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  1. PacRim Jim at |

    Mary, wife of Joseph, mother of Jesus, remains, by a large margin, the most famous woman in history.
    To deny that is to be politically correct.

  2. Maribelb7 at |

    Honestly I like that people are really thinking about this list. YAY for women recognition.

  3. Dr Saji Kumar at |

    The one notable exception is Florence Nightingale – the’ Lady with the lamp’. She would walk into any list with her enormous contribution to humankind.

  4. Jack Barret at |

    Never heard of Harriet Tubman. Why isn’t Elizabeth I not on this list? This strange list is obviously written by an American Liberal. Mothers Theresa at no.1??? She shoudn’t even be oon the list. Indira Ghandi? Really? How can she be on it and not Margaret Thatcher?

    1. Dimple Jariwala at |

      what problem you have with Indira Gandhi and Mother Teresa . Is it becauze they they were Indian . you are such a bloody hipocrite !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sure you are a British!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wanting Elizabeth
      1 on that list .

  5. Dimple Jariwala at |

    According to me women from all fields should be included in this list ‘cauze what about Marilyn Monroe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Ly Chhay at |

    Since, I was young I always want to be the successful women who can help many people but I do not know how I can achieve my goal. That is also the reason I always searching for the famous women in current and history. Thank you so much for this web and such and inspiring post!

  7. Beverly Hollywood at |

    What about Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus etc? How can you be the most famous women in history WITHOUT THE INTERNET AND MEDIA?

  8. David Monster at |

    How did Marilyn Monroe NOT make this list? There is more written about her than all of the other women on this list, combined. She’s become as much an Icon as The Virgin Mary. Gross oversight.

  9. Rahul at |

    Regarding Indira Gandhi… She was the first prime minister to announce emergency in India. She was killed by her Sikh body guards (to avenge for Blue Revolution, a normalising operation by the Indian Government to counter the Sikh’s demand for a new country).
    Her son, Rajiv Gandhi, who was immediately brought to power after his mother’s assassination, was killed in a bomb blast, planned by LTTE from Sri Lanka, by a woman named Thanu(or Dhannu), who was Tamilian by birth, with the help of a Belt Bomb (Not Back Pack)


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