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  • 277Volt

    Obligatory nit picker here.

    For #9

    The only advantage the Me 262 had over existing piston driven fighters was speed. The 262’s maneuverability and fuel consumption was markedly inferior. Because of their thirsty Jumo 004’s the 262’s had a short operational range and the majority of 262’s shot down by allied aircraft were those trying to land because their fuel ran out so quickly and they were sitting ducks. The Allied fighters that shot them down had flown all the way from England, had fuel to fight the good fight and still had enough fuel to return to England. The 262 was was a marvel but not marvel enough to beat the best Allied piston fighters on all counts. Perhaps if Hitler had seen the fighter potential immediately the Germans may have been able to advance their jet technology to the point that the 262 could have competed more favorably on fuel consumption, maneuverability and acceleration.

    Also as far as German piston driven aircraft the Me-109 (although aged) and especially the Fw-190 weren’t crap. The Fw-190 was an especially feared aircraft towards the end of the war and its biggest shortcoming was the lack of experienced pilots at the end.


    You stated Hitler’s micromanaging helped exactly no one when it actually fundamentally benefited the Allies. Every mistake he made was a boon to the Allied campaign.

    Other than my couple of nitpicks this is without a doubt the best list pertaining to the Second World War I’ve ever read. I read several list sites daily and this is the first list I’ve ever responded to and it’s in large part because it is an outstanding and very factual one. Kudos to the author.

    • Stuart

      I agree. Fantastic list. Well written and well researched.

      And the scissors beat paper picture really tickled me.

    • Clive

      I find it funny he ended with “what a maroon. ”
      That’s quite a moronic spelling error.

      • That was purposeful. Bugs Bunny used to say that incorrectly as well. I guess the humor was lost on you.

        • Clive

          Seriously there’s no need to be a douchebag to everyone who doesn’t like your lists. I get that you can’t always be perfect but take some criticism and stop being a baby.

          • So I’m a douchebag baby? That is quite the combo. Not sure what I wrote that so offended you. But the visual of a douchebag baby is hilarious.

            • Clive

              I like how you turned my insult into a joke. I withdraw what I said on the grounds that you will probably do the same thing again. Thanks for blowing the intensity of the situation.

            • Clive, so I offended you by not taking offense to your (unfounded) insult? I can’t win – people are upset with I argue and when I don’t. And you accuse me of blowing the “intensity of the situation?” I’m not sure what intensity you perceived, but I think you “blew” that when you called me a “douchebag baby,” don’t you?

          • Daniel

            You’re a little slow,it’s ok bro, we can’t all be smart.

          • 5minutes

            Stop being a maroon and just enjoy the site.

        • rudy!

          no one these days no how to take a joke!! exspecialy if its about them and not someone else..

  • Jonathan Reiter

    The doodle bugs(V1) and its bigger relative the V2 weren’t anything to sneeze at either…
    They could have been developed into something to really be afraid of, but because of the psychotic goof in charge, weren’t. Pride goes before the hardest falls, it seems.

    • redstick

      The V-1, essentially a pilot-less, ram-jet equipped airplane, was possible to be shot down. the V-2 was a true ballistic missile. It’s high speed and high attack angle made shooting it down a hopeless task. As the article indicates. the guidance was not good enough; the Germans were essentially just lobbing them across the Channel

      • Jonathan Reiter

        Yes, I said that…

        • redstick

          I’m sorry, I don’t see where. Not that it matters. The point is, that while the article seems to lump the two v-type weapons into one, and of course they weren’t. The V-1’s were vulnerable, the V -2’s simply weren’t. The only successful countermeasures were to (1) bomb the launch sites, and (2) ‘leak’ false intelligence that the rockets had overshot their targets As the war progressed, German accuracy improved; the damage from a v-2 was devastating, and some 3000-4000 Britons were killed.

          • Jonathan Reiter

            Okay, I’ll give you that one. I will agree that the V-1’s were vulnerable to detection and being shot down: the V-2’s simply weren’t…

  • Jon

    A good article but couldn’t read this without feeling insulted by your use of England to decribe the British forces, it was called the Battle of Britain for a reason.

  • Rache of Cyberia

    And the advert says that language professors hate him as well!

  • LookitThis

    ^ Best laugh in weeks!!

  • berick

    I’ve been reading quite a bit about Hitler’s (and his associates) decisions and would like to add another here: his obsession with eradicating the Jews of Europe. Not only evil, but stupid as well. Many resources were committed to the Holocaust instead of to war efforts. For example, during the Russian campaign, trains that could have moved materiel to the front were busy shipping Jews to concentration camps. An idiotic monster.

