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  • Christopher Hitchens

    I lold so hard when i saw mother theresa

    • Are you saying she wasn’t and isn’t famous?

      • Justin Jurek

        If that’s the real Christopher Hitchens, he hates Mother Theresa’s guts.

        • Man, you ain’t kiddin’. I just went to Wikipedia to read about him and found a synopsis of his book he wrote, The Missionary Position: Mother Teresa in Theory and Practice ( But that also goes to prove the point of why she should be on this list. He wouldn’t have written about her unless she was famous. 😉

  • Ajay

    You are worng in case of Indira Gandhi’s son Rajiv, he was assasinated by Sri Lankan Tamil Group LTTE woman, not a Sikh woman.

  • Amrendra

    Its wrongly written that Rajiv Gandhi was killed by a Sikh woman. He was killed by a bomb planted by the LTTE from Sri Lanka whose roots go to the Tamil people of Tamilnadu, India.

    • Dimple Jariwala

      I totally agree with you. It seems that many people don’t know this fact. It should be brought to their notice.

  • andy

    never heard of Harriet Tubman… heard of Florence Nightingale though

    Princess Di is not famous anymore?!

    “famous Women”?
    again, pointless…

    • You aren’t the first person to question the inclusion of Harriet Tubman. The writer was an American she is certainly famous here in the United States for helping free slaves. I guess her fame didn’t cross our US borders. At least you learned something new, right?

      • Steve

        I’ve heard of Harriet Tubman and I’m English. I think the problem here is that, as usual, 10 just isn’t enough to cover what everyone considers to be famous women. I mean surely there are film actresses more famous than some of the people on this list, and what about the current Queen Elizabeth II? Is there anyone who hasn’t heard of her?

        I’d argue against Mary Magdalene on the list though. There are enough famous women whose existence we’re certain of before having to include (probably) fictitious characters.

  • Mike D.

    wheres Betty White?

  • 5minutes

    How about Mary, the mother of Jesus – a woman revered by 2 of the world’s major religions (who herself was a member of a third)?

    Queen Elizabeth II?

    God help me, what about Hillary Clinton? She’s been one of the most powerful people on the planet for the past 20 years.

  • Nice Post, but I do not see women from Asia, if they do not exist?

    • Who would you include? That is what the comments are for: making suggestions for missing people, places or things on the list and then giving your reasons why the person, place or things should have been included.

    • Wilhelmina

      Yes there are many famous Asian women just because this person did not include one on her list does not mean there are not…Like lets take for instance the Empress Dowager of China Empress Xiao-Qin Ci-Xi Duan-You Kang-Yi Zhao-Yu Zhuang-Cheng Shou-Gong Qin-Xian Chong-Xi Pei-Tian Xing-Sheng Xian…Who ruled from 1861 to 1908 the time of her death she was a women who when her husband had passed away ruled the land very successfully! Then we have the first Empress to rule like a Emperor Empress Wu Zetian who reigned from 690 ad to 705 she was highly educated she could read and write and was extremely smart she brought Buddhism as the main religion to China, I could name more but then this would go on far longer than I intended to.

      • That was the LONGEST name I have ever heard…nonetheless, thanks for the info. 😀

  • Randy

    My Lord it’s a subjective list. This faux outrage over some people being or not being on it is insanity.

    • Thank you for understanding that. These lists are for pure entertainment.

  • I would have included Mary who gave birth to the Son of God. Fairly important stuff for us Christians. And whether you believe that to be true or not isn’t important as it pertains to this list – she is famous regardless.

  • Keith Watabayashi

    Yeah this list needed more work. Aside from Cleopatra, Joan of Arc, and Mary Mags this list is basically no older than the 16th century and has pretty glaring omissions, like, oh I dunno…the most famous woman in history: Helen of Troy? And of course what about Mary, Khadija (Mohammad’s 1st wife) or Eve?

    If we don’t want to stick with mythology and religion there is also Mona Lisa, Empress Wu, Lady Godiva, Empress Theodora, Heloise the fateful lover of Peter Abelard, Anne Boleyn, etc. etc. I would say nice try, but it wasn’t even that. Maybe if you titled the list “Most famous women in recent history”. Because if you’re going as far back as Cleopatra but have 7 entries that people born 500 years ago never knew of, you can’t claim it’s a historical list.

    • Steve

      The list of people you’re naming is a real confused, hotch-potch of a list. Mona Lisa? Is Anne Bolyne more famous than any of Henry VIIIs other wives? Khadija is someone who, frankly, hardly anyone has ever heard of (this is FAMOUS women, not important women) and how you can think Helen of Troy is THE most famous woman ever is beyond me. Lady Godiva hardly knows fame outside of England. Eve never existed and it’s doubtful Mary did either, so should we really be including fictional characters?

      In summary, you have a very strange idea of what constitutes fame.

  • James

    Your quote ” Her death in 1901 so traumatized the British that some of them aren’t over it yet. ” would have us belive that there are still those that are alive that would even remember the queen? They would be over 100 years old had they been born even the day of her death.

  • NickStuart

    Pierre Curie was killed by being run over by a wagon on a Paris street.

    It was Marie who died from aplastic anemia, which was almost certainly contracted from exposure to radiation.

  • Dano

    I’m just kind of confused how there are 9 real women on this list, and one imaginary one…

  • Penelope

    How is queen victoria on here if queen Elisabeth isn’t? U know, the elisabethian era? She was far more influentail and famous.

  • Logan

    Ok dano, I’ll bite. Which woman on this list do you deem “imaginary?”

    • Steve

      You’re not so much biting as feeding. You know very well which one is imaginary. I’ll give you clue: it’s not Queen Victoria.

