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  • FMH

    I really wonder why Tank Girl is included. I always thougt of it as “that strange and somehow crappy movie made from a comic I never read”.

  • fdx

    That’s an interesting list thank you, there are a few comics i didn’t know about.
    I think Wanted is one of the worst examples of comic-book adaptation gone wrong, there’s such a gap between the comic and the movie….. Well maybe it’s not that bad, League of extraordinary gentlemen is much, much worse 🙂

    • Lucas L

      No Wanted takes the cake. From Supervillains to Antiheroic Hitmen/Assassins?

  • bMurfy

    A History of Violence is a notable absentee!

    • jason

      What you would consider notable and noteworthy is not what everyone else considers important.

      • bMurfy

        Well if you’re gonna talk about films that are supposed to be not known as comics, then that’s a fairly notable one, not a lot of Oscar winning thrillers started life as comics. Compared to say Tank Girl & The Mask, whose comic origins are not far fetched in the slightest, a film such as History of Violence whose origin is largely unknown, is a notable loss on a list such as this. That’s my opinion, I am allowed on of them right?

        • Agreed, that is a very surprising movie to be sourced from a comic. I didn’t know it until after I saw the movie. And not only are you allowed your opinion, we value them her too.

        • kigero

          @bMurfy, You are correct sir. I’ve been reading comic since I was 5 (almost 27 years now) and the only thing on this list that surprised me was the origin of the Mystery Men, although I knew it was a comic book first. The only reason I knew History of violence was a comic book was from one line in an interview rather than the comic itself.

  • Jay

    …Unless you’re into comics.

  • Eli

    Wow, maybe I’m a comic nerd or this is a crappy list but I know all of these movies were made from comics.

    • jason

      You’re just a comic book nerd. Nothing wrong with that.

    • Eli, you are most likely a comic book nerd, but then so am I. I also knew all these movies were comic books first, but the idea of the list is to expose the non-comic-loving public to the influence that comics have on movies today, thus potentially creating more comic book nerds so that our numbers may grow.

  • Both “Tank Girl” and “The Crow” were films I saw specifically because I was a fan of the comic series, although I do wonder if I would have actually liked either film if I hadn’t been familiar with the storylines before watching them. Actually “The Crow” I would’ve…

  • ran76

    Waterworld is suppose to be based on a comic, I think it was called “Agua Blue”. Does “From Hell” count?

  • Monty

    What happened to 300?

  • FormerlyFromTokyo

    I can’t stand Mark Millar’s work (I won’t say why), but it’s a disappointing dislike.

  • ATM before

    Tank girl, the crow , and Mystery Men most people know where made from comics…..

    • Most people who read comics. No one in my extended family knew…or cared. 🙁

  • John

    Alien vs. Predator should be on this list. The comics are really good but the movies are terrible.

    • ran76

      other than the main Predator marking the human female that helped him, what else from the comic was in the movie? The setting? no, the comic takes place on another planet. The time? no the comic is in the future. the characters? no, they were colonists/ranchers.