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  1. PragmaticStatistic
    PragmaticStatistic at |

    You left out Soupy Sales!

  2. 5minutes
    5minutes at |

    It took me going through this list twice to figure out that wasn’t Mr. Rogers on the front page…

  3. Dionysus
    Dionysus at |

    Any action kid’s show with a 10 second moral at the end, completely disregarding all the bad lessons of the previous 22 minutes like, beat up bad guys, fists solve everything etc. So, say, Mr T, Orko from He-man, the GI Joe spots.

    The mom in Arthur…basically, as long as Arthur whines, he gets what he wants every time

    Xuxa..’who wants my kisses’..let’s drive 10 yr old boys to their first boners on stage

  4. Low
    Low at |

    You realize half these shows/characters would not have been nearly as successful/interesting if the adults had been boring and the kids had always did what they were told.

    TMNT – They’re turtles. Turtles don’t fight bad guys or have opposable thumbs or talk. So really, the fact that they’re “teenagers” is pretty minor. Also, AMNT (AdultMNT) isn’t nearly as cool as TMNT.

    Pokemon – Pokemon aren’t actual things. So the fact that an inexperienced ten-year-old is “battling” non-existent “animal-like” creatures seems pretty harmless. Not to mention the only way to gain experience is by having experiences, and Pikachu shocking Ash was a learning experience.

    Magic School Bus – They’re third graders. Who cares if they’re missing math/reading/whatever else? I didn’t learn anything in 3rd grade that I couldn’t have learned in 4th. But I definitely learned things on MSB that I never learned in school.

    Boy Meets World – That’s what a mentor does. They help their pupils solve their problems and grow up. Cory, Shawn and even Eric did actually get smarter as the series went on. Eric needing a fake Feeny to study is a by-product of Eric’s lack of motivation, which everyone struggles with sometimes. That’s why we have mentors.

    Power Rangers – Zordon’s logic actually makes sense. Why not trust the fate of the planet against an alien to the people who already run it? Because the people who already run the planet have enough trouble running the planet full of humans. They wouldn’t have a clue what to do about an alien invasion.


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