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  • Nice list, although you’re missing one. the Simpsons lol.

    • EYAY

      lol, but too bad the simpsons was made in the 20th century 😛

  • The Microwave Oven

    None of these are inventions,Their fields and almost half of these don’t even exist .And worse most of these are impractical pipe dreams.Yeah great list might as well have thrown in moon bases and interdimensional teleportation………………………………and Gundams why the f**K not?

    • The Microwave Oven

      PRAISE THE OVEN………..

    • Chuy

      Nanotechnology, Genetics Engineering, Automation, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, Hypersonic transportation and Hidrogen powered vehicles DO exist.

      Sustainable energy is a truth today but free energy will never exist. It breaks rules from the physics. You can’t mess with physics.

      Human cloning and antigravity are really far awar from what movies describes to be. But research is making its job.

      Are you living on planet earth ???

  • you missed something

    uhh hello? have you guys heard about INTERNET? i heard its pretty awesome.

    • You’re an idiot

      Nice to know that the internet was invented in the 21st century, now who lives underneath a rock?

  • tim

    This list is a hell of a lot of fun but it really is science fiction. I’m not sure what you really mean by “free energy.” I can only assume you mean energy that is so cheap that there is no point in even charging for it so it will be free. But this is what they said about nuclear enegy and that didn’t turn out to be true. in essence there is no such thing as free energy because if humans can’t make a profit off of it, they won’t bother with it at all.

    hydrogen powered cars sounds freakin awesome on paper but I heard an interview with a physicist/engineer who said that unless major improvements are made to make hydrogen cars as safe as possible they are inherently dangerous. this doesn’t mean there would be a thermonuclear explosion from a fender-bender but he said with the volatility of the fuel involved and the pressure being utilized in fuel cells this thing would cause a pretty damn big bang if the fuel cell were ruptured in the wrong way. he put it like this, when you see a regular gasoline engine car blow up like in the movies the tank is ruptured that causes an explosion and a nasty little fire that could damage other vehicles in addition to the exploding car being destroyed. he said a similar accident with a hydrogen fuel cell would leave a ten foot deep crater and wipe out everything within 40 feet of the exploding car.

  • Noah

    You do know that robotics has been around for hundreds of years right? Leonarod Da Vinci wrote about a machine he designed that resembled a moving suit of armor and ran on steam power. It’s not only the earliest mention of what can be assumed to be a humanoid robot, but also of a complex machine running on steam as it’s primary power source.

  • Good post exploring some technologies that might have the potential to be top inventions for the 21st century. Thanks for the information.

  • Ian

    This is minuscule compared to what we’re going to do in the next 89 years. We’re only entering our second decade. I don’t believe it would be an appropriate time to start counting our century’s accomplishments yet.

  • yoyo101

    SERIOUSLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! this is freaking crazy! these are someones daydreams, not inventions. I bet this would be a good one for old fashioned movies, though. people were way more stupid back then.

  • Well that’s quite a list. But glaring in the omission or perhaps the most important invention of the century: frosted pop tarts. And I had cheeze whiz at number 9…


  • Mike

    Robotics have taken tremendous advances over the past years but since it is a field i think it should have been a bit more specific. Example: The 3D printer

  • Nagendra

    I think, nothink is impossible in science field.

  • Bala

    We are searching for Water in Moon and Mars, why can’t we create safe Hydrogen Cars, Bikes, Buses, Lorries, Planes, etc. Will it affect investments made it this field by super powers and Oil Rich Middle East countries. For nearly 15 years we are keep speaking about Hydrogen Cars when will it come to reality…

  • carter

    well why did they make chicken coops

  • Very good topics.