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  1. Steve
    Steve at |

    That disgusting excuse for a human being who ate someones lung, (it wasn`t a heart, it was a lung) is now six foot under.. And Obama and John insane McCain has said that these people “aren`t extremists.” Absolute insanity. And the fact the BBC gave this beast an interview, is unbelievable. What`s next-make a programme called Abu Sakkar-The Misunderstood Cannibal? Even Genghis Khan and Hitler were vegetarians.

    1. ash333
      ash333 at |

      The guy who he ate was dead.. Everyone else on this list was tortured in some way. Eating a dead guy is disgusting and not to be recommended but ten time more palatable than anything else on the list.. And suggesting he was worse than Hitler is just moronic

  2. Avid_Lister
    Avid_Lister at |

    Gross – how sick can humanity get??

  3. Jorma Kovanen
    Jorma Kovanen at |

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