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  1. stephwoo286
    stephwoo286 at |

    All this is rather sad, because it’s clearly a case of traditional publishing desperately grasping for a handhold on the precipice of oblivion. But then, stuff like this is lifted by just about every irrelevant industry. Advertising springs instantly to mind.

  2. Kata Lee Sandberg
    Kata Lee Sandberg at |

    Don’t you diss the cheezburger cats.. everybody loves them & would STILL love them jut as much with or without the pointless, stupid, mispelled captions….
    I don’t really get the mispelling thing myself… & clearly it’s the cats & the pictures of them that are the star of this phenomenon.. altho some of the captions are kind-of funny…..
    It is for cat lovers & it is just another book of cute pictures of cats!!! & if your grandparents or some old people are cat lovers but they live out in the middle of brainerd, nowhere & therefor for some reason do not know how to use a computer (or the internet, for that matter) this is a GREAT book 2 get 4 them.. because they still love cats & they STILL wanna see the funny pictures & cute cats & the few, rare good captions that go along w/them……. & it might even convince them to go on the internet so that you can stop writing them letters & sending them through the mail!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Don’t hate the cheezeburger cats.. no matter how pointless the book may be……. all of the cute pictures of cute, pretty & beautiful & sometimes crabby & scary-looking cats will ALWAYS be popular.. as long as there are some people out there that stll like beautiful &cute things & aren’t scared of them just because they are beautiful & cute & pretty & special & they aren’t women & so some dudes are getting all confused & freaking out & panicking because it’s something beautiful & cute & it’s not a human female or whatever.

    1. Zach Gillette
      Zach Gillette at |

      I don’t love them. They are for stupid people.

  3. kt
    kt at |

    So when is the TopTenz book coming out?

    1. TopTenz Master
      TopTenz Master at |

      About a year ago or more, a literary agent contacted me for that very purpose. She ultimately gave up after contacting a few publishers. I still think I have an idea that would be so much more than just a top 10 list book, so if anyone knows or is a literary agent I would be happy to speak with them and share my idea for a TopTenz book. Send an email to [email protected].

  4. DJ
    DJ at |

    I don’t see why ‘Sh*t my dad says’ is up there. I read that book and it was pretty damn funny.

  5. Pip
    Pip at |

    I’m pretty sure Post Secret was a book before it was a website. It started as an art project by a man in San Francisco… the first PS book explain his whole story.

  6. Laura
    Laura at |

    No, PostSecret was a site first. I found it back in what, 2005 maybe, when it was started – it was a big deal among the artsy snobs my friends and I were then.
    And Garfield Minus Garfield is a great book to have – if for no other reason than being a dead-on throwback to the old wide Garfield books we all grew up looking at.

  7. huh
    huh at |

    “it can get really gets popular.”

    Not the best first line ever.

    1. TopTenz Master
      TopTenz Master at |

      Egads, thanks for the correction.


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