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  1. Defender
    Defender at |

    You forgot to mention the part where Andrew Jackson murdered tribes of Native Americans for gold on their land. if someone did that today it would be called a “genocide”. I don’t understand why people love bastards like him and hate heroes like Truman. Truman avoided WW3 by firing Douglas MacArthur because MacArthur wanted to nuke Korea. MacArthur went around Truman’s fired
    direct orders and tried to get the Congress to help him nuke Korea. But since Truman fired a war hero, he’s suddenly a bad guy. Don’t go around calling people like Andrew Jackson bad asses.

    1. Steve
      Steve at |

      Sorry, but he was still a badass. Also a jackass, but still a badass. The two are not mutually exclusive.

    2. Ed
      Ed at |

      Really? Your qualm is with Jackson? On a list that includes Idi Amin?

  2. Dave
    Dave at |

    oh yeah, Idi Amin.. People today probably know him from that film the Last King of Scotland, but in real life, he was a madman. He admired Hitler, was friends with Colonel Gaddafi and In the 70`s, he kicked all the Asians out of Uganda, and all of them came HERE. And they took over the whole area of where I live. Their`s a badass. NOT. And well, Hitler, he fought in WW I and was a messenger boy. Which took bravery. And he went from that to ruler of a country. So, when you think about it, Hitler was more badass than that thug Idi Amin.

    1. Jonathan Reiter
      Jonathan Reiter at |

      Adolf Hitler also initiated the eventual destruction of large parts of Europe, Germany, Bavaria, and Austria… Hitler was more of a Thug, than Amin… But also, just as much an undiagnosed, untreated mental patient…

  3. THATguy
    THATguy at |

    Teddy “Bad Motherf*ucker” Roosevelt second to that Frenchie?? Epic Fail!!

    1. Ed
      Ed at |

      Ok, let’s get this straight. Napoleon was the head of state of two countries, simultaneously. Not to mention standing right in the middle of gunfire for the hell of it. All this at the ripened hieght of five foot six. Roosevelt was a glorified cowboy.

  4. Mark
    Mark at |

    Idi Amin also fought in the Mau Mau Rebellion, against Mau Mau Terrorists. And Obama`s Grandad was a member of the Mau Mau and was tortured by British Soldiers in a concentration camp.. So, is it possible Obama`s grandad met Idi Amin?

  5. The Dude
    The Dude at |

    am I the only person, who, as a kid, wanted the gun Jesse Ventura had in Predator?

  6. David Verney
    David Verney at |

    I thought you’d give a mention to Hitler

  7. Amanda Thorpe
    Amanda Thorpe at |

    Initially, i thought this was going to list politicians who were considered badass because of the risks and challenges they faced and had overcome during their political years…I’m such a girl. However, it seems to me that there are two lists going on here…the brave badass and the physically fit badass. The first is admirable, the second is nothing more than a bunch of inflated egos who go on to think they can do anything, including running a country or state, and we buy into it because we perhaps admired them for their physical accomplishments (Hello! Arnold!!!). We are so naive.

    1. Mark S.
      Mark S. at |

      Whether you apply either dealing with political challenges or feats of bravery and physical badassery as criteria: the guys who should have been in the top spots on this list aren’t even mentioned:

      Nelson Mandela and Fidel Castro, who by any comparison make the rest look like a bunch of nerdy kittens.

      Nelson Mandela:
      Agitated as a student leader and union activist against the racist Apartheid regime in South Africa;
      Got arrested multiple times;
      Founded the armed forces of the ANC;
      Travelled the world to plead the case of his people against racism;
      Went back to take up the armed struggle and was subsequently arrested;
      Suffered for 27 years in prison, catching tuberculosis as a result of the hideous conditions in jail;
      Was elected as president and managed to transfer a country that had been racially divided for almost 50 years into a functioning democracy.
      Mediated in multiple conflicts in Africa and the Middle East;
      Earning a huge esteem and prestige, both by his own people as well as the international community.

      Fidel Castro:
      Became at the age of 18 a student agitator against a corrupt Cuban government:
      Joined a military group in a failed attempt to topple the dictator Trujillo in the Dominican Republic;
      Fought a year later in the street riots in Colombia after the assassination of the democratic politician Gaitan and the subsequent coup by the military;
      Became an active leader in the political opposition in Cuba, regularly dodging bullets;
      Declined a contract for the New York Giants (http://www.cracked.com/article_19888_5-famous-people-who-secretly-had-awesome-second-careers.html);
      Was the leader of an attempt to topple the ruling dictator by storming in 1953 with a group of students, including his brother Raul (who should also be on high this list as well), the Moncada barracks, which failed through pure bad luck and resulted in his arrest;
      At his subsequent trial he defended himself, and turned the tables on the prosecution, forcing them to release the majority of the other defendants;
      Got a reprieve during a short period of democracy in Cuba and went into exile in Mexico, where he assembled another army of 82 militants, including an Argentinian doctor called Ernesto Guevara (who should also be high on this list) to return to Cuba;
      Due to bad weather and bad communications they landed in December 1956 in the wrong spot, ran into army ambushes, fought their way out, loosing 70 men and finally recuperated and started a guerrilla war, which 3 year later resulted in the toppling of the dictator Batista;
      Organized a complete social and economic restructuring of Cuban society, with free healthcare, education etc.;
      Literally rode at the head of his troops at the Bay of Pigs invasion, kicked the invading forces out within 72 hours and even fired a shot from a tank at the invasion fleet;
      Pulled off a ‘Make My Day’ to the US by allowing the Soviets to install missiles pointed at them, as compensation for US missiles in Italy and Turkey pointed at Russia;
      Withheld a few short-distance missiles for self-defense after the Soviets withdrew their missiles from Cuba and traded these against massive economic support for years;
      Saved the newly independent Republic of Angola from Zairean and South African invasions by sending troops and kicking their behinds at the battles of Quifangondo, Cangamba and Cuito Canavale, leading to the independence of Namibia and the end of the Apartheid regime in South Africa;
      Restructured the complete economy after the economic aid fell away after the fall of the Soviet Union and personally faced a demonstration of protesters in 1994, talking them down and sending them home after a fiery debate;
      Made a deal with Hugo Chavez (another one missing from this list) to exchange Cuban medical staff for oil, being the first ones to supply medical aid in humanitarian emergencies as the Haitian and Pakistani earth quake catastrophes and fighting blindness all through the third world.
      Fought a battle with major health problems, rescinded his position as president, but still, at the age of 86, regularly writes extremely lucid comments on international politics.

      1. Ed
        Ed at |

        How is spending 27 years in jail a credential to being a badass?


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