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  • Sam

    Thank you for the list, but I do have to correct a couple of things:
    a) Kerguelen, your number 5, is eventually one of the two or three most difficult places to visit in the entire wolrd. It is nearly impossible for anyone to visit Kerguelen, and it is posisible to visit Tristão da Cunha or Antartctica, for instance. You cannot visit Kerguelen, even if you have money: you simply cannot go there. No hotels, no hostels, nothing. The only way to get there is by a public contest (if you are qualified, as biologist or military) by the french government. So, it is virtually imposible to get there. Just go to google maps and you’ll notice that no pictures are displayed there and the image has no definition. In the other hand, Tristão da Cunha has more definition and pictures from users. Do you see the point? So, I’d consider Kerguelen as number 2 and Tristão da Cunha as number 3… The number 1 and most isolated place in the world being:
    b) North Sentinel Island. The North Sentinel Island is not really far from mainland, but it is totally inaccessible. The people that live there never had contact with other human beings, ever! They are the most isolated people on Earth. Taht is called isolation! Nobody have ever talked to them, nobody has ever succeeded. Please, change your list to acomodate that. Remove Easter Island and introduce North Sentinel Island: the most isolated place on Earth.

  • James

    My family were actually planning on moving to St. Helena, a neighbouring island of Tristan da Cunha, though slightly more populous with a population around the 4,000 mark. You could easily walk around the island in a few hours, and I think it was home to the only known species of giant cockroach, but I’m not 100% on that.

    Either way, with only one boat from Cape Town every 3 weeks and serious issues getting internet porn I wasn’t game for being hauled out of my rural life in Britain and we didn’t go in the end. It’s a shame because I’ve regretted it since, and it’d have only been for four years.

    I was actually going to comment hating on this list as it wasn’t on it, only to find it at number one lol.

  • Windrider

    There’s this island near India where no white man has ever been. I can’t remember what it’s called but apperently nobody goes there. Ever. These guys from national geographic or discovery tried to go there and left a pig on the beach as a peace gift but the inhabitants murderised it.

  • Bob McDowell

    McDonald Island to the west of Heard Island is not populated and very, very, isolated. Congratulations to McDonalds for being the loneliest place on the planet

  • Ole

    It is really funny to read the following in the would-be most remote place on the surface of the planet:
    “the British, who feared the French might use it as a point of departure to rescue Napoleon, who had been exiled to NEARBY (sic) St. Helena”…