Top 10 Foods That Are Surprisingly Good For You


Everyone knows which foods are good for you, sadly it’s normally the ones that taste like crap. But there are a number of foods that are chock full of goodness that are tragically overshadowed by other, lesser foods, food like.

10. Chili Peppers


Chili peppers are usually reserved for pizzas, curries, and rock stars wearing nothing but strategically-placed tube socks. Though most would consider them an addition to food at most, solely reserved for making food slightly more manly these bad boys should be the main course. They have more Vitamin C than oranges; in fact, they contain more Vitamin C than any other food, containing your entire recommended daily allowance per pepper!

9. Horse Meat


Although current events have made it sound a little macabre, horse meat isn’t anything new. Not to mention that the animal gives meat that’s leaner than virtually every other meat available on the market, as well as being far cheaper. Then again, we’ve all seen War Horse; could you really eat an animal that may have been related to a war hero? If so, good for you, you’ve made a sound health decision. Enjoy your horse energy and potential warrior-soul-infused steak.

8. Watermelon


Watermelon is usually seen as a summer snack, nothing more than an alternative to giving their kids the candy they’d obviously prefer. But watermelon is chock full of iron. How much, you ask? More than freaking spinach. Popeye, you’ve been lying to yourself all these years.

7. Almonds


Almonds, AKA what marzipan is supposed to taste like, are definitely something you should eat more of; they contain unsaturated fats, tons of vitamins, and more fiber than you shake a stick at. They contain so much fiber, in fact, you’ll be unable to do anything except muse on how you can now set a watch to your stool.

6. Basil


If you’re not putting basil in everything you cook, up to and including cereal, cakes, and bacon, you should start. Because it’s not just a yummy green thing; it contains obscene amounts of Vitamins A and K, as well as tons of magnesium, which is so good for your heart it’s legally considered the exact opposite of a shotgun blast.

5. Honey


Honey is perhaps nature’s perfect food, since it never goes bad, ever. Its powers don’t stop there though, since it’s also nature’s antiseptic, meaning it can fix everything from a burn to a sore throat. Health-wise, the list of things honey does is so long that men should feel inadequate on principle while reading it.

4. Yeast Extract


Although it looks more like something you’d find holding 15-year-old wallpaper up, yeast extract is so full of healthy stuff, it’s possible it turned brown to keep people from learning about its true power. It contains enough Vitamin B to beat a piece of liver to death four times over, and has almost the same amount of protein as chicken. Not too shabby for brown paste you could easily mistake for something you stepped in.

3. Soy Sauce


Some people are wary of soy sauce because of MSG. Those people are idjits, and you should feel no remorse for slapping them hard in the face. Soy sauce is loaded with vitamins and minerals, and is a surprisingly effective antioxidant, so splashing it on everything will only make you feel better as a person, as long as you buy the low-salt version.

2. Caviar


Although reserved for the rich, famous, and super-rich-and-famous (if mega caviar isn’t available,) caviar is full of healthy goodness such as Vitamin B12, as well as being a status food. Because being rich means you get to eat the unborn children of fish, pay more than most people earn in a year for it, and still get health benefits, because screw you poor people.

1. Chili Powder


It’s expected that fresh food is going to be good for you, which is why fresh chilies were on this list. Apparently though, chilies are so damn healthy that, even when you process the hell out of them and put them into an inferior powdered form, they’ve still got more vitamin E in them than spinach. And thank god, because we simply could not end this article without digging the knife a little deeper into Popeye’s heart.

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  1. Ok while soy sauce may be good for you and what not, the MSG concern is warranted as it is a proven fact that it is not fit for human consumption. You are also excluding the fact that soy is one of the top most GMO’s items on the market so if you use any soy products and don’t make sure that it is non-gmo’d then yo are the idiot.

  2. David Verney on

    I thought I would see chocolate somewhere in this list. That’s supposed to be pretty healthy too

  3. Louis Alexandre Simard on

    Watermelon is surprisingly good for me. Basil, almonds????? They’re fruits, vegetables (herbs) and nuts. Of course its good for me. It doesn’t take a PhD to figure that out.

    • Karl Smallwood on

      The suprising part is that they’re healthier for you than other foods normally considered to be rich in a certain vitamin. Like Watermelon having far more iron in it than spinach or almonds containing three times more protein than eggs.

  4. Louis Alexandre Simard on

    None of those are surprising. Apart from caviar and horse meat all those ingredients are in my pantry right now. And I’m far from being a vegan or a health nut. This us just regular healthy natural food.

  5. Great list. I actually do eat most of these (not caviar, though, I’m not that rich). Horse meat is delicious in some European sausages, for example. Honey is good if you put in in your tea instead of sugar. I would like to add tomatoes to the list. Those things are healthy in any shape or form, even as ketchup, believe it or not.