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  • I saw the Barney and Betty Hill Abduction movie when I was a kid and that scared the you-know-what out of me. I remember being afraid to ride with my parents on lonely road at night for months. Too bad for me we lived in the middle of the countryside where "all" the UFOs go to kidnap earthlings.

    • My favorite abduction movie is Starman (Jeff Bridges). So good.

      • Gah! A chick flick disguised as science-fiction thriller. 😉

        • Matt

          I lol'd

  • Matt

    It was inevitable, that roswell would be at the top. lol.

  • TheForever

    You forgot Bender and Zoidberg crash landing in Roswell.

  • Vadim

    About No.4 – 1986, a plane goes from Japan to America, and not a single person has a camera?

  • Mica

    No suprise Roswell is number one!

  • Wikipedia

    JAL Flight 1628, 1986:

    “On November 16 or 17, 1986, a Japanese crew of a JAL cargo jumbo FREIGHTER aircraft witnessed three unidentified objects while flying over Alaska, USA. The Boeing 747 CARGO plane was on a routine flight from Paris to Tokyo cruising at 966 km/h (600MPH) at an altitude of 10 600 m (35,000 ft). The plane was heading towards Anchorage, Alaska to re-fuel when at 17:11 Captain Kenji Terauchi reported seeing three large objects 610 m (2000 ft) below, describing the largest as resembling a shelled walnut. Captain Terauchi further described the largest craft as twice the size of an aircraft carrier, after several minutes observing the objects the crew noticed the objects matched the same speed as freighter aircraft. The two smaller objects veered 305 m (1000 ft) in front of the craft so much so that the captain said he could feel the warmth of their glows. Military radar picked up the two objects trailing the JAL flight and the FAA requested military intervention. The military did not take any action, however, and the objects stopped trailing JAL 1628, the airline arriving safely in Anchorage at 18:20.”

  • Chris

    Hi me my son had a UFO orb encounter 6ft away !! On august 27th we see inside now how works by looking at bubble see how make crop circles and how this bubble bend space ,plus open up water theory and this bubble was white blue green with basketball siZe looked be dimond with red liquid n middle and was pulling power from wires under ground spinning backward going forward and then hit man hole arced hit powerline gone go light speed with bubble plus that reason why go perfectline could running same power source it seems be power off each other!

    • D.ruddock


  • Jean Patrice Fagan

    I and a relative were both about 4-5 me and him 3-4 ;I think. We got we were needed
    up on Mt.Davidson in San Francisco. We lived across the street from the entrance and
    we parked our bikes ect. .Cvilians and 2 army jeeps full of men went up faster then us kids
    could go so we followed them up. I made contact and back;we did too.
    While up there We could all see the 5-6 UFO FLAP ships hovering over San Francisco
    Downtown. My relative thinks I’m crazy; he don’t remember it; to little d he got real scared;
    I did not. The one army man said you kids up here alone; or are your parents here. We said
    alone. The beings talk Telephy (SP). They use bubbles to work with other being to
    walk in on our Earth. They gave us like Video,Photo keyboards to talk into. I could;He
    was scared; I told the being that he couldn’t do It;I could and to leave him alone.I’m writing a book on it all. My life and UFO’s.

    • Elijah

      Please write a book.;-)

  • Elijah

    Is it wrong to encourage?i dont see any wrong unless you have valid reasons.

  • Sean

    What about Shag Harbour…

  • Duh

    What about Rendlesham

  • Walmy Junior

    what about plate operation Colares, Brazilian