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  • heather

    great list – very inspiring!

    • princeabi


      C U BYE

      • raj shah

        i agree with you. What about “Dhirubhai ambani”?. From zero to hero.

  • Gyde

    I think Kurt Warner deserves to be on this list. He went from a grocery store clerk, to a bad European Leugue, and after all doubt, got into the NFL, and no on knew who he was. He comes out and is amazing. Leads the Rams to the super bowl. Then he does to again, but hits a super low point, and everyone counted him out, but he comes back to lead the Cardinals to the super bowl, 10 years after his first one.

  • MaulBear

    there's another list i read about the "top 8 BS 'rags to riches' stories" or something like that and JK Rowling was on it… it says she CHOSE to quit and live off of welfare in order to write the books, and wouldn't have been close to being considered poor (so 'rags' doesn't really fit does it?) if she just kept working.

    not that i don't give her props for being worth so much now, clearly that's a big step up

  • babita chopra

    amazing and very very inspiring stories!!!!thanks a million…..

    • dino

      really inspiring stories….. this makes me feel that when we are left with nothing, we still have hope…. and this very 4 letter word, takes you miles away from where you stand today to a place which is far beautiful and better…. HOPE is the key (sajnani.dinesh at gmail dot com)

  • Ayesha

    Wow, those are indeed such beautiful and inspiring stories. Real booster and food for thought.

  • Thes Quid

    Nice stories, but good grief, they read as if a 5th grader had written them.

    • Antonio

      I concur

    • Lamin

      Yeah seriously… grammar and spelling was horrible!

    • Crinkleduster

      True,I thought the very same like a not very creative 12 year old had written them, Little bit annoying.Not a whole lot of information either about any of them. Theres things left out.

      • Sara

        Why do some people just pick on the negative? are we here to correct grammar or how poor the story was written? How about a ”thank you for sharing” these inspiring stories. I could not care less on how it was written. To me they are inspiring and period.

  • I don't believe in friction or resistance. I believe everything moves smoothly like my body and stool.

  • The funny one was the one where Rockefella meets with a guy and then they own an oil well. ha ha.

    • Antonio

      Yeah I didn't get that one. How do you just go and open an oil company?


    John D. Rockefeller should be the number one. He literally went from not having a dime to his name to the richest man to ever live.

    • Rob

      My reply may be 5 years late, but actually Mansa Musa I of Mali was the richest man to have ever lived.

  • Luke

    Pretty interesting, though the captions are poorly worded.

  • hassan

    it is just fate which made them rich. no talent, no hardworking, no education is required. just good fate.

    • J


    • Antonio

      Ya you're probably right… They were just sitting at home juggling their nuts and papa Santa knocked on their door with a fat cheque.

  • ooooooooops

    what about bill gates? he was a very poor man in his youth and now he is world's richest person!

    • This is about rags to riches…there is a difference what you are saying.

      • verly

        rags to riches, could be possible now a days?

    • Not Anybody Special

      Bill Gates father was a lawyer and started a law firm way back when. I doubt Bill was roughing it.

    • I’m impressed you suhold think of something like that

  • These are great, inspiring stories. I think the real lesson is that you shouldn't look down on anybody because of their background. There are a lot of children in bad home situations who deserve a chance, and all of these people prove that.

    • True, true, Mr. McDonnell! I am someone with a very ‘checkered’ past and the very thought of society not accepting me kept me doing the wrong things for way too long. It wasn’t until I was 40 that I turned my life around and did better and became better. I always think that maybe if I came from a better family, I would have excelled in life much sooner, but really, who knows, eh? If you ever feel inclined, you can read my story Beautiful Buttons: A Memoir of Survival and Triumph sometime. Thank you! Cathrine Ann

  • A great read and my inspiration.

  • What about Manny Pacquiao the one of the World's Greatest Boxer.

  • Hello: Although I am not an Oprah type of success story, I did change my life around from being homeless, unemployed and broke into becoming a successful entrepreneur, inspirational speaker, author and millionaire. ‘Beautiful Buttons: A Memoir of Survival and Triumph’ is my newly published book and I hope you read it if you are interested in a true rags to riches story. Dream it. Believe it. Be it!

  • R J Sutton

    How can anybody consider a person who abuses his family, alcohol and drugs to be a success? Ozzy has gifts, talents and abilities, but is really an under achiever. He could do much more for himself as well as others. Making a lot of money doesn’t equal success: integrity and contribution are better measures.

  • Vishal

    I think good inspiring stories…….but Nik Halik should had been included…….he is a real achiever…….read his book “The Thrillionaire”.

  • Konyo

    MANNY PACQUIAO..worse than poor – born hungry, his is an amazing story from poverty to he is giving back to his people..the country stops to watch him box..even the criminals stop their antics – zero crime rate when he’s on t.v..

  • Laura Light

    That’s not Opra’s Body, her wrists, and legs/hands are too light, and she’s never been like the 110lbs shown in the photoshopped photo!

  • Sreenivas

    Success in lIfe is all about expansion of mind. No backgroud, no race, no color, no matter wherever we are in the narrow-dark streets where The Sun hardly reach out; matter the strength of mind towards the peak height where The Sun rays touch you the first!…They proved in practical. Thank you millions times for inspiring stories.

  • roy

    just great.but i think that andrew carnegie is the greatest of them all.not only because of where he came from,but his mindset of giving back.definitely greatest business ever lived.

  • ragsee riches can do better then all of you respected riches

  • Joe007

    I love the story of Andrew Carnegie

  • Erica Polaris

    I absolutely love reading about rags to riches stories. Thank you for sharing this list. I think the message here is that we can all achieve great things if through adversity we work hard, stay positive and BELIEVE!

  • ohno

    good listing.
    bad writing.
    prufe reed pleeze.

  • amit kumar

    dear webmasters
    i am happy to read the success stories of some great challengers who have steered through the pattern of obstacles in their lives. i am so influenced by the contents that i am going to include them in my book ” Be Positive”.
    I will ,therefore, be very grateful if you permit me to use the extract in my book.
    looking forward to your early reply.

  • What a wonderfully inspiring list! Definitely a good reminder of what you can achieve if only you put your mind to it.