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  1. Stick
    Stick at |

    For the one billionth time, Mary Magdalene was NOT a prostitute! Nowhere in the bible does it say that.

  2. James H
    James H at |

    Are these people kidding me? This is worse than those supposed Elvis sightings.

    Give me a break

  3. randy
    randy at |

    In south Africa you missed alot of them who by far surpasses Moses hlongwane and the rest of those you mention by having thousands and thousands of followers. Do investigate:
    1.Modise of IPHC(International Pentecostal of Holiness Church)
    2.Lekganyane brothers of Zion Christian Churches(two separate churches a star and a dove)
    3.Shembe (his followers mostly are based in kwazulu natal and also there are two groups)
    4.Dr. Prof Ceaser Nongqunca of TACC(twelve apostles church in Christ)
    you missed these

  4. michael munai
    michael munai at |

    Those guys doesen’t know what they’re talking about. Jesus Christ will never come in such a way. For example, when did Jesus became a murderer? That guy who wanted to assassinate president Obama, is actually insane. Jesus Christ never said we should kill our enemies. Infact he instructed us to love everyone, even our worst enemies. The Bible says that they’ll come and we should not believe them. Guys, don’t be deceived.

  5. Paul
    Paul at |

    Are you kidding me? How can you even have someone like Pastor Apollo C. Quiboloy in this list? He does not claim to be Jesus Christ reincarnated #1 he is and Appointed Son of God like the apostle were.

    The fact he has over 8 million followers should also tell you that he is not a fraud like all the others or some nut.

    Please remove him from your list.



  6. clara27
    clara27 at |

    That last comment is the funniest thing here!

  7. lily
    lily at |

    Yes. Funny but not funny—Christmas is coming and today, news about Quiboloy’s foundation already going around doing what they do…knock on doors handing out envelopes to do Caroling, play their rondalla, to pass a box around. Even big, legitimate businesses in the Philippines support them. They’re everywhere, in malls, in Catholic schools… People do not bother to check who the founder of this Children’s Joy foundation is…a self-proclaimed King with a Kingdom in the province. Yes…the 8 million do not know how religion is big business. I guess they do not mind his mansion, his kingdom, and how he preaches. Creepier still, elections are coming. More opportunities for him after Christmas…

  8. Paul Edwards
    Paul Edwards at |

    I wanted to present myself. I have been pursued by God for 35 years now & for the most part denied my true spirit. I am clair voyant, clair alienate, clair cognisant & clair sentient. I receive many political event information from God , having met him 4 times, once visually & three times in smell – he smells of beautiful incense, intensely sweet, but never sickly. I have met Satan twice – he stinkls of burning with a serious cigarette addiction. I have also observed the true imasge of Jesus Christ – he was a black arab because God has advised me as a father to a son that only Jesus Christ can see his own true self. I have also been advised that I was Mohammed the Prophet in the 6th century AD & his biography matches my own. When I said to God ‘ You must be kidding’ buit accepted the role God gavce me the memories of walking on water, ascednding into heaven on the day of resurrection as I floated above Caunucum & the moment of suffocation on the cross. I have intermittent contact with God because he gets bored – I suspect he has better things to do – I married Mary Magdelene when I was 23 & she was 15. I was born on 03 03 03 BC & died on 11th April 29AD. I have been advised I have healing hands but have never used them because I am intimidated by the worry of not healing when I should.
    Love to all true believers & I was born slightly anti semitic with a profound fear of heights after the rabble tried to throw me off a cliff when they refuted my sermon in Nazareth.

  9. Paul Edwards
    Paul Edwards at |

    I wanted to reveal that the shroud of Turin, is from a knight who passed over in the early ninth century. Apart from the fact that Jesus’s face was rounder, the shroud is still with his /my body on British soil. I was laid to rest ion Lourdes & protected by the descendants of Mary & Simon, but the adbvent of the 1st world war led to my remains being interred elsewhere.
    I like my previous life have endured attempts on my life & have had to learn to deal with abject misery. Suffering is good for the soul, but I like the pleasures of life.

  10. Paul Edwards
    Paul Edwards at |

    One last thing – I was – Jesus was a very attractive man with a facial appearance of a youthful 32 year old man – he looked like the transvestite from Austria who won the Eurovision song contest in 2014, but was ebony in skin pigment & had larger eyes with a mill pond stillness in dark brown. God asked me many years later – why was my depiction animated & the image of Jesus ( he actually calls me yesu) a still – this is because Jesus lives on earth again was his reply once I asked. He started to intimate I was Jesus but I declined the role.

  11. Shesakeeper
    Shesakeeper at |

    I’m still laughing…Granny Jesus. Oh my.


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