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  1. 5minutes at |

    A couple more:

    King’s X: Goldilox (original 1989, covered on “Ogre Tones”)

    Steve Taylor: I Wanna Be a Clone (original 1984, covered a cover of his song on “Liver”)

  2. stuthedude at |

    Cream/Eric Clapton – Leila

  3. Shoboni at |

    The re-recording of “Free From the Chain Gang Now” Johnny Cash did on a Hundred Highways should have gotten a mention.

  4. mrclam at |

    I don’t think the author knows what the word “top” means. Sheesh, he didn’t even include the Beatles (Revolution) The Stones (Honky Tonk Woman) or even David Bowie (Fame). If you want to get more obscure, you could go with the Minutemen (Little Man with a Gun in His Hand) Devo (Jocko Homo) or even The Residents (Eskimo). The list would have been better titled “Top 10 Lame Metal Bands Recycling Nonsense for Clueless Fans”. Even with that criteria, Hush should not have been included because IT’S NOT THEIR SONG!

  5. Noah at |

    Elton john is my favorite musician of all time

  6. HBG at |

    The Reflex – Duran Duran


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