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  1. SJD at |

    Reddit is full of racists. And they all hate India for some reason. So of course the will accuse a missing Indian of being a terrorist.

  2. Dr. Matthew D. Zarzeczny, FINS at |

    Nice use of many sources!

    One of the many tragic aspects of the whole George Zimmerman-Trayvon Martin fiasco was that director Spike Lee decided to tweet Zimmerman’s home address (so, I guess people could harass him or worse?…), but instead POSTED THE WRONG ADDRESS!? Whether or not you are for or against George Zimmerman, I suspect we can all agree that random people of no relation to him should not be potentially threatened by people outraged over the whole situation because someone (Lee) decided to post bogus information about Zimmerman (i.e. someone else’s home address) without fact-checking. In fact, Lee ended up coming to a financial settlement with the people whose addresses he inaccurately tweeted. See

    Another wrongly accused group of people further harangued no thanks to the internet were the Duke Lacrosse players falsely accused of rape. See for more information.

  3. Rick at |

    That picture of Steve Rudderham doesn’t appear to be the right guy. In an odd twist your article has become number 11 on the list.

    1. Steve Rudderham at |

      Thanks Rick – definately NOT me!!!

  4. Iskandros at |

    It never ceases to amaze me how retarded people can be in large groups.

    1. Brian at |

      How is it retarded to believe what you hear on the news?

      1. Iskandros at |

        Are you kidding me? There have been so many reports of the news making stuff up and you can still ask that? In this time and age, the fact that people don’t posses the least amount of critical thinking or doubt is inexcusable. Apparently using their brain isn’t part of “freedom”.

  5. Srini at |

    You have updated the wrong picture of “The Dad Accused of Paedophilia” Please google …


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