      • infomaniac

        research man !!! ya gotta do some… maybe a year or 2 will do..
        try to find out why the world is not about what you think…
        its about what you don’t know that really runs the world.. research, research…

  • SlytherinAngel

    I would have included Queen Nefertiti on this list. She’s important in Egyptian history.

  • Josean

    Saying that religious characters live Eve, Mary and Magdelene are fictional is insensitive to peoples beliefs. To many people they were real, its a matter of faith. And in light of recent archeological discoveries in the holy land, not only insensitive also ignorant.

  • DarthPanda

    “….she becomes famous not only as a symbol of affluent indifference and the consequences thereof, but for being the first female monarch ever to be executed—a probably undeserved and certainly unsought fate if ever there was one”

    Not even close, two of Henry VIII’s wives were executed in 1536 and 1542. Lady Jane Grey, who unlike the before mentioned was a Queen Regent, was executed in 1554. Mary Queen of Scots in 1587. Those are just the ones that I can think of now, and that’s just British history, don’t forget the Romans, Egyptians, Russians, and others who may have had queen’s both regent and consort executed.

    Where did you obtain your knowledge? A Wikipedia article?

  • JohnnnyD

    People that should be on the list: Golda Meir, Queen Elizabeth 1, Princess Diana, Catherine the Great, Queen Isabella, Clara Barton

  • nickol

    ohhhhhhhhh myyyyyyyy God!!! where is princess diana???it’s only 14 years that she’s gon and the world has forgot herrr??

    • Chris

      Thank you I will go to my party as her lol She had style

  • serene

    Even worse; what about the most recognizable woman of all time: marilyn monroe?

    • Camilla

      Yes exactly…..Where is Marilyn Monroe in this list? She has one of the most recognized faces in the world! The public loved and still love Marilyn Monroe! She’s an icon and a legend!
      (I’m from Sweden so please excuse any grammatical errors)

  • Wilhelmina

    Marie Antoinette was not the first female monarch to be executed there are actually quite a few before her, first we have Mary queen of Scots who was executed February 8th 1587. Then we have the 9 day queen Lady Jane Grey who was executed February 12th 1554 then we have Anne Boleyn who was queen of England as she was married to king Henry the 8th she was executed May19th 1536 then we have Queen consort of England Katherine Howard who was also married to King Henry the 8th who was executed February 13th 1542 so needless to say Marie Antoinette was not the first by any means.

  • bridgenie

    OMG, people, stop getting so het up about a list.
    On the internet.
    that has no references.
    That ultimately has no bearing on ANYTHING. I enjoyed it. I’m from New Zealand and it was nice to see someone else’s opinion…

    I know who *I* think is a famous woman, I just wanted to get some different options for a costume party; not write a thesis on modern fame in the realm of gender or anything.

    • Tammy

      I’m with you sister… What’s with all the woman on woman hate here? This list never claimed to be cumulative, and it doesn’t represent these women poorly (‘Mother Teresa wasn’t that kind of person’ What are you talking about?? It gives basic facts about her work and charitable nature). The point of this page is to show some of the important work that women did to show that woman are capable of great things! Marilyn Monroe is cool, but she had an affair with a married man and didn’t do too much philanthropologically speaking (yes that’s a word)… and Princess Diana was also an icon, but, so was Jackie Kennedy.. and Jackie O did Wonders for the fashion world, but for heavens sake Mother Teresa went into impoverished villages filled with sick, dying people and fed and cared for them! Come on ladies, just be realistic here, you are each awesome in your own way I am sure… so let’s hear some positive feedback and support each other!!

  • Andrew

    And Marilyn Monroe?

  • Dhcfreak

    Do more research… Mother teresa wasnt that kind of a person.

  • Mary, wife of Joseph, mother of Jesus, remains, by a large margin, the most famous woman in history.
    To deny that is to be politically correct.

  • Maribelb7

    Honestly I like that people are really thinking about this list. YAY for women recognition.

  • Dr Saji Kumar

    The one notable exception is Florence Nightingale – the’ Lady with the lamp’. She would walk into any list with her enormous contribution to humankind.

  • Jack Barret

    Never heard of Harriet Tubman. Why isn’t Elizabeth I not on this list? This strange list is obviously written by an American Liberal. Mothers Theresa at no.1??? She shoudn’t even be oon the list. Indira Ghandi? Really? How can she be on it and not Margaret Thatcher?

    • Dimple Jariwala

      what problem you have with Indira Gandhi and Mother Teresa . Is it becauze they they were Indian . you are such a bloody hipocrite !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sure you are a British!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wanting Elizabeth
      1 on that list .

  • Dimple Jariwala

    According to me women from all fields should be included in this list ‘cauze what about Marilyn Monroe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Ly Chhay

    Since, I was young I always want to be the successful women who can help many people but I do not know how I can achieve my goal. That is also the reason I always searching for the famous women in current and history. Thank you so much for this web and such and inspiring post!

  • Beverly Hollywood

    What about Lindsay Lohan, Britney Spears, Paris Hilton, Lady Gaga, Miley Cyrus etc? How can you be the most famous women in history WITHOUT THE INTERNET AND MEDIA?

  • How did Marilyn Monroe NOT make this list? There is more written about her than all of the other women on this list, combined. She’s become as much an Icon as The Virgin Mary. Gross oversight.

  • Rahul

    Regarding Indira Gandhi… She was the first prime minister to announce emergency in India. She was killed by her Sikh body guards (to avenge for Blue Revolution, a normalising operation by the Indian Government to counter the Sikh’s demand for a new country).
    Her son, Rajiv Gandhi, who was immediately brought to power after his mother’s assassination, was killed in a bomb blast, planned by LTTE from Sri Lanka, by a woman named Thanu(or Dhannu), who was Tamilian by birth, with the help of a Belt Bomb (Not Back Pack)