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  1. Jeff
    Jeff at |

    I'd like to point out that useless organs #6 and #1 are not infact "useless" they are quite important for our immune systems. When taken out, our bodies ability to fight disease is markedly lower.

    1. Mr DIE
      Mr DIE at |

      i agree #1 and #6 are very necessary, i get realy annoyed when people/DRs suggest that certain organs or parts of the body are obsolete…without absolute knowledge how can people make these assumptions.

      open the hood of your car, remove a bolt that seems to be in no way linked to the operating of the engine. Next day start up you car and watch as the engine falls throught the floor of the car.

      This is what has been happening with the appendix – and there are people in this world going to a great deal of trouble to HIDE THE TRUTH.

      when i was 7, my appendix burst and was removed.. my health has deteriated ever since – the appendix " trains the immune system " .. WE NEED IT

      1. clementine mottola
        clementine mottola at |

        Can you please stop helping people stay ignorant and stupid? This entire video is wrong…

    2. liam
      liam at |

      It is true the appendix has now been found to create new anti-bodies and help in the reproduction of the bodys organs

      1. orock paul
        orock paul at |

        the males nipples re my biggest problem now for i dont see their function as a matter of fact they just design the chest of men
        but i will research on this to see this to their use

        1. leazarb
          leazarb at |

          hope the male nipple doesn’t go anywhere. mine help me get aroused.

        2. Kristen
          Kristen at |

          Male nipples are just female nipples. In the womb, nipple growth happens before gender is assigned to the fetus, they only become ‘useless’ when the Y chromosome is introduced.

  2. Bio101
    Bio101 at |

    #3 still have a use.

    With the right stimulation men can lactate, more commonly nowadays with the use of chemical stimulation.


    #10 in regards to sleep.

    Sleep is secreted as a physical barrier to stop dust and other particales getting into our eyes while we sleep.

  3. askme.com
    askme.com at |

    The reason why men have nipples.

    Fetuses in the womb are all female until the male hormone testosterone kicks in and turns the female into a male. Nipples have already developed and therefore both females and males have nipples.

    1. Derekfail
      Derekfail at |

      rendering them useless?

    2. elizabeth
      elizabeth at |

      in some cultures the male nipple also acts as a temporary pacifier to give the mother's nipple a break. it is how the male can bond with the baby during the breast feeding age.

  4. Travis Russell
    Travis Russell at |

    This is not correct. Not all fetuses are female. ALL EGGS are. When conception happens, the male donates an X chromosome to fertilize the egg making it a female or a Y chromosome to make the fetus a male. Nipples are simply a vestigial organ in males (non functioning) but they are part of all humans male or female and most other species as well….it is kind of like hair or a belly button…part of our body despite gender.

  5. Saundra Posey
    Saundra Posey at |

    Plica semilunaris useless? Hardly!! Without them to produce what you refer to as "sleep", pressure builds up inside your eyes causing pressure on the occular nerve The end result is Glaucoma which, if not controlled, eventually causes blindness. You think an annual checkup for Glaucoma is not necessary? Think again.

  6. chase ralle
    chase ralle at |

    wow, most of these parts are acctually extremely useful, goose bumps are a good early warning system, and the coccyx has attachments for the gluteus medius.

  7. foible
    foible at |

    I'll chime in on the usefulness of the appendix. It was recently found to be a safe harbor for the "good" bacteria your digestive tract needs. If a particularly toxic attacker or, more likely, a strong dose of antibiotics turns your intestines into a bacteriological dead zone the survivors can crawl out of the appendix to repopulate the world! Well, your internal world anyway.

  8. Useless Affiliate
    Useless Affiliate at |

    haha this is funny.. i like the wisdom tooth

  9. Random Soliloquy
    Random Soliloquy at |

    FYI, Even after a successful cholecystectomy (gall bladder removal) you still are prone to vomiting and various other yucky feelings. Your gallbladder helps digest fat and, once removed, can and will remind you continually that it is not there.

