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5 Responses

  1. Marieke at |

    I enjoyed this list, though if you google “stupid lawsuits list” you can find more then 20 lists just like this one, many with the same stories. It is not that original, and that’s too bad!

    And, though almost everybody gets it wrong and it’s hard to find the real story, the story about the woman in nr. 5 is told wrong. She didn’t sue because the house was “too scary”, it was because she and her 10-year old granddaughter were chased by a guy with a fake chainsaw (well, a real one with the teeth cut off) until the woman slipped on the wet floor and fell down. She hurt herself and the guy kept teasing her with the chainsaw without helping her up. You can find it on this list from Cracked called “famous frivolous lawsuits that didn’t actually happen”

    1. Matt at |

      That was another lady that sued a haunted house (and I’m sure you just said that because you read another list mentioning her

  2. Della at |

    Personally, I think having plastic knives baked in your bread is a good enough reason to sue. Not for that amount, but still.

  3. percynjpn at |

    Of course, even if an ambulance-chasing lawyer thinks the case is bizarre, he’ll still gladly take it because the only thing they care about is making huge piles of MONEY, MONEY, MONEY!!!

  4. sara stout at |

    The case where the lady was trying to kill herself on the train tracks just makes me mad. Why should she get money for trying to do something illegal in the first place. She also was trying to end her life why give her money for doing that. All in all a ridiculous personal injury case.


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