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  1. JT at |

    Blue Oyster Cult’s “Last Days of May” is based on a real story in Long Island (?) where a couple of kids who were buying / dealing drugs were killed. Buck Dharma read about the case in the paper and wrote the song. Must have happened in the 60’s.

  2. SLH at |

    There’s a really good take on “John Hardy” by Among the Oak and the Ash called “The Redemption Of John Hardy.” Just thought I’d share.

    1. 12D3 at |

      True, I really like it myself. Among the Oak and Ash is one of the very few folk groups who (In my opinion) is still worth listening to. Shady Grove is also superb, and Billy and the Good Girl, too.

  3. Tim at |

    You missed the best version of “Frankie & Johnny” Michelle Shocked on Arkansas Traveler.

  4. sharnique perkins at |

    I was just thinking about Jeremy by Pearl Jam, even though it wasn’t murder; it’s still a very powerfull rock ballad about an untimely death.

  5. skywatcher at |

    Another song that could fit very nicely here is Steve Free’s “Seige at Lucasville.” Steve was living across the street on Mohawk Drive at the time of the riot in Lucasville Prison. He wrote the song and recorded it, and it placed fairly high on the charts.

  6. oswyn_flynn at |

    Thank you for including “westfall.” When I saw the title my mind immediately went to that great song, but thought you wouldn’t include it do to that album’s lack of commercial recognition.

  7. Terry Bigham at |

    Peter, Paul and Mary’s folk ballad “Polly Vonn” tells of a man who accidentally kills his fiance, the title character, with bow and arrow when he mistakes her in her white apron for the swan he’s hunting.

  8. Mr. Sunders at |

    Tell me why I don’t like Mondays by Boomtown Rats….great song!!!

  9. violetta at |

    I think that ‘Lord Randall’ might be based on the death of the Earl of Murray, and might therefore be a Scottish folk ballad. The song lyrics appear to have been written in old Scots.

  10. Stuart at |

    Hurricane by Bob Dylan?


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