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  1. Charles sorb
    Charles sorb at |

    Thomas Jerfferson killed 100 millions of native, Churchill about 60 millions around the world, but no one says anything about these. Typical selective indignation of who would be able to commit more massacres like that.
    without mentioning the millions of deaths made by the American global dictatorship…

  2. joey ma
    joey ma at |

    Do the 100million American Indians count??????


  3. Elder Raymond
    Elder Raymond at |


  4. ?????????
    ????????? at |

    GENOCIDE against Russians 1941-1945?

  5. Izzul Islam
    Izzul Islam at |

    oh the writer is from US, that’s why it’s missing…

    1. May-may-gwan
      May-may-gwan at |

      you dont know anything, so dont say anything

  6. papricos
    papricos at |

    haha i can t see Muslims anywhere so why r they the bad people in the world ?, and they forgot the 0-The extermination of the Indians in the new world (America)

    1. Pantpurlais
      Pantpurlais at |

      They also forgot the killing fields of Viet Nam where it is estimated that 3.8 million Vietnamese soldiers and civilians were killed by the USA. The fields keep killing some 500 a year because of illnesses and birth defects caused by US chemicals and unexploded bombs. The US dropped 270 million bombs on Viet Nam. .

    2. joseph
      joseph at |

      They did not forget the extermination of the Indians in the new world(America). if you had read the beginning of the article it explains that the majority of the American Indians were killed by the introduction of small pox which they didn’t have the biological means to resist. As this was not intentional then it’s technically not genocide. It explained that at the beginning of the article.

    3. Dingus McFlaggan
      Dingus McFlaggan at |

      Armenian Genocide (Muslim Genocide of Christians) and Ottoman/Greek Massacre and the biggest are the African slaves bought by the Arabs who were tortured for centuries; most of the men died from castration at the hands of jealous Husbands who were happy to fuck the female slaves then they would die at the hands of the jealous Arab wives. Awful stuff, rarely highlighted because is dwarfs the horrendous behavior of African slaves in America

      1. papricos
        papricos at |

        Muslim genocide of Christians u said ? Muslims don t kill unnarmed , women , children and old people , don t cut trees and don t burn houses so u seriously can t call that genocide even in war Muslims only kills soldiers who are actualy fighting them and don t mix arabs and muslims , and learn what does genocide means dude

        1. Dingus McFlaggan
          Dingus McFlaggan at |

          NO! You clearly don’t understand what genocide is, so I will copy and paste the first definition i found with no effort
          “the deliberate killing of a large group of people”
          NOT the complete purge of an entire race or creed, etc, just the attempt or the “deliberate killing of a large group of people”

          That’s the first part, the second is that asshole Muslims (as opposed to good Muslims) kill kids and women just like warmongers from any other race or creed who are ass-holes. Think the girls kidnapped and murdered in Nigeria, think the child and female suicide bombers you ignorant fuck. Not all warriors are ass-holes but every race and creed contains ass-holes. If you disagree with that, you are bigger moron than your last comment suggests.

          Muslims do not have many trees to cut in most areas but they compensate for setting oil wells on fire (think Sudan and Iraq).

          Don’t be so stupid, every horrible thing that you will find an ass-hole Christian or Atheist doing, you will find an ass-hole Muslim doing (Raping, abusing, stealing, burning etc etc) and if you say “well then they are not real Muslims” then what the fuck are they????? If someone spends their whole life as a priest then people say he is not a Christian because he ends up being a paedophile, those people are morons who refuse to accept the reality that ass-holes are distributed throughout all races, creed, social groups etc

          And I am not just talking about Arabs as you suggested, I have been to Ghana, Nigeria, Indonesia, Malaysia, Southern Thailand, Pakistan and many other non Arab Muslim places and I see plenty abuse of women and children so take your rose tinted glasses off and wake the fuck up before you start writing complete bullshit again in defence of yet another stupid, pointless religion (like almost every other religion including all denominations of Christianity)

