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  1. Burger
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  2. Burger
    Burger at |

    I have a bulldog and just so you know she is one of the smartest dogs I have EVER seen

  3. Vultan
    Vultan at |

    You really need to do more research before typing things up. The dogs you have listed are one of the most intelligent dogs. Its just that people with not enough intelligence and patience cannot train them. Not the dogs mistake.

  4. King Warbeast
    King Warbeast at |

    When it comes to the Bulldog, I think they’re mistaking sheer will for lack of intelligence. The simple fact is most Bulldogs won’t do as they’re told because they don’t see the sense in what you’re wanting them to do. I’ve owned two bulldogs and they were/are the most intelligent dogs I’ve ever seen.. just damn stubborn.. and wonderful.. ^_^

  5. Donovan
    Donovan at |

    Obviously written by someone to fill a page and get click. Most of these dogs score quite well given any reasonable standard. Hounds in particular are some of the smarter breeds scoring quite high in problem solving, short and long term memory, and language comprehension. The author can’t bothered to do a bit of research on the subject and instead chose the lazy trainability = intelligence angle.
    tl;dr Useless clickbait article

  6. StaceyM
    StaceyM at |

    I have a French Bulldog. He’s smart in his own right. He’s loving, a character and very fun. BUT… he has his own personality and when he doesn’t want to do something, he won’t do it. Potty training has been a nightmare with him, but we’re getting better once I found he loves liver treats. He’s a great dog and very excellent with my 2 young kids. My son and him are thick as thieves and do everything together. I can’t say he’s dumb, he just only likes to do stuff on his own time. He’s “bull-headed.”

  7. Tonya Rdrgz-Smmns
    Tonya Rdrgz-Smmns at |

    I have a basset hound, she is extremely clever. If it involves getting food her problem solving is through the roof. She’s a touch stubborn which makes training a total pain in the ass, but she’s not dense, she’s just not going to say “how high” when you ask her to jump.

  8. Andrew Radil
    Andrew Radil at |

    Lol… This is not list of least intelligent dogs, this is a list of dogs aren’t going to be your little rag doll and do whatever you want. It is called having a personality of there own and not just a molded animal that does everything when you snap your fingers. Basenjis are EXTREMELY intelligent, no not just mine, almost all. There are a lot of people that do not understand how to work with hounds in general. Do your research a little before you rank one of the smartest dogs who manage to live in the wild in Africa to this day. If you actually researched a little more than one article you found on Google you will learn of the Amazing intelligence these hounds have. I also own a poodle and a an American Eskimo. The Basenji is the smartest of them all naturally despite the poodle high intelligence ranking. My Basenji learns all his commands the first week we brought him home at 11 weeks old. Will he do them for me if I don’t have treats, sometimes but mostly not. He will get bored and snort air and head bang his head if you try to make him do the same trick twice in one sitting. Its independence not stupidity. My poodle on the other hand bounces around all cute but will do anything I tell him to no matter what, treat or not. Which dog sounds smarter? The one who acts as a slave or the one who says what’s in it for me?

  9. Lydia
    Lydia at |

    The ease of training is definitely not a sign of intelligence. I am owned by a Bloodhound, and she KNOWS about every command you can think of, whether or not she chooses to do that command is another story, but she knows what we expect her to do. Have you ever not followed the rules or instruction, or maybe did something to benefit no one else but you? That must make you a bumbling idiot, by your gauging.
    I can only speak of Bloodhounds, but a large factor on the reasons she may choose to ignore a command is that she has picked up a scent that has her attention more than appeasing her human.
    Bloodhounds are more intelligent than allot of humans, and apparently the “writer” of said article is in the lesser intelligent grouping. Try researching what you attempt to write about next time.

  10. Chelsea
    Chelsea at |

    I think it should be clarified there are different types of intelligence in dogs, just like humans. This is a measure of working intelligence, meaning how well is the dog going to listen to commands and how quickly do they learn them. Some of these breeds may understand what you’re telling them to do but not care to listen, it’s hard to tell sometimes. That may mean they aren’t very eager to please and a lot more stubborn. They also may excel in other types of intelligence. The hound breeds for instance, like the Beagle or Bloodhound are better than other breeds at tracking. Some breeds have more emotional intelligence while others are capable of more abstract thought. Working intelligence isn’t the only kind and it doesn’t mean your dog is bad at everything. However, the people commenting saying they have a dog on this list and how smart their dog is… Your dog may be smart or you just may have worked with them well, but this list is saying on average these breeds are at the bottom compared to others. It doesn’t mean an individual dog can’t be an anomaly or they can’t be trained well, it just means you may need to work harder than you would if you got another breed.

    1. StaceyM
      StaceyM at |

      That makes complete sense. I have the French Bulldog. Sometimes getting him to listen is about as useful as talking to a doorknob. He just cocks his head and looks at me like I’m growing an arm out of my forehead. But, we’re working on him and will continue training him. If nothing else, at least get him 100% potty trained.

  11. jim
    jim at |

    I have a Basenji : ) I can’t teach her anything, but she once made a trail of peanuts into the house, hid beside the sofa, and caught a squirrel. Both of them were shocked, so Rosey just let it go? INDEPENDENT? Everyday I spend with her is two days off my life, but I would sell my soul for her!!!!!

