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  • i have been to nunavut its nice to see that Alert, Nunavut, Canada got onto this list 🙂

  • Gwen

    This is an amazing list. It would be a great list of places to visit for someone who loves to travel to hard to get to places. I wonder how long it would take to get to all 10 places on the list? Great ideas for the list of recluses that you had a little while ago. 😀

  • johnleo

    The Tristan da Cunha is so beautiful, I need find a time to go there.

  • i thought Necker Island owned by Sir Richard Branson would be in the list…… lol… anyway, nice compilation!! cheers…

  • This is a great list! and… now I have ten places I'd love to visit to get away from it all— literally!

  • 10 Best Hippie Spots

    Wow! for the simple fact that I haven't even heard of most of these places probably means it is a great list.

    There is a list of the Top 10 Hippie Backpacker Destinations: Dead link has been removed.

    While the places listed aren't quite as remote the ones listed above, many of them are off the beaten track.

    • I don't usually allow people to use comments to promote their sites, so don't get in the habit of this. It would be nice to link from your list to mine as well. In any case I will let the link stay because it is on topic and your site is not commercial.

      • Oralia

        I think your decision to allow the comment was really great… it speaks volumes to the quality of information you are publishing and the knowledge you wish to bring to your readers. Thank you.

        • I just checked the links and the site is no longer live. So the links are being removed.

  • djhayman

    Sorry Greenland, but Australia is actually the world's largest island.

    Greenland = 836,000 square miles

    Australia = 2,941,300 square miles

    • Evan

      Australia is bigger, but I think Greenland is usually considered the biggest island since Australia qualifies as a continent.

      • TGB

        Australia is both.

        • Al T.

          If we are going to start calling continents islands, we may want to note that Antarctica is actually a bigger “island” than Australia.

          • Girl Sam

            Australia is both an island and a continent. Antarctica is not an island, so there is a huge fly in your logic ointment.

          • Al T.

            Really, because Antarctica is surrounded by water.

          • Brock Way

            Eurasiafrica is the largest island.

            • Peter Jabroni

              Brock Way is right, but I miss Pangea. Those was the glory days of islands. Seriously though guys, the concept of an island is super debatable and moronic to got caught up over.

  • jim p

    i think hawaii is 2,600 miles away from mainland

    i think that beets 1,700 by almost 1,000 miles

    • Mike Price

      But Hawaii is not that far from other inhabited places. it is not distance from the mainland that counts it is how remote from civilisation these places are.

      • Matt

        South Africa isn’t an inhabited place? I bet it’s quite cosmopolitan there, in places.

    • dan

      Hawaii may be really far from any mainland, but Hawaii can be considered a civilization itself.. I mean, Honolulu has nearly a million inhabitants. It also has all of the comforts of modern world. The point of that island is that not only is it far from any civilization, it is also a place with no modern comforts. If you’ve been to Hawaii, even on the less populated islands, you know that you never feel too far from civilization

      • My family and I visited all the Hawaiian islands a few years ago and it was the best vacation I have ever had. I never felt anything other than pure joy while visiting. I will definitely be coming back…maybe to stay next time. 😉

  • Drake

    It would be nice to go to Tristan da Cunha or Pitcairn Island and just start a new life.

  • Matt

    #1 is not true to my knowledge. I think Hawaii is the most remote place in the world. It’s about 2300 miles to the nearest significant land mass.

    • If you use only the eight main islands, Hawaii is the remotest. If you include Kure Atoll, well then Tristan is the most remote. Since Tristan has a sign proclaiming it as most remote, maybe that’s why they are mentioned as most remote. But really, does a little speck( Kure) 1500 miles away from the main islands really count except in Geography 101 and on Jeopardy?



    • Tristan

      Tristan da Cunha is still more remote cuz less people live there and there are tons more visitors to Hawaii, its one of the most visited places in the world. Tristan is not.

      P.S. My name is actually Tristan, i think it would be cool to visit the island that has the same name as me 🙂

  • andrew

    what about oymyakon?? it is really remote na inhabited all year round, it is even considered the north pole of cold

  • john agront


  • andy

    svalbard is pretty remote

  • Maximiliano Herrera

    I disagree Easter Island is more remote than Tokelau, which is not listed.
    Easter island has got an airport, tourits, hotels, televisions, cell -phones etc.
    Tokelau requires a 2 days boat journey from Polynesia to get there. No cell phones also.