        2. papricos
          papricos at |

          it s obvuiously you who don t understand what genocide is , genocide is killing a group of people because of who they are tht the first thing and there is a different between muslims who orders not kill chidren , women and old people and punish whoever does and Israel and usa who actually ask their armies to kill children which is real genocide , israel killing palestinian children is a fact it s their intention and they are killing them cuze they are palestinians , when u spoke of the armenian genocide u forgot a major thing which is that it was a war , and that muslims didn t want the others dead cuze when they surrended the war ended and Salah-Eddine freed the christians , 3- it was Usa who stole ressources from irak , Pakistan and all over the world with the rest of the developped counries so go do ur homework u ignorant , and there are assholes everywhere just the Usa is trying to make the muslims look like the ennemies of humanity while America is the real terrorist today

        3. Dingus McFlaggan
          Dingus McFlaggan at |

          Countries are not good or evil, people are. Countries are illusionary made up lines in the Earth. If you think “America” is evil, you are as ridiculous as someone who says “muslims are evil or terrorists”. I will agree that so much evil has occurred by man in the name of USA, UK, ROme, China, Russia, Christianity etc, but not by these countries, ideologies or religions as they are ideologies not living things.

          If you blame America (a continent) or the USA, you must also blame the 3.3M Muslims in the US. You are no better than the people you accuse because you are blaming people for who they are or where they are from instead of for their own personal actions.

          But I also agree, the current powers in US do seem to want to make Islam the blame-hound for all wrongs; but like Mugabe, sometimes leaders and their few followers have all the control but don’t speak for the people. Politics is a complex power struggle in America like it is everywhere and most people are happy to accept lies from their govt and the so-called-news media.

          It was actually the UK and Germany first stealing oil in Iraq/Iran/Syria as they fought over Mesopotamia, Iraq as a political state only exists like Pakistan, because of British interference, control and greed……..and 99% of the British people did not benefit from the plunder, as always, the 1% did.

          If you think your country or Pakistan is any different, you don’t know human nature.

          The people of the US, UK, India etc etc are as much victims of their govts as any other, but the stupid masses in every country cannot grasp this so they wave flags instead and rush off to war to make evil greedy people richer than required even by the most greedy.

        4. papricos
          papricos at |

          Respect , the truth has been spoken , but the thing is the 1% were elected by the 99% .

        5. Dingus McFlaggan
          Dingus McFlaggan at |

          That was also my point…..except in a dictatorship, or those that have no rights to vote like slaves, or US citizen with a criminal record (which is why blacks always get tougher penalties than whites, asians, etc, to make sure they lose their vote against Republicans AND Democrats who are both in collusion to share power utilising carefully planned laws, rules and regulations designed to keep the status quo and give the illusion that the people have a choice by voting…..which they actually do if they research news instead of being fed new by global corporate media that used to tell them cigarettes were healthy only 6 years ago, or radiation would not harm them if they could only see the blast from afar)……but even then, the 1% get away with it because we all let them, just like in the Dark ages, during the time of the Egyptians, Aztecs, Roman empire, Japanese Emperors of old and Chinese dynasties, too stupid to see if one man like Genghis Khan can grow from a baby to a feared leader, then so can anyone as they are all just people who surrounded themselves with the protection of bulslshit laws, politics and mass psychology, …..and hence they could all take on the tyrants . Everyone is too scared to lose the life their have been assigned by the system (with obvious occasional exceptions, the people allowed to prosper to show us all it is possible, when it is actually not possible for all to prosper under capitalism as it is predatory/parasitic by it’s very definition.

  7. Cale Brehio
    Cale Brehio at |

    ” However, the overwhelming majority of those deaths were due to smallpox being inadvertently introduced into a native population that lacked the biological means to resist it which, while devastating, was not a genocide as it was not done intentionally.”

    BULLCOOKIES! It’s been documented that the American Indians were given the smallpox infected blankets of the folk who died from it, as a deliberate effort to introduce the smallpox to the indigenous population, thereby infecting and killing them. This information has been accessible for decades- do you do your own research, or do you have an intern do it, then just “phone it in?!”

