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  1. Litivious Spartus
    Litivious Spartus at |

    What about Democratitis or libralitise? those are the worse diseases especially combined!

  2. person idiom
    person idiom at |

    oooohhh ggaawwwddd!!!

  3. leanna Allen
    leanna Allen at |

    amen GOD plzzz guide n protect

  4. Charlie
    Charlie at |

    What about RAHHAD only 15 cases have been reported

  5. Jessica sarmiento
    Jessica sarmiento at |

    What about Sneddon Wilkinsons disease. It’s like pemphagus but even fewer of us. Smh 5 of us want to be recognized!

  6. FMH
    FMH at |

    Almost every resonable medical professional is convinced that Morgellons isn’t a real condition. On the other hand there is a lot of proof that it is. And what does this proof say: It’s a virus, it’s a parasite, it’s caused by toxins, it’s caused by GMO, it’s caused by flouride and it’s a government conspiracy.
    Yes, that sounds very reasonable.

  7. Cassidy
    Cassidy at |

    If you’re curious about rare diseases, try researching micropsia, or Alice in Wonderland syndrome.

  8. Anonymous
    Anonymous at |

    small pox is very interesting. I might do it for a project

  9. Karen Medeiros
    Karen Medeiros at |

    I was diagnosed with Bow Hunter’s Disease in 2013 and was told it was very rare and that only approx. 40 people in the world have so I was wondering if it was true and if so why isn’t it on your list.
    Thank you,
    Karen Medeirs

  10. Nancy Bosco
    Nancy Bosco at |

    another rare disease : Morgagni Syndrome

  11. asdf
    asdf at |

    Nice list. Just thought I’d let you know Morgellons isn’t officially recognized as a disease and is believed to be, more likely than not, delusions by those claiming to suffer it. Those with Morgellons claim to find fibers in sores and whatnot and there is no medical truth to any of those claims.


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