    1. Shell Harris
      Shell Harris at |

      I think most of us would say this about our spouses, “Everyday I spend with her is two days off my life, but I would sell my soul for her!”

  12. Eli
    Eli at |

    Afghans are not dumb-western people think
    They are because they have no value in the dogs eyes…

    Afghans are Ancient dogs. They were created by GOD not human testing….

    My friend has an afghan service dog and boy let me tell you, they are extremely intelligent. One must remember they have been out of Afghanistan only for a few years

  13. Paula
    Paula at |

    Beagles don’t like cats? I have a beagle who lives with eight cats and likes them just fine…he even sleeps with the cats.

    Traits such as stubbornness and independence have nothing to do with intelligence level. This list should have been titled Top 10 Most Stubborn and Independent dogs instead.

  14. rkm
    rkm at |

    I have never observed stupidity in any animal, I do however, seriously question the intelligence of the author of this article.

    1. Shell Harris
      Shell Harris at |

      You must come and watch my jack russell terrier then. He will go the wrong way around a pole, while being walked, and make the chain shorter and tighter as he continues to walk the wrong way and then panic himself into doing it faster. He seems gung-ho to choke himself.

  15. Chris
    Chris at |

    I have to agree about beagles. My dad has one, and that dog is so damn stupid.

  16. Aimee Wiedrich
    Aimee Wiedrich at |

    I have a beagle and we call her stupid, she thinks her name is Holly-no-bad-dog-ouch. She will go outside and howl like crazy and there is nothing out there. “Yeah Holly, I know its dark outside.” Also, “Yes Holly, I know your standing in a corner facing the wall. She destroys EVERYTHING! She tries to get in fights with out yellow Labrador Boz on purpose. She also HATES our cat Smokey, absolutely HATES him. She attacks him and bites him and tackles him. Today you hardly ever see him around the house during the day because of that dog! so when I read that they are not good with cats I was like “WOW, that explains ALOT!

  17. Matt
    Matt at |

    I have a Bassett Hound and he the smartest dog Ive ever come in contact with and ive had lots. He understands conversations people are having and would interject if he could. His audible vocabulary is ridiculously high and surprises everyone the is around him. Best dog Ive ever owned, though he is very unfriendly with strangers.

  18. Adam
    Adam at |

    I DO NOT agree with the Afghan Hound being the least intelligent dog! Absolutely ridiculous…I have grown up with different breeds of dogs since I was born, my Afghan Hound Fallon is by far the smartest and most “human like” dog I have ever had!!!!

    These Dogs are not your typical sit, stay, fetch kind of canine. They are very very human like and only obey humans whom they have RESPECT for. The people taking these tests were absolutely unintelligent themselves; how can a 9,000 year old breed be least intelligent?!

    Come on people….really?…..these dogs have been on earth since before religion was established let alone “commands” lol

    They don’t call the Afghan Hound the King of Dogs for no reason….they truly are one of a kind, God himself created them before religion and legend has it this was the breed saved on Noah’s Arc…..

    The King of Dogs….

  19. penthouse gardening
    penthouse gardening at |

    Chihuahuas can be difficult to train. In many countries, Beagles are trained to sniff out drugs.

  20. Scott
    Scott at |

    Soooo…..if being able to roll, fetch, sit and stay qualifies as intelligent and being able to locate a missing child lost for days, dedicated and loyal beyond all reason, kind, gentle and tolerant of all things a family can dish out qualifies as stupid, I’ll take stupid every time…..all dogs should be so “stupid”….sadly so should more people it appears…….

  21. Jim
    Jim at |

    I have a Basenji mix. It’s personality is all Basenji. In 3 and 1/2 years, I have not been able to train it to do anything, but it certainly is not dumb!!!! It strung peanuts from the porch into the house to catch a squirrel. It caught the squirrel but neither knew what the next move was, so Rosey let it go. Because you cant train a dog to sit, stay, roll over, chase a stick, ball, or Frisbee, does not mean they are dumb. With the proper reward you could probably train a Basenji to do complex behaviors, I haven’t found the proper reward : P

  22. Jo
    Jo at |

    They forgot about Cavalier King Charles Spaniels. No offense, but my piano teacher and schoolmate have one and my schoolmate says that her dog is pretty stupid. And y piano teacher’s dog, well… he will go up close to me and then when I reach out my hand to pat him, he runs away, then comes up close to me again. My piano teacher has two cats and she claims that her dog thinks that he is a cat as well… =.=”

  23. Melissa
    Melissa at |

    We just put our beagle to sleep and he was an incredibly intelligent dog. He was not only an incredible people pleaser but could problem solve like crazy. If his path was blocked, he would find a way around. If he wanted at that food on the counter, he would push a chair/box/whatever over so he could reach it. He would do ANYTHING we asked him to do – obedience, tricks and even swim. I always figured maybe he wasn’t a typical beagle. But then we recently got a 6 year old besingi/shiba inu mix. I felt that we were ready for this breed. After a 6 days, Phoenix has overcome his weird coming in from outside behavior (I think he wanted us to chase him), he sits and stays, he comes when instructed (in the house and fenced yard) and, to my absolute pride, he gives us his paws to be wiped. All of my research says that he absolutely wouldn’t do this. He’s fine with the cat although he’s not happy about her eating out of his food bowl – he watches her but isn’t at all agressive. He’s AMAZING with kids and warms up to most people after about an hour – that’s been his average. Are we just really lucky or are we crazy dog whisperers? Has anyone else had this kind of experience with these breeds?