    Biological warfare involving smallpox[edit]

    “Out of our regard to them we gave them two Blankets and an Handkerchief out of the Small Pox Hospital. I hope it will have the desired effect.”

    William Trent, William Trent’s Journal at Fort Pitt

    This event is well known for the documented instances of biological warfare. British officers, including the top British commanding generals, ordered, sanctioned, paid for and conducted the use of smallpox against the Native Americans. As described by one historian, “there is no doubt that British military authorities approved of attempts to spread smallpox among the enemy”, and “it was deliberate British policy to infect the indians with smallpox”.[6]

    In one instance, as recorded in his journal by sundries trader and militia Captain, William Trent, on June 24, 1763, dignitaries from the Delaware tribe met with Fort Pitt officials, warned them of “great numbers of Indians” coming to attack the fort, and pleaded with them to leave the fort while there was still time. The commander of the fort refused to abandon the fort. Instead, the British gave as gifts two blankets, one silk handkerchief and one linen from the smallpox hospital,[7] to two Delaware delegates after the parley, a principal warrior named Turtleheart, and Maumaultee, a Chief. The tainted gifts were, according to their inventory accounts, given to the Indian dignitaries “to Convey the Smallpox to the Indians”.[8][9]

    INVOICE for 1763 June

    Levy, Trent and Company: Account against the Crown, Aug. 13, 1763[7]

    “To Sundries got to Replace in kind those which were taken from people in the Hospital to Convey the Smallpox to the Indians Vizt:

    2 Blankets @ 20/ £299 099 0

    1 Silk Handkerchef 10/

    & 1 linnen do: 3/6 099 1399 6

    Captain Ecuyer later certified that the items “were had for the uses above mentioned,” in the inventory reimbursement request, and General Thomas Gage would later approve that invoice for payment, endorsing it with a comment and his signature.[7]

    While Ecuyer, Trent and McKee were conducting their early form of biological warfare upon the Indian dignitaries at Fort Pitt, their superiors were discussing similar plans. General Amherst, having learned that smallpox had broken out among the garrison at Fort Pitt, and after learning on July 7th of the loss of his forts at Venango, Le Boeuf and Presqu’Isle, wrote to Colonel Bouquet, “Could it not be contrived to send the small pox among the disaffected tribes of Indians? We must on this occasion use every stratagem in our power to reduce them.” In addition, Amherst wrote, “Captain Ecuyer Seems to Act with great Prudence, & I approve of everything he mentions to have done.” Bouquet, who was already marching to relieve Fort Pitt and Fort Detroit, responded on the 13th, “I will try to inoculate the Indians with some blankets that may fall into their hands, and take care not to get the disease myself. I wish we could make use of the Spanish method to hunt them with English dogs, supported by rangers and some light horse, who would, I think, effectually extirpate or remove that vermin.” On July 16th, Amherst replied, “You will do well to try to inoculate the Indians by means of blankets, as well as to try every other method that can serve to extirpate this execrable race. I should be very glad your scheme for hunting them down by dogs could take effect, but England is at too great a distance to think of that at present.”[10]

    General Amherst, July 8: “Could it not be contrived to Send the Small Pox among those Disaffected Tribes of Indians? We must, on this occasion, Use Every Stratagem in our power to Reduce them.”

    Colonel Bouquet, July 13: “I will try to inocculate the Indians by means of Blankets that may fall in their hands, taking care however not to get the disease myself.”

    Amherst, July 16: “You will Do well to try to Innoculate the Indians by means of Blanketts, as well as to try Every other method that can serve to Extirpate this Execreble Race.”

    Bouquet, July 19: “all your Directions will be observed.”

    Papers of Col. Henry Bouquet, ed. Stevens and Kent, ser. 21634, p. 161.

