probably not too big a concern but definitely something to point out.

  • Pratik Wagle

    I wonder what kind of impact the removal of US troops from Afghanistan will have on Pakistan. Considering the increase in attacks on Pakistan by radical Islamist groups from the northern borderlands of Pakistan and Afghanistan, the situation will much likely get much worse when there are no US troops involved in Afghanistan, and the security of the nation is left up to a government that barely controls Kabul, and not much else. The radical Islamist groups will surely target Pakistan more frequently, and could send the region into even further turmoil, this is an incredibly scary thought for Pakistan is armed with nuclear weapons and a very corrupt military and intelligence agency, as scary as it is, it would not be foolish to say that the US military involvement in Pakistan/ Afghanistan is not going to be over any time soon, although there may be no troops in Afghanistan. This viscious cycle of violence will not likely end anytime soon, in fact things look as though they may get much worse.

  • Dani Dolezal

    I enjoyed reading this collection of news stories because it reminded me of what is going on outside of my immediate area. I am familiar with many of the stories, but I have a tendency to forget about the big picture. The conflict in the Middle East is always something I have tried to keep my eye on because it can have such tremendous consequences if things explode into an all out war. Whether or not it was a hoax, the news story about Iran sending a monkey into space on a rocket renews ongoing concerns that may have taken a back seat to other world affairs. When it comes to Iran, there is a huge reason to worry about what technological developments they are making. I for one, am hoping that we never have to enter into a direct conflict with them because I can only imagine the effects it would have on the world. The same thing goes for North Korea. When I hear the stories about developing rockets and nuclear weapons, I shudder to think of the possible nuclear war that may erupt.

  • Rachel Kirsch

    This list was one of my favorites that you have posted thus far as some of these stories I had not yet heard or had never actually hit the news (only minor stories in newspapers). It actually saddened me that a monkey was sent to space as it seems cruel to them and makes me think of all of the reasons animals should not be tested on/ used as Guinea pigs 🙁 …anyway, there was a lot of valuable information here, some that I had not even thought to research more fully. In particular, my interest in Cairo conflicts with Tahir Square had waned quite significantly as there had been less and less major news coverage of it. Once you posted this though, I once again started researching and following the reports more closely as there is still a vast amount of conflict in the country. Keep on posting!

    Rachel Kirsch

    • Dr. Matthew D. Zarzeczny, FINS

      Dear Rachel,

      Well, I have submitted one on the Top 10 Important World News Stories of February 2013, so there should be more where this list came from! 🙂



  • Angela Franks

    That monkey looks so sad! It doesn’t know what’s going on, tested mess up. But about this Korean nuclear weapon, whoa. They are already super dangerous and is hate to be on their list! I didn’t realize all the events we were getting involved in, not that I’m totally shocked because the US it’s always getting in to other country’s stuff. I am a little concerned on what’s to come in my lifetime.

  • Clifford Vickery

    All very notable events, most of these events are like to have effects that reach globally. As for us hopefully China and Japan can reach an agreement with as little involvement as possible from the US. I wont be holding my breath.

  • rajesh

    good . I really like it

  • Danielle Thorpe

    #4, That monkey looks very unhappy lol,
    It’s amazing to see how much technology is improving everyday, like sending a monkey to space. Although, it is scary to think of it being used for military force especially against us.