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  1. 5minutes at |

    #8: “even encouraged Steven Spielberg to make the film about interdimensional beings instead of aliens, but Spielberg thought that wouldn’t be as interesting to audiences.”

    And then, nearly 30 years later, Spielberg would use interdimensional aliens to flush the Indiana Jones franchise down the toilet.

  2. Todd at |

    So this is a list about “people who claimed to be time travelers” and the #1 and #2 slot are occupied by people who only think it’s possible?

    Did you forget what the whole thing was about when you were researching it?

  3. umberto at |

    Well John Titor was wrong about a second civil war, seeing as that year was completely unevenful just like 2000-present (and possibly in the future being just as uneventful the way the worlds going now)

    1. umberto at |

      Scratch that, the only notable thing that happened in the 2000s (which was really bad for America btw) was 9/11. OH! and the ever so popular ipad which everyone is so happy about because, and i quote from some random hipster doofus i had the unfortunate pleasure to come across on the train, “the best technology mankind has ever made and will ever make” -___-

    2. Chris at |

      John Tior is a con artist he could charm the milk right of your coffee and if you were cought by his magic shame on you for believing in time travel, which is impossible.

  4. DailySkew at |

    List completely fell apart at the end, dude.

  5. skywatcher at |

    Re #1: The slowing of clocks was proven in the 50s with atomic clocks on airplanes. But thanks for letting us know it’s “possible.” Time will be unique to each reference-frame. I don’t think anyone regards this as a form of time travel.

    I don’t know if time travel really exists, but the possibility presents all kind of paradoxes. I think you could make an interesting list of those.

    1. redstick at |

      Time dilation is well-established; it is NOT “possible”, it is quite real, and, yes, we each move in our own individual space-time frame, because each of us moves at different velocities in different vectors.

  6. Zach Gillette at |

    Time travel is impossible, but slowing and speeding up perceived time is very possible. There is no way to travel to the past.

  7. Clyde M at |

    There’s a difference in “claiming to be a time traveler” as the headline says and merely “thinks time travel is possible” as the people on the latter half this list do. Stephen Hawking thinks such travel possible, but that’s a far cry from claiming to be a time traveler himself.

  8. chris at |

    The earth revolves around its self and the sun. if time travel were possible , how would one know which revolution of the planet to tune the dial to,not to visit noah’s flood. There are things that would get in the way, like buildings, people, cars, outer space, trees. water, etc. The earth is moving all the time. To travel through time would be a hit and (miss) problem, maybe time travel is possible at only one second at a time. Forward .

  9. Chris at |

    Space travel is also not possible, not even to the moon.

  10. Chris at |

    The moon walk was and still is the mother of all scams.

  11. No One at |

    You forgot about Andrew Basiago. Who knows. Maybe the article is too old, but he is currently the talk of the show when it comes to claims of time travel.

  12. Kris at |

    a person, has to be a clever liar to pretend to be a time traveller . Scientists are also clever that way, they teach that something is a fact and when they realise they are wrong, they say it was only a theory. Here is one to work on, the continental drift is a lie it never happened.


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