    The correspondence between Amherst and Bouquet reflected how pervasive Indian hating had become by 1763 and how far British officers were willing to go in ignoring their own soldiers’ code of warfare.[10] A devastating smallpox epidemic plagued Native American tribes in the Ohio Valley and Great Lakes area through 1763 and 1764, but the effectiveness of individual instances of biological warfare remains unknown. After extensive review of surviving documentary evidence, historian Francis Jennings concluded the attempt at biological warfare was “unquestionably effective at Fort Pitt”;[11] Barbara Mann deduced “it is important to note that the smallpox distribution worked”;[12] Howard Peckham noted the resulting fatal epidemic “certainly affected their vigorous prosecution of the war.”[8]

    Nineteenth century historian Francis Parkman, the first to research these events, described “the shameful plan of infecting the Indians” as “detestable.”[13] It is likely such incidents have occurred more frequently than scholars have acknowledged, but with such actions considered beyond the pale of civilized behavior, incriminating documentation would of course be scarce. Efforts have ever since been made to reduce the stigma associated with being the perpetrators of such acts.[14][7] Captain Ecuyer’s official report, written at the time of the incident and in great detail, notably did not mention the tainted gifts. According to biological warfare expert Mark Wheelis, Ecuyer considered concealing the event and acknowledged the deed in his ledgers only after learning that his superiors were ordering the same course of action.[15] The most widely cited expert on the subject, Elizabeth Fenn, has observed, “It is also possible that documents relating to such a plan were deliberately destroyed.”[7] Peckham noted that, “oddly enough”, the incriminating pages from Amherst and Bouquet were missing from the Canadian Archives transcripts as well as the collection published by the Pennsylvania Historical Commission.[8] Likewise, Mann has described documents which have gone missing after “later sanitation”, and has documented efforts by “Amherst apologists” and others who conjecture about, minimize and even dispute the instances of European perfidy. Dixon has suggested that the attempt to infect the Indians near Fort Pitt “may well have been a failure”,[6] and Ranlet has speculated that “either the smallpox virus was already dead on the unpleasant gifts or that the presents simply failed to fulfill Trent’s ardent desire to infect the Indians.”[16] Mann has called such assumptions “demonstrably false”, and Wheelis has concluded that while there may have been several simultaneous routes of transmission for the epidemic, and the effect of each attempt is impossible to determine, “the act of biological aggression at Fort Pitt is indisputable”.[15]

  8. Lettuce
    Lettuce at |

    Whaaat? No white men vs the “indians”?

    1. joseph
      joseph at |

      did you not read the beginning of the article? go back and read the very beginning of the article.

  9. dude
    dude at |

    Don’t forget the genocide in Latin American by the Spaniards with the support of the Catholic church. Likewise, Australian indigenous peoples suffered a similar situation.

  10. Roger
    Roger at |

    You forget the native americans. The Trail of Tears and so many other genocides that were perpetrated on the native peoples of both North and South America.

  11. Tanya Hutchins
    Tanya Hutchins at |

    To say what happened to the Native Americans was not deliberate is a travesty. Blankets from people that had small pox were given to Indians deliberately and many white settlers and some government leaders have been quoted saying they wanted the Indians gone. Tribes were killed because white people wanted the land. The Indians put up a fight and families were slaughtered for it. It doesn’t matter whether it was disease, bullets or knives. When someone wants to wipe out your entire population because of your skin color, your customs and where you live: that is genocide. This is a one-sided article. I hope all who read it, continue to do research on their own. That is how I get information about my ancestors, many of whom told the truth, which is passed down from previous generations. Never assume.

  12. Salvatore Consalvi
    Salvatore Consalvi at |

    Incredibly ethnocentric list. Not one mention of Native Americans? The California Mission System operated as concentration camps. And most deaths were not accidental. That is a childish belief. May I suggest reading “The American Holocaust” and giving this another try?

  13. Moritz Reichelt
    Moritz Reichelt at |

    The Mongolians killed at least 15 million Chinese, and Americans killed 19 million Red Indians. How come these top2 events don’t count in your list?

