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  • chris

    Great list but you should’ve included Vincent from Beauty and the Beast. The show only lasted three seasons and was canceled in the early 90’s, but to this day maintains a strong cult following.

    • I’ll have to check it out! Thanks for the suggestion.


  • IanK

    Lol Batman is from DC Comics not Marvel

  • DonnchadhTiernan

    Christy Brown was not deformed, he had cerabal palsy. Not the most PC of mixups.

    • You’re right, he wasn’t deformed but his symptoms made his body twisted and crippled making him look strange; originally when I began writing I looked up the definition of deformed in the Merriam Webster Dictionary and it said: distorted or unshapely in form. I ran with the distorted part, sorry if it offended, it was a bit of a stretch. Sorry Christy Brown!

  • Nattuli

    Great list. Thanks for the movie tips!

    • Your welcome! Let me know if you see any and what you thought.


  • John

    This page is nothing but a bunch of spoilers.

    • Wow, sorry, thought most people had seen these, didn’t mean to ruin it for you.

  • Anon

    aw! hello! Finding Nemo!

  • Joe

    Just a note: The image for The Fly is from the stage adaptation and not from the movie staring Jeff Goldblum.

  • MrThePandaman

    Great list, but I’ve have replaced Benjamin Button with every character from ‘Freaks’ and put Quasimodo at #1 because he started the trend (in movies, anyway, with the 1923 version).

  • Julie

    I think you may want to reconsider your title of “deformed” if you are including characters based on actual people…. you may not mean to offend, but you do.

    • Julie

      *actual people with real disabilities.

  • Tyler

    Where’s Radio?

  • Grayson

    have you even seen v for vendetta?

  • Fay

    Interesting how none of the characters on this list are female. In fact, there are very few instances I can think of in film which depict deformed women in any favorable light (only stereotypical witch characters, etc.). I can’t help but wonder what this says about the perception of negative physical traits and gender bias. Perhaps it is more difficult for audiences to accept and see past deformed female exteriors than they do males?

    Please don’t mistake my intentions as detracting from this great list of complex characters who were intriguingly depicted in their respective films, who all show us there is more to humanity than what is seen on the outside.

  • AWen

    What about toxic avenger??¿

  • Paul

    Some of these people really existed and to call them deformed is a disgrace