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  • I contracted itchy skin parasites in the mid 90’s. The itching, biting, skin eruptions, rashes nearly ruined my life. Fortunately I discovered a diet that I named the King Diet that made life bearable. I published it on the internet and found many other sufferers benefited from the diet as well. In the early part of the new century several words were being thrown about to diagnose what we had. The words were:
    Spring Tails
    Strongyloides stercoralis
    Some sufferers claimed that there was no such thing as Morgellons and that we all suffered from Strongyloides stercoralis (a rare nematode).
    Many doctors told us that we suffered from folie a deux (that it was all in our heads if two of us in the same family had it). Ah, but if they could have experienced the hell of the relentless itching and biting for just ten minutes they never would have been so ignorant.
    Through communication with hundreds of sufferers I came to realize that while some symptoms are the same for everyone, there are distinct symptoms for each parasite and that we are indeed dealing with three distinct types of skin parasites:
    Collembola–also known as spring tails
    Strongyloides stercoralis
    The only one that can be diagnosed is Strongyloides stercoralis with a serum blood test. Personally I had both collembola and Strongyloides stercoralis and am one of the first to sucessfully get my life back to normal again.
    I published my first book titled, Soothing the Itch Within and the Diet to Control It in 2006. It’s been updated and republished in 2012 as How to Get Your Life Back From Morgellons and Other Skin Parasites.
    The book covers in detail how to tell the difference between each parasite from one’s symptoms. It provides information you’d hope to get from your doctor, but he doesn’t know—information on how to inexpensively disinfect your surroundings and how to bath. The book provides the three stages of the King Diet which goes by no theory. It researches the doctors who work with Morgellons and their theories, but more importantly the book gives you a,b,c directions on how to take your life back and get normal again using just a few relatively inexpensive agro enzymes, nutrients, skin cream, and an important medication.
    And oh, yes, if you want to know the rifing frequencies (not that you’ll need them) they are also in the book. For the most comprehensive book on the subject of Morgellons and other skin parasites, go to or google the title.

  • muscle syndrome

    dont forget Glassmacher Syndrome, a muscle disorder that only two people in the world have-my cousins

  • Tim Schmidt

    Excellent post, Sean.

    As a Patient Advocate involved in rare diseases, I very much appreciate posts like this. If thereâ??s anything I can do to help, please do hesitate to get in touch.

    I certainly like making new connections

    I applaud your stance!!



  • Sattwik Patra

    I think EPIDERMODYSPLASIA VERRUCIFORMIS is another rare disease in which a person starts looking like a tree.

  • Ryan Oboryshko

    What about Foreign Accent Syndrome?

  • asdf

    Nice list. Just thought I’d let you know Morgellons isn’t officially recognized as a disease and is believed to be, more likely than not, delusions by those claiming to suffer it. Those with Morgellons claim to find fibers in sores and whatnot and there is no medical truth to any of those claims.

  • Nancy Bosco

    another rare disease : Morgagni Syndrome

  • Karen Medeiros

    I was diagnosed with Bow Hunter’s Disease in 2013 and was told it was very rare and that only approx. 40 people in the world have so I was wondering if it was true and if so why isn’t it on your list.
    Thank you,
    Karen Medeirs

  • Anonymous

    small pox is very interesting. I might do it for a project

  • Cassidy

    If you’re curious about rare diseases, try researching micropsia, or Alice in Wonderland syndrome.

  • FMH

    Almost every resonable medical professional is convinced that Morgellons isn’t a real condition. On the other hand there is a lot of proof that it is. And what does this proof say: It’s a virus, it’s a parasite, it’s caused by toxins, it’s caused by GMO, it’s caused by flouride and it’s a government conspiracy.
    Yes, that sounds very reasonable.

  • Jessica sarmiento

    What about Sneddon Wilkinsons disease. It’s like pemphagus but even fewer of us. Smh 5 of us want to be recognized!

  • Charlie

    What about RAHHAD only 15 cases have been reported

  • leanna Allen

    amen GOD plzzz guide n protect