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  • jezzie

    some pretty good musicals here!

  • Fun list – thanks for the clips! what about Oh, Calcutta! Seems, to me, to be more controversial than West Side Story or Rent, even given the time periods of release.

  • brett

    all of those shows are so amazing, but you forgot assassins! The Broadway musical about killing american presidents. spring awakening is the best show i have ever seen.

  • Gwen

    Rocky Horror is one I have yet to see live and want to. Broadway musicals have never been something I am interested in. Doing something racy is all that they seem to want to do. Rocky Horror is great and I love the movie.

  • Keith Watabayashi

    Oh Calcutta, Assassins, Sweeny Todd, and The Beard should be on this list, imo. How bout Kiss of the Spider-Woman? Or maybe the most influential/controversial broadway show of the 20th century, A Streetcar Named Desire? Hard to imagine any of the "sex musicals" listed here existing without Marlon Brando's bare chest leading the way.

    • gerard

      Did you read the heading/title? It’s controversial musicals.
      To the best of my knowledge Streetcar named Desire was never a musical.
      And I think they meant controversial within the context of the storyline, not just because an actor took his shirt off.

  • owen

    the whos tommy?

    come on the kid waches his dad be murdered, molested by his uncle, shot up with acid, plays pinball, and becomes a god.

  • lurker

    Some good shows, but there's a serious bias towards recent shows and nudity as controversy here. What about Show Boat? The first racially integrated musical — examining racism, segregation, and depicting an interracial marriage in the 1920s?

  • Sheba

    Avenue Q. When I saw that there was a list, I was hoping that this musical would be on it. Not because it shocks me or anything of the sort, but because it's one of those musicals that goes there and gets away with it. It's such a great musical and I'm glad it was mentioned. Sometimes the music really describes my day. Like "It Sucks to be Me."

  • slapdashjelly

    Stephanie D’Abruzzo did not win the Tony in Avenue Q. Idina did.

  • Viktor

    Oh Calcutta!

    • gerard

      Unless I missed something when I saw Oh Calcutta many years ago, I never considered it a musical. It was more sketch comedy with some songs.
      Marx Brothers movies were considered comedies, not musicals even though there were usually songs and music in it

  • Lisa M.

    Where’s the mention of all the Tony nominations and awards for Spring Awakening? It won 8, including Best Musical, Book, Score, Direction, Choreography, Orchestration, and Featured Actor (John Gallagher Jr.) and was nominated for 4 others, including Best Leading Actor (Jonathan Groff)!!

    • gerard

      Um, don’t get your comment?. Why should they mention the Tony awards for Spring Awakening???
      The topic was merely controversial musicals. So they gave brief summaries on each one.
      If they were to do what you requested, they should do it with all of them, as most of the ones they mentioned were nominated and won Tony awards.
      Makes no sense what you’re saying

  • Ian

    Is it bad that my favorite musicals are up here? Also, shouldn’t Book of Mormon be up here?

  • gerard

    Am I missing something, or didn’t the heading say controversial ‘musicals’.
    When was Equus a musical? It might’ve been, but I have no idea that it iwas.
    Did the author just run out of musicals/
    It also seems like the author doesn’t like to do much research beyond the 60’s, as al of them were musicals from the 60’s on.
    Also reading some comments, some people mentioned that it missed Oh Calcutta. I I saw Oh Calcutta years ago. Loved the show. But I never considered it a musical. I considered it more risque sketch comedy with some songs.