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  • Kat

    What about revenge of the old queen? It was suppose to be part of rocky horror show. Btw great list

  • noirelion

    Dune was remade in 2000- commonly called Dune 2000 and a Children of Dune based on that came- it was very successful and true to the Book…
    Dune 1984 was a disappointment to me… but Dune 2000 was all that!

  • Paul Bali

    Return of the Jedi, directed by David Lynch.

    • Fnord Prefect

      It would also have been interesting to see how Empire Strikes Back would have turned out if union red tape hadn’t stop Steven Spielberg directing it.

  • traveller

    …JJ Benitez’s Trojan Horse

    A famous sci-fi book (actually several books make the saga) among spanish-speaking readers.

    I’ve always thought It’d make a great movie. If they could adapt Angels&Demons to the silver screen (not that I liked it), this one deserves a chance!!!!!

  • The Don

    What about Kieslowski’s The Divine Comedy trilogy?? It would have been pretty amazing to see what he could do with it after Three Colors..

  • Stuart

    I would love to have seen that Princess of mars animated movie.

  • ATM before

    Im surprised no-one mentioned the movie Shi , It was to star Tia Carrere , they put out advertising for the movie but they lost funding before it could be made

  • Fnord Prefect

    “Considering how violently the Sex Pistols’ music rocked society, a Sex Pistols’ film may have signaled the start of the Biblical Apocalypse.”

    A Sex pistols Movie you say? That would be 1980’s The Great Rock ‘N’ Roll Swindle (

    You should fire your researcher…