  10. How Galling
    How Galling at |

    Random, I guess that's highly individual, because I haven't had a single digestive problem since my gallbladder was removed 15 years ago. I just experienced major, major relief of all pain and suffering I experienced while I had that bugger in my abdomen! 😉

    1. Daniele
      Daniele at |

      no its advised that you don’t consume much fats and lipids after the gall bladder is removed. It is actually relatively important in digestion.

      1. Shell Harris
        Shell Harris at |

        My Father and Brother had their’s removed and they eat whatever they like. I don’t think it has made the slightest difference in their eating habits.

  11. Areen
    Areen at |

    i think nothing in the world is useless.

  12. sana
    sana at |

    ya u r right buddy

  13. ran
    ran at |

    everything has its own reason why things exist. well i love my wisdom teeth! 😀

    and i know a lot of people who removed their organs etc. suffered its consequences..

    who knows in the future it may be essential. 😉

  14. jeremy
    jeremy at |

    Tthe fact that we are filled with pointless parts strongly indicates that there was no creator, and that evolution took place.

    1. Jenna
      Jenna at |


      1. Alex
        Alex at |

        I agree, Jeremy is a loser. Ha.

        1. avi
          avi at |

          he's a loser because…?

          anyways I agree with his point.

        2. applejohn
          applejohn at |

          i would call him ignorant.
          he didnt go read about each of the 10 parts mentioned here.

          and i dont agree with his point

    2. poodin
      poodin at |

      jeremy for the record scientist believe there is a reason we evolved all the different things our body is made up of for a reason. o and they also admit openly they cant figure out how we evolved since the PERFECT situation at the PERFECT time and the PERFECT place for us to have evolved is necessary and they basically couldn’t even do it in a lab…. must still point back to man doesnt know anything and gods awesome.

      1. poodin
        poodin at |

        last point……. why arent we and….everything else for that matter still evolving… wow i love stupid smart people. haha.

        1. CH
          CH at |

          poodin says:
          “last point……. why arent we and….everything else for that matter still evolving… wow i love stpid smart people. haha.”

          You do realize we and other animals are still evolving ( i cant say all are, because im not sure you are), and if you cant see it… then you are either blind or just plain ignorant or maybe you just wanted to sound intelligent…

        2. Stephanie
          Stephanie at |

          I love you. = >

        3. Alicia
          Alicia at |

          The reason we seemingly aren’t “still evolving” is because it is a gradual processs over many, many generations. It is by no means a voluntary action, nor does it support the idea of spontanious and drastic changes (hence the once mentioned Duckagator). If one want to believe there was a God who innitially created us, or more or less guided us through the process, that may be true still. The truth is that organisms ARE evolving (check out the evolution of the peppered moth: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Peppered_moth_evolution) and so are we (I don’t suppose humans in general may be getting taller, now, are they?). There is a perfect balance between religion and science (if you believe that is), and that is through education and a thurough and complete understanding of concepts and theories.

        4. Camilla
          Camilla at |

          Because as we all know….Evolution is just a spider bite away. Or maybe it just happens and then you get to go to Xaviers School for the gifted.

          Or Hogwarts. Duh guys, duh =P

    3. andrio
      andrio at |

      jeremy you are a ignorant loser, god created ever for a reason

      1. Deirdre
        Deirdre at |

        God isn’t real, silly face. 😛

    4. Sky
      Sky at |

      Wrong! Bomp! There is a Creator for sure. One would have to be an absolute retard to not see that.

      1. Lemons
        Lemons at |

        See what? Show me “Him” and then you can call all of us “retards.” Some of us prefer to not blindly trust what a bunch of egotistical and sadistic religious “scholars” propagandize in a church/temple/mosque.