  24. Jess
    Jess at |

    This list is not about stupid dogs, it’s about independent dogs. I have a bloodhound who does whatever he wants 90% of the time not because he doesn’t know what I’m asking, but because he knows what comes three steps later and knows he doesn’t want any part of that. That is the mark of an intelligent dog. It is part of breeding for a lot of working dogs that they don’t look for approval from humans when they are doing their work. Imagine teaching a bloodhound – who has been bred for centuries to follow his nose everywhere while a human follows – to heel on a leash!

  25. Kiara
    Kiara at |

    I have a Pekingese and he is not a stupid dog at all. He is very independent and extremely loyal to me. He was not that hard to train either. He is stubborn sometimes but I still love him all the same and wouldn’t have him any other way.

  26. Charlotte
    Charlotte at |

    Your entire definition of “intelligence” is based SOLELY on the breeds’ ability to follow commands?

    Do you think the same about humans? Really…stretch this line of thinking, please…WOLVES are also known for being highly un-obedient, but if you have ever been around a wolf or wolf-dog, you would know better than to claim that this is due to lack of intelligence!

  27. Merav
    Merav at |

    None of the dogs are stupid. They just have different tempernents. I had a Cocker mix and she was impossible because she didn’t want to obey. She knew the commands but didnt care. It didn’t matter she was a pet. She was sneeky. My other dog is very obedient because she wants to be.

  28. D. Og
    D. Og at |

    So let’s say you’re on the seventh floor, in a room with an open window, and you have a German Shepherd and a Borzoi.

    You tell the German Shepherd to jump out of the window. Without hesitation, it does and falls to its death.

    You then tell the Borzoi to jump out of the window. It will look at you disapprovingly and not budge.

    Which dog is smarter?

    1. TopTenz Master
      TopTenz Master at |

      Great thought experiment.

  29. Dune
    Dune at |

    This list might be in order of hardest to train but either way this post is so wrong, beagles are some of the smartest dogs thats why they are hard to train cause they know they don’t have to do things, check dogs 101 for real advice

  30. John
    John at |

    Hello just quick post about the Chows.

    Look to anyone that says oh the chow is stubborn/independent that is two different things.

    I have had chows for now good over 20 years and counting have one right here right now he is seven years old and i got this one from the pound he is clean blood of chow chow.

    I tell you i’m not getting a chow as my next dog in the future because the dog is very stubborn and the chow can easily just how the author said in this article take over the owner and dominate the household.

    Now the worse part about chows is they are you can debate about this with ME ALL DAY –CHOW CHOWS ARE A AGGRESSIVE dog along with there stubbornness and there dominance they a very risky dog to have in a household.

    For example lets say you start going to work more then you were going before now you take the dog 2 times a day outside and spend 1 hour paying attention/playing with the dog instead of 3 hours now if it was another dog he would adapt to his leader his owner.

    The Chow will do the very opposite he will ether take control of the household as he see’s you are weak and will abuse that and will dominate now if you don’t do something about it fast enough then you got a problem you be delta and the chow will be alpha and to get back to alpha position will not be easy the dog might even bite yeah that’s right Chow chows bite if something is not by there liking if there in the alpha mode.

    How i said i can go on and on with this that chows chows are very aggressive.

    I mean i think the reason why i’m writing this is because i i’m sick now for 2-3 days and my chow wakes me up round 6 am then again at 7 and then again 8 so i right away put my clothes on and go walk the dog i go and guess what he does not go to the bathroom just took 6 times normal piss no poop nothing if i knew that i would of have just put him to the backyard.
    Then i’m talking to myself saying to myself wtf why did the dog do this and damm it was cold outside i hope i wont be sick more because of it and the stress.

    I think i will walk him latter on farther as he does not want to poop in the backyard i might try putting his poop in the backyard well not he is going up and down he wants to poop i mean is he that retarded to take a poop when he needs it and can he feel that i’m sick dam it can’t he adapt to his owner i’m so tired of his dominant attitude.

    I feel like i’m his little bitch literally right now when i’m sick as he does what he wants when he wants he even grr at me i’m really tired of the chow chow breed.

    I know the chow chow breed is a very family/pack orientated got a deep history are very loyal dogs what have a deep love between there owner…But what im tired of is the dogs attitude if you are sick aka tired not in your own skin then the dog chow turns on you and dominates you and every chow does this even if you don’t recognize it.(This applies if you live by yourself but then again the chow takes orders from just ONE owner therefor if you are weak the chow will take over the alpha position for time being.

    PS. I dont want the chow chow no more im going to get some other dog i mean there are just so much better dogs then the chow…..
    Sincerely John


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