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  1. Little_Sam at |

    How about the 1928 Porter? Only two were ever made. I hope someone on this site is old enough to catch my joke!

  2. RoboChef at |

    The Ford Model T was produced from late 1908 to late 1925, so you probably couldn’t have had one before 1905… Yes, Henry Ford pioneered the mass production of automobiles, but wanted to “build a car for the great multitudes”. The cars prior to mass production were luxury items, so it’s no wonder an early Rolls- Royce can fetch such a price.

  3. sandel712 at |

    Item 6

    “Also, they spelled special with a “z.” ”

    Yepp. That’s the german spelling of “special”…

  4. Sarah at |

    The style of Ferrari is awesome, wish to get it so sweet Car.

  5. Nikhil at |

    #9. Never heard of a car called “ferdinand”. But heard of “porsche”.


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