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  • FMH

    Ah so the gall bladder is useless? I guess all the doctors I consulted about my digestion problems where wrong. It must be a strange magic force not my non-functioning gall bladder.

  • Paul

    Reproduction parts are a waste of human use. They cause more trouble that there worth.

  • Mark

    “These tissues are part of the immune system and trap bacteria that can cause viruses”
    HAHAHAHAHA…Dang, I had no idea that bacteria caused viruses…that’s so stupid it’s hilarious. Also, pretty much all of those are useful with the exception of the wisdom teeth.

  • naynay

    The coccyx only has 5 vertebrae….

  • Tilly

    This is one of those mostly baseless articles again, “Nutrition and Physical Degeneration” in this book, now available free online, explains why people have messed up teeth, why our wisdom teeth don’t come in right, its horrible nutrition before, during, and after pregnancy. Wisdom teeth are great for you, you know, chewing your food! and they are not for chewing meat, that is ridiculous, predators don’t chew their meat, they just swallow it because they have the proper digestive systems to handle large amounts of flesh. Wisdom teeth are for properly masticating plant matter.

  • Thanks for the article, but bacteria do not cause viruses. That doesn’t even make sense.

  • andywattbulb

    Funny thing is is that male nipples can produce milk if stimulated for weeks (enough milk to keep an infant alive). Women and men do not need to be pregnant to produce milk, the nipples just need stimulation. There are african tribes where the men also help breastfeed the children. I guess it’s a way of making sure your ofspring survives if the mother dies but it is rare today.

  • MissGoodGirl

    Well, I really liked your article but I have to say that I don’t quiet agree that tonsils are not necessery. I don’t have tonsils because I had them removed at the age of 8 but since then whenever I get sick I always have a very high and almost impossible to bring down fever which my doctor says it is because I don’t have tonsils.

  • spettro

    Sinuses are important!!!

    Sinuses chief function is to produce a special mucus that keeps the inside of the nose moist and protects it from dust, dirt, pollutants, and microbiologic organisms. The mucus layer is propelled by tiny hair cells called cilia toward the back of the nose and throat, where it is swallowed.

    As an example: Frequent NetiPot use can actually trigger sinus infections because your clearing the mucus that protects you. However moderate NetiPot use is OK. Trust me – I’ve learned that the hard way.

  • Maximillian Fleischmann

    Whats up, yo the only thing useless in this tonsils, it controls nothing really, cept how deep your voice may be, and it reminds us we aren’t flawless lol…we feel it often.

    Praise Cthululululululu.

    • Kylie

      I think that you may be confused with the Larynx versus the tonsils. Tonsils do not determine how deep your voice gets, these immunocompetent tissues are the immune system’s first line of defense against ingested or inhaled foreign pathogens.

  • Krakovsky

    Every organ is important it performs a specialized function and it is therefore very dangerous for you to assume that an organ in useless! #5 about adenoids, for heaven’s sake! bacteria does not cause viruses! they are however two very completely different etiologic agents, please refrain from putting your OWN PERSONAL opinion on matters you do not know. for one, you are NOT a Doctor to make these silly assumptions, the internet is full of trash. please do not add more.. – Dr.AMCM

  • James

    I seriously laughed out loud when I read “bacteria that can cause viruses”
    this article is a joke written by some high school schmuck based solely on his opinion and imagination.
    If it wasen’t then I feel bad for the uneducated schmuck. No hard feelings just my opinion.

  • Peter Boucher

    So when we become an adolescent why not just have #8, #6, #5, #2 and # 1 removed from our bodies. #8, #6 and #5 are gone from my body so know I’m working on #2 and #1 and lets face it, #1 The Appendix can literally kill you when it bursts and no medical treatment is available !!

    • David Scott

      um Peter you said ” The Appendix can literally kill you when it bursts and no medical treatment is available !! ”

      Your information is completely wrong !

      My appendix burst, and I was operated on and did nearly die… but treatment IS available for those whose appendix actually burst.

  • Kapilbs

    Hair, pinky toe……