  14. Kev
    Kev at |

    Revise the list!
    Most of the comments are about the American genocide and rightly point out that it WAS intentional. Much moreso than Mao’s “continuing a disastrous social policy” or even Stalin’s direct order against subversives among his own people during a famine.
    Thomas Jefferson spoke of exterminating Native Americans. Meaning ALL of them!

    And what is the percentage of Native Americans in the USA? 1%!
    Of Chinese in China? Russians in Russia?…

  15. Manual Cordero
    Manual Cordero at |

    why is it that the biggest genocide ever committed on earth is always left out and that is the genocide of the indigenous people of the Americas and the Caribbean committed by white Christian European

  16. Razi
    Razi at |

    You better read more in order to clarify it genocide or not , as Americans intentionally brought smallpox with infected blankets and stuff through indigenous community

  17. Jane
    Jane at |

    There is another interesting point to make about the Irish. A lot left for America at the time of the great famine. Many irish were slaves before the blacks were slaves in America. They were worth 5 shilling each and a black man was worth 25. When the blacks came to replace the Irish, the irish were told they had to go fight for the north in the civil war to ‘free the blacks”. TO this day, there has never been a thank you. The irish lost thousands of people and were not even paid for that, but when a black slave was free they got 25 acres of land. To this day the irish are lumped in with WHITES as the racists when in fact they were slaves too.

  18. John
    John at |

    What about the American holocaust? The ‘reduction’ of the native population of North America? Does not that active process by the british subjects and later the american citizens qualify as genocide?

  19. James McGowan
    James McGowan at |

    Muslims created and did most of the killing in the partition of India.
    Jinnah the first president of pakistan forced the British to do this.
    “Pakistan” means pure land – pure of Muslims.
    Actually india should have zero Muslims…
    And Pakistan caused mass killings in Bangladesh..

    In the future genocide will just mean actions of Muslims.

    And this forgets Aboriginal people who sustained 200+ years of war against them.

    The most successful genocide in the World is against Aboriginal Tasmanian – no pure one is left and the descendents are all 1/8 – 1/16 so this is very successful.

  20. Raudy
    Raudy at |

    In 1971, There was a Genocide took place in Bangladesh (In that time East Pakistan). Estimated 3 million people were killed by Pakistani Army & their local collaborator Al-Badar & Al-Shams para military force. This was the 2nd most horrific genocide happen after the holocaust of Poland by Nazis. Where is that in your post?

  21. Christina Whellen
    Christina Whellen at |

    Mass murder of native americans was genocide. the writer over here is trying to say disease was by accident but the white settlers purposely gave the natives blankets infected with small pox so that all of them die. Do your research properly u biased author.

  22. Bill
    Bill at |
  23. Charles N.
    Charles N. at |

    Holy crap, I cannot believe my eyes. How the hell is the Native American genocide not listed? The US government forced MY people off their land in exchange for disease, starvation, exhaustion, and death by the most painful and slow means?! Have you heard of Wounded Knee? 300 unarmed men, women, and children were killed. The Lakota who were killed had also surrendered, and already had submit. The early colonists INTENTIONALLY gave the natives items infected with Smallpox, and then would sneak out into the night and kill them with their knives and rifles. Get your facts straight, or get new authors who can do a better job than this. You are just another person who wants the horrific acts of the US Government and early colonists covered up.

  24. Just So Damn Curious
    Just So Damn Curious at |

    How on God’s green earth, can you use the Bible to reference an item of genocide? Furthermore, one’s belief should not factor into what is known and tangible to human history. I was about to hail this article as a well written and well researched affair until I saw you made it frivolous and irrelevant. Unfortunately when I continued reading I found the piece replete with mistakes grammatically and historically. Great piece of fluff. Couldn’t use this even if i was compelled.

  25. An interested partyy
    An interested partyy at |

    What point is there to make a Top10 of genocides, all of them were horrific and we’ve learned nothing from it!!!


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