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  1. roganda
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    oouiuu nice info, thanks

  2. stinger503
    stinger503 at |

    I don’t think even #1 holds a candle to Geoff Bodine’s Nascar Truck Series crash at Daytona in 2000: http://youtu.be/CbnykLZW480

  3. Dennis Buskirk
    Dennis Buskirk at |

    The good lord sure does look over the drivers of these NASCAR races and the many things that can just up and happen when the least expected. I wonder, does Rusty Wallace have 9 lives like they say a cat has? His wreck at Daytona in Feb 14 1993 followed by the one in May of the same year would be enough to make one wonder this same very thought. God Speed to Ya there Rusty and my the good Lord continue to keep a liking of you and keep you just as safe if it ever happens again. I know there have been more but nothing like these two.

  4. Albert
    Albert at |

    Great list. One that I think deserves to be mentioned is Elliot Sadler’s Pocono crash, where the engine fell out, but unfortunately ESPN does not know where to place cameras, and no one has a good shot of it.

  5. Justin
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    I agree with Albert. Elliott Sadler’s Pocono crash should be on the list, since it is the hardest recorded crash in NASCAR history. But ESPN doesn’t know where to place cameras to catch good film of crashes, even if they aren’t the best drivers.


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