  15. krugle
    krugle at |

    Wisdom teeth were actually a vital part back in the day not necessarily for chewing but because as teeth fell out the wisdom teeth would push the other teeth together so it would still be possible to eat but since now we keep our teeth for much longer the wisdom teeth push against a full set of teeth causing severe problems and that's why they are removed

    1. TopTenz Master
      TopTenz Master at |

      Krugle – That is fascinating, I have never heard that reasoning for wisdom teeth before. Thanks for sharing.

      1. Kylie
        Kylie at |

        That’s a great fun fact, thanks for sharing! I am taking Anatomy & Physiology and it’s interesting to me some things that are on this list because although some of these “useless parts” can be removed because of infections or there is a disfunction to it they still serve as important key players in our body systems (mostly endocrine and lymphatic) Thanks!

  16. Andrew
    Andrew at |

    Arrector Pili useless?!? hardly.

    As the core temperature of the human body begins to decrease, the arrector pili tighten in order to decrease the surface area of your skin for heat to escape, it's why your skin becomes all bumpy. Another effect is that the energy needed to contract the muscle release a small amount of hear as waste.

  17. Rpro
    Rpro at |

    Had my gallbladder removed in 1995 and have regretted it ever since. Most of the time after I eat, within 5-10mins I have the worst diarrhea, which consists of mainly bile. I sometimes get cramps so bad that I break out in a cold sweat and feel like vomiting.

  18. Remo
    Remo at |

    Everything is pointless

    1. Alex
      Alex at |

      Especially your existence? Well you did say " Everything".

  19. joshy
    joshy at |

    rubbish! bile is stored in the gallbladder that helps in the digestion of fats. Fat soluble vitamins will be useless therefore if there's no bile to synthesize them. specially vitamin without it, every human in this planet is prone to bleeding!

    rubbish rubbish rubbish!

  20. That Mexican
    That Mexican at |

    I breast feed my baby and im male; i dont think its useless!

    1. Ramsey
      Ramsey at |


  21. Ramsey
    Ramsey at |

    The human body has many different types of skin covering it and many of them all connect together at the nipples. Since all humans are inherently female (a Y Chromosome has to be active later to make them male) a second (important) function is for breastfeeding in women.

    1. poodin
      poodin at |

      or maybe god just thought something needed to go there….. lol i mean how would you look without nipples? honestly?

      1. Rhea
        Rhea at |

        God carries no relevance in Ramsey’s response to this article. The only reason a man would look unusual without nipples would be because we’d already familiarized ourselves with the look of them. Should we never have seen them, we would not think it strange.

        Also, lactation can occur amongst men, though is rarely documented.

        Try to keep your own, religious opinions off articles which do not actually involve it.

  22. kathy
    kathy at |

    Bacteria do not cause viruses!!! Bacteria and viruses are two different types of sometimes pathogenic microorganisms!

    "trap bacteria that can cause viruses"

  23. Joseph
    Joseph at |

    Has anyone thought of economy of design? Many things have the same base, but that does not mean that they evolved from the same thing. Useless, who can really judge? Just becasue people may not know or understand, does not mean that something is useless.

  24. L
    L at |

    The coccyx only has 4 vertebrates.

    1. Jack
      Jack at |

      it’s actually 3-5 so……

  25. Anonymous
    Anonymous at |

    all fetuses are born female and require a hormone to become male. The human Fetus must develop nipples before receiving this said hormone thus explaining why males have nipples.

  26. FMH
    FMH at |

    Ah so the gall bladder is useless? I guess all the doctors I consulted about my digestion problems where wrong. It must be a strange magic force not my non-functioning gall bladder.

  27. Paul
    Paul at |

    Reproduction parts are a waste of human use. They cause more trouble that there worth.

  28. Mark
    Mark at |

    “These tissues are part of the immune system and trap bacteria that can cause viruses”
    HAHAHAHAHA…Dang, I had no idea that bacteria caused viruses…that’s so stupid it’s hilarious. Also, pretty much all of those are useful with the exception of the wisdom teeth.