  • Henry S.

    Any ideas about the most remote inhabited place in the continental U.S.?
    My suggestion: Jarbidge, Nevada.

    • Erik

      Supai, Arizona. It is the most remote community in the lower 48 states.

  • Bad Habit

    When I started reading this list, I was curious if Alert would get mentioned. Not only was it mentioned, but the Herc crash as well – a topic I am always interested in, as I am very familiar with a survivor of the crash. I know you don’t like websites being posted, but here is a link to a website, including pictures of the Herc crash.

  • Mark Ling

    Very interesting list.

    Wouldn’t make a great adventure, traveling to all of these places. (I would probably skip the places north of the arctic circle an south of the Antarctic circle)

  • Missy

    Your probably from America. Quebec is not a major city, it’s a province.

    • Addy

      Missy, you have never heard of Quebec City? Please tell me you are not Canadian.

  • Keaton

    Diego Garcia should be on this list.

  • Bruni

    Guys, Bouvetoya Island is the most remote Island on Earth.

    • Addy

      Is Bouvetoya inhabited?

      • Wade A Hawk

        Yes, since the Wikipedia said there is a weather station that it must be inhabited.

  • Leeroy Jenkins

    These aren’t the most desolate inhabited places, just check out Anuanuraro

  • Run

    These the most forsaken places to avoid. If you find yourself in one of these hell holes then something must very wrong in your life.

  • ash

    what about Perth Western Australia it is one of the most Remote Places in the World have a look and Perth is a great place to get away and do nothing why you are hear great fishing , 4w4 driving camping
    boating bush walking The Bibbulmun Track is one of the world’s great long distance walk trails, stretching nearly 1000km from Kalamunda in the Perth Hills, to Albany and much more

  • easter island is my kind of scene.

  • Sebastián Montory

    Los moai.
    Isla de Pascua, Chile.

  • Sam

    Thank you for the list, but I do have to correct a couple of things:
    a) Kerguelen, your number 5, is eventually one of the two or three most difficult places to visit in the entire wolrd. It is nearly impossible for anyone to visit Kerguelen, and it is posisible to visit Tristão da Cunha or Antartctica, for instance. You cannot visit Kerguelen, even if you have money: you simply cannot go there. No hotels, no hostels, nothing. The only way to get there is by a public contest (if you are qualified, as biologist or military) by the french government. So, it is virtually imposible to get there. Just go to google maps and you’ll notice that no pictures are displayed there and the image has no definition. In the other hand, Tristão da Cunha has more definition and pictures from users. Do you see the point? So, I’d consider Kerguelen as number 2 and Tristão da Cunha as number 3… The number 1 and most isolated place in the world being:
    b) North Sentinel Island. The North Sentinel Island is not really far from mainland, but it is totally inaccessible. The people that live there never had contact with other human beings, ever! They are the most isolated people on Earth. Taht is called isolation! Nobody have ever talked to them, nobody has ever succeeded. Please, change your list to acomodate that. Remove Easter Island and introduce North Sentinel Island: the most isolated place on Earth.

  • James

    My family were actually planning on moving to St. Helena, a neighbouring island of Tristan da Cunha, though slightly more populous with a population around the 4,000 mark. You could easily walk around the island in a few hours, and I think it was home to the only known species of giant cockroach, but I’m not 100% on that.

    Either way, with only one boat from Cape Town every 3 weeks and serious issues getting internet porn I wasn’t game for being hauled out of my rural life in Britain and we didn’t go in the end. It’s a shame because I’ve regretted it since, and it’d have only been for four years.

    I was actually going to comment hating on this list as it wasn’t on it, only to find it at number one lol.

  • Windrider

    There’s this island near India where no white man has ever been. I can’t remember what it’s called but apperently nobody goes there. Ever. These guys from national geographic or discovery tried to go there and left a pig on the beach as a peace gift but the inhabitants murderised it.

  • Bob McDowell

    McDonald Island to the west of Heard Island is not populated and very, very, isolated. Congratulations to McDonalds for being the loneliest place on the planet

  • Ole

    It is really funny to read the following in the would-be most remote place on the surface of the planet:
    “the British, who feared the French might use it as a point of departure to rescue Napoleon, who had been exiled to NEARBY (sic) St. Helena”…