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  • Inga

    I despise redheads, because they are mean for no reason at all. They use brunettes as “friends” to hang out with, just because they want to be noticed.I never saw a ginger, hang around with another ginger. Why is that? I had a redhead boyfriend, and he was an awful person . he hated other people and other people hated him in return. I was so glad to break up with him.I will never date another redhead/ginger again. I am glad, there is only2% left. They are devils.If a blonde marries another blonde or a blonde marries a brunette, maybe this will stamp out the redhead gene. I am a blonde and Viking/Irish combination, And will only date blonde or brunette men. They are a nicer sexier type of man.

    • CBomb

      Yep, one of the dumbest comments I’ve ever read on here. I hope you know, your Irish heritage almost assures you have the recessive red hair gene in your DNA. The rampant racism comes from deeper within though.

      I am brunette with ginger undertones. I like… people… cause people, no matter color (skin or hair) are amazing and interesting things. Morons however, that’s a gene we need to ‘stomp’ out because they are starting to take over, and as the statement goes, “Beware of stupid people in great numbers.”

    • Uhuh

      The red-head gene’s recessive honey so you’ll marry your perfect blonde hubby, have a perfect blonde child and then BOOM ginger grand babies. We’re like cockroaches, WE WILL NEVER DIE!!

    • D

      Don’t worry Inga, we have no interest in you at all, you seem like a gross person. Your old boyfriend was probably angry he couldn’t get a hot nice girl who was a decent person, and had to settle for you.

    • Clarke

      If people were nicer in general to redheads they would be nice back, Irish gene… Good luck with that I hope you have ginger babies lol maybe then you will understand why your ex hated people

  • Inga

    sorry about what i said about the 2%.That was mean. Redheads are o.k. My ex-boyfriend was not

    • D

      You said it, stand by it Inga. You too should watch “born free” by MIA, you’ll love it. You’re a mean hateful racist person, stand by it.

  • Bill

    I’m ginger, I have resistance to pain and anger issues, so yeah. COME AT ME BRO!!!

  • Darius

    Well I’m a ginger and I don’t remember ever using any sunscreen . But I do believe if the end of the world were to come we’ll be the 2 % surviving

  • Ambrose

    I agree you redheads are smoking hot. And I even love a few and their children. But I’m the rule and you the exception. Fight your annihilation for as long as possible. When the sun heats up we darker races will do what we’ve always done…create more culture to be stolen when your genes are extracted again. Phoenix crass witches… Adopted children, hns and Neanderthals have been mixing forever. Let my original strain duke it out with yours in the bedroom. Come let’s be civilized andw can make it oh so quick. No hate, just love and peaceful reintegration. Annihilate us all and survive only to become exactly what we are and carry around memory of your deeds against your mothes and fathers, while we reincarnate in your children knowing what you did.

  • mikewisesux

    My ex bf was a redhead til he went bald and grey. He’s a narcissistic sociopath. His daughter has red hair and she’s always been promiscuous. She has a readheaded daughter and the child is mean and out of control, throwing things in the toilet, knocking over the garbage can, etc. All 3 of them were juvenile delinquent, misbehaved, monster children. Sadly each generation has gotten progressively worse. They are the definition of evil redheads

    • D

      Oh, and go watch the video by artist MIA called “born free”, you’ll love it. Maybe you can be like one of the cops in the video some day.

    • Clarke

      theres a blonde woman with a family of four blonde kids who she doesn’t feed when her youngest was 2 he would be sat in a push chair in his own filth for hours as she gambled. They have been taken off her. Bad blonde. Her eldest son is in prison. The other two boys do nothing but drugs and her little blonde girl is a hooker… Must be because they are blonde. My brother is also blonde and went to prison for theft. Also because he is blonde. And just to get my point across.. My elderly uncle was robbed last Christmas and when they caught the guy he was blonde… No probs with them gingers tho.

  • FunnyTrickster

    I don’t know why, but I’ve suddenly had the urge to want a girlfriend who’s ginger.

    And I want ginger kids

    I’m not ginger myself however

  • Omar

    I like ginger chicks but I also like my mexican-american chicks.

  • fasewfaewfewaq

    This is one funeee article! I like your sense of humour! 🙂 Really don’t understand why ginger abuse would have exist. Gingers are beautiful and unique. People who hate gingers probaly hate them out of jealousy.

  • Penguin

    Orange hair is best hair. Even though as a young kid, I wanted blonde hair/blue eyes, in 2nd grade i had a crush on a red head boy, and then i forgot about my liking redheads until early this year. But I love accents, specifically Scottish/English ones, followed by German ones. and Gingers are soooo adorable as kids/ attractive as adults.

    Granted if i am ever with someone, I’d prefer a nice personality over a nice appearance.

    I don’t understand why people wouldn’t like redheads.. maybe xenophobia? who cares, they are hot to me :))

  • Asuigeneris1

    I was born a redhead, then my hair turned towhead…as I got older, it became darker blond underneath. Now it is several colors, all natural…I call it “ish” colored, reddish, blondish, brownish. Flaky hair, for a flighty girl. LOL

  • Lawrence

    Gingers are the most alluring women. I don’t know why I’m so incredibly attracted to them. I myself am dark haired and of Italian ancestry and have always dated women of Irish ancestry. My XGF is a natural Ginger and was some of the best sex I’ve ever had. She was half Italian half German so that increased the edginess she has. On top of that she’s an Aquarius / Pisces and I’m a Leo which is a freaky combo in the bedroom and all the other places we had in mind. 2 previous girls that I’ve dated were Gingers one Scorpio and one was Aries. Both were fun relationships that grew me as a man. This last one however has been a tumultuous roller coaster and has stretched my limitations and shown me my weaknesses and some odd strengths that become incredibly useful when dealing with this much craziness. I have to admit I enjoyed the challenges of this fire tempered ginger. She still says she likes my crazy and we talk often. I think the Gingers have me hooked.