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  1. Kayley
    Kayley at |

    It must be fun being a short person…

  2. Dark_Light
    Dark_Light at |

    Maybe just a little, Kayley. 😉

  3. Katherine Watt
    Katherine Watt at |

    I'm 4"11 and I love it!

  4. Amanda
    Amanda at |

    I am also 4'11" and it's not so bad, I enjoy it other than when I have to get a stool to reach things. Being so small means I can fit into small spaces to hide and I can drive a VW Beetle and look real cute! 🙂

  5. Michael
    Michael at |

    It seems that many of them live a short time. And all that money is small consolation.

    Verne is a sex addict? First I've heard of that. He must keep it on the down low!


  6. Nicepore
    Nicepore at |

    Who said 5”2 and 5 is considered "small"?!

  7. TXCherokee
    TXCherokee at |

    I would have put Kenny Baker (R2D2) and Herve Villechaize (Fantasy Island) on this list. Overall good list and great website.

  8. Bry
    Bry at |

    BeetleJuice. i think thats his name.

  9. baronbear
    baronbear at |

    well prince and dolly should not be on the list prince is 5"2 same here so i must be a short person but I'm not so same goes with prince

  10. Zilla
    Zilla at |

    what about Warick Davis

  11. Julietta
    Julietta at |

    I like being short i always have and always will be.My height is just over 4’8 and i am 39.I know what it is as i had to have a physical with a nurse for a job.That was abit daunting has when it came to having my height checked now this nurse was 5’10 or 11 she could reach the top of the height chart to bring the slider down to place on my head.That was when she told me my height i did know before so it wasnt too much of a shock.I then had to lay on the bed it was a good job there was a stool to step on.All throught my life i have had to use stools to help me.I have children standing next to me checking they are taller i get the odd pat on the head still.One nickname that still stands is shorty i could never shake it off.I am married to my husband who is 5’1 he loves it has it was very rare when he was taller than a women.We just hit it off we have a son who is 10 and he is 4’6 so short for his age whereas our 12 year old daughter is 5’2.I cant work it out.

  12. BRUCE
    BRUCE at |

    Billy Barty should be on the list.

  13. mehboob alam
    mehboob alam at |

    wow! fantastic to see little people. they are great

  14. rocky
    rocky at |

    i am 5’4.
    but i enjoy it

  15. Chris
    Chris at |

    This list needs to be updated and Emmy award winning peter dinklage needs to be in the number one spot. How awesome was he in Living in Oblivion?

  16. BoomDatSheepy
    BoomDatSheepy at |

    Where is Tony Cox?! D:

  17. Rustynuts
    Rustynuts at |

    I`m tired of all those women who post and say things like “yeah, I`m also short – I`m only 5`3″ and it sucks”. Girls, the average height is 5`4″ and you are normal! Try being well under 5 feet tall. I once went out with a girl who was only 4`3″ and the clothes she wore were made for an 8-year-old.

    1. Dia
      Dia at |

      But I’m lyk 4’10” so..cn u say smthng abt it ?? Nd itz really a short height dude..

  18. Farhan Sattar
    Farhan Sattar at |

    Where the hell is Peter Dinklage.Emmy and Golden Globe winner and one of the best actor I have seen.

  19. avi
    avi at |

    i also five . four but i hav proud on myself i hav stable my own RO water plant n three other company .

  20. Karima Sharif
    Karima Sharif at |

    Good things come in small packages

  21. Farwa khan
    Farwa khan at |

    can some one discuss problem of short people?

  22. Ambrown
    Ambrown at |

    4’9″ Still have to hem or roll up clothes to get them short enough. Sleeves too long, turn under and hem. Thank God now car seats and steering wheels are adjustable. Plus side mirrors. Shopping for a car is worse than clothes and shoes together.Seeing over and out a back window.yuck..alot to consider for me 4’9. Furniture, huh! Try to find a livingroom chair where I sit with my feet touch floor comfortably is a big hunt. Drs. office/waiting rooms furniture, I can swing legs back & forth.Examining tables, need stools, then your legs dangle, I get down, sit in chair till Dr enters room. My legs tire out. Can sit on edge of chairs also. Hospital beds, need stool there too sometimes, nuisance. Mammograms, ouch, their not made for under 5′. Grocery stores, I think we all ask taller people, I don’t climb shelves no more or freezers. Sometimes I go find something long enough to knock what I want down, unbreakables, plck up and on my way. Cannot always find someone to help.I have always found a way. My height doesn’t stop me. Just get creative. Love it. More unconvenient as you age.??One more weights, watch how much you carry & lift, can damage back and pull muscles.


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