  29. naynay
    naynay at |

    The coccyx only has 5 vertebrae….

  30. Tilly
    Tilly at |

    This is one of those mostly baseless articles again, “Nutrition and Physical Degeneration” in this book, now available free online, explains why people have messed up teeth, why our wisdom teeth don’t come in right, its horrible nutrition before, during, and after pregnancy. Wisdom teeth are great for you, you know, chewing your food! and they are not for chewing meat, that is ridiculous, predators don’t chew their meat, they just swallow it because they have the proper digestive systems to handle large amounts of flesh. Wisdom teeth are for properly masticating plant matter.

  31. Guy McCardle
    Guy McCardle at |

    Thanks for the article, but bacteria do not cause viruses. That doesn’t even make sense.

  32. andywattbulb
    andywattbulb at |

    Funny thing is is that male nipples can produce milk if stimulated for weeks (enough milk to keep an infant alive). Women and men do not need to be pregnant to produce milk, the nipples just need stimulation. There are african tribes where the men also help breastfeed the children. I guess it’s a way of making sure your ofspring survives if the mother dies but it is rare today.

  33. MissGoodGirl
    MissGoodGirl at |

    Well, I really liked your article but I have to say that I don’t quiet agree that tonsils are not necessery. I don’t have tonsils because I had them removed at the age of 8 but since then whenever I get sick I always have a very high and almost impossible to bring down fever which my doctor says it is because I don’t have tonsils.

  34. spettro
    spettro at |

    Sinuses are important!!!

    Sinuses chief function is to produce a special mucus that keeps the inside of the nose moist and protects it from dust, dirt, pollutants, and microbiologic organisms. The mucus layer is propelled by tiny hair cells called cilia toward the back of the nose and throat, where it is swallowed.

    As an example: Frequent NetiPot use can actually trigger sinus infections because your clearing the mucus that protects you. However moderate NetiPot use is OK. Trust me – I’ve learned that the hard way.

  35. Maximillian Fleischmann
    Maximillian Fleischmann at |

    Whats up, yo the only thing useless in this tonsils, it controls nothing really, cept how deep your voice may be, and it reminds us we aren’t flawless lol…we feel it often.

    Praise Cthululululululu.

    1. Kylie
      Kylie at |

      I think that you may be confused with the Larynx versus the tonsils. Tonsils do not determine how deep your voice gets, these immunocompetent tissues are the immune system’s first line of defense against ingested or inhaled foreign pathogens.

  36. Krakovsky
    Krakovsky at |

    Every organ is important it performs a specialized function and it is therefore very dangerous for you to assume that an organ in useless! #5 about adenoids, for heaven’s sake! bacteria does not cause viruses! they are however two very completely different etiologic agents, please refrain from putting your OWN PERSONAL opinion on matters you do not know. for one, you are NOT a Doctor to make these silly assumptions, the internet is full of trash. please do not add more.. – Dr.AMCM

  37. James
    James at |

    I seriously laughed out loud when I read “bacteria that can cause viruses”
    this article is a joke written by some high school schmuck based solely on his opinion and imagination.
    If it wasen’t then I feel bad for the uneducated schmuck. No hard feelings just my opinion.

  38. Peter Boucher
    Peter Boucher at |

    So when we become an adolescent why not just have #8, #6, #5, #2 and # 1 removed from our bodies. #8, #6 and #5 are gone from my body so know I’m working on #2 and #1 and lets face it, #1 The Appendix can literally kill you when it bursts and no medical treatment is available !!

    1. David Scott
      David Scott at |

      um Peter you said ” The Appendix can literally kill you when it bursts and no medical treatment is available !! ”

      Your information is completely wrong !

      My appendix burst, and I was operated on and did nearly die… but treatment IS available for those whose appendix actually burst.

  39. Kapilbs
    Kapilbs at |

    Hair, pinky toe……


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