    • Crazzy Serbs

      History is written by the victors!
      If he is an idiot because “his obsession with eradicating the Jews of Europe”, how to call people that eradicate Indians (Native Americans)?
      Or people who eradicate Incas?
      P.S.-Calling someone idiot is inappropriate slang for content of this list or medical diagnosis (Hitler didn’t have an IQ below 30).

      • The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines idiot as:
        1: a person affected with extreme mental retardation
        2: a foolish or stupid person

        I think Hitler could easily be defined as a foolish person.

        And since the definition of idiot includes the word stupid, we can find that stupid is defined as: given to unintelligent decisions or acts : acting in an unintelligent or careless manner

        This also describes Hitler’s actions. So this title is correct.

      • Kapilbs

        How about the Native Americans that eradicated the other Native Americans as well as the Incas before the Europeans arrived.

  • berick

    Another point: Hitler’s insistence and policy of treating all conquered people who weren’t “Germanic” as subhuman. For instance, on the Russian front, many locals had bad experiences with the Soviet government and were ready to work with, maybe even fight for, or at least tolerate the German invaders. They soon learned, however, that the relatively good treatment remembered from the WWI Germans was long gone. Every crime including murder turned them against the Germans quickly. And when the same awful treatment was extended to the millions of Russian prisoners, and word got back to the Russian armies, the Germans were faced with vicious partisans and Russian soldiers who would fight fanatically, knowing any loss would be unthinkable.

  • Rark

    Hitler wasn`t an idiot. He was crazy. Their`s a difference..

  • Bin eidan

    Hitler is crazy not an idiot.He is evil but you have to give it to him he is smart and saved his country from France and England from taxes at that time

  • jennifer stewart

    my mom was born on his birthday and since then she’s celebrated it but i just think it’s creepy maybe that’s me bye

  • Rambo

    If Hitler was such an idiot, then why are there endless programmes, and books wrote about him? You don`t write books about an idiot. I mean, the History Channel is sometimes called “The Hitler channel,” because it shows that many programmes about him. Only Henry VIII has probably more programmes made about him. I mean, we all know Hitler was off his rocker and Henry VIII was a fat womaniser. Why not make programmes about Stalin and King John instead?

  • Krolik

    Well thats one point of view… after all his generals claimed, that Wermacht is unprepared for the war with Poland, and then Belgium, Netherland and France and they were wrong… Hitler didn’t listen to them and won. Fight to the last man tactic also had it’s reasons, just look how the same tactic work with the Red Army. It is only a hipotetical question if Wermacht would be as efficient if were allowed to retreat. Anyway IMO it’s a way too complicated issue then you show it:)

  • auto devis

    Isn’t it a good he made mistakes other wise this site would be in German lol

  • Odin

    Great list, but one thing, the Germans are not aryans that is Norwegians and Sweds.

    • Jonathan Reiter

      I read somewhere “Aryan” was a Sanskrit and it was thought to mean “Noble” or Princelike…
      The Nazis were neither noble nor princes…

      • Arvind

        Correct. It was a term used to describe men with noble character and spiritual qualities.

  • Bill Bo

    Uncle Joe Stalin was not anywhere near the filmable, high budget propaganda rock stars that hitler & his nazi metrosexuals were.. Gotta hand to the nazi’s, whoever was in charge of wardrobe & propaganda aesthetics were spot on.. I’m mean jeez, how many F’n elaborately adorned parade daggers does an army need.. Still über collectible.. & don’t get me started on nazi china & stem ware. Still loony toon nut cases, but nazi parade rally beats anything Russian choreographically speaking any day of the week

    • Nocny

      Guess who made the uniforms for the Nazi’s? Hugo Boss…

  • Sasa

    Ha! The Russia one is good. But doesn’t that kind of go for all rulers? Never invade Russia in the winter…..

  • steve

    You know, I don`t get that. Hitler as we all know was one of the most ruthless people who ever lived. So, why the hell didn`t he fire Goering? Hitler hated failure, and he still kept that fat idiot around? it`s like in transformers, where for some reason, Megatron kept Starscream as second in command, even he was a total moron.

  • Jean Forgeron

    Hitler was an idiot through and through, and even politically so, as it hardly took intelligence to become the demagogue that the German masses were so obviously aching for — just someone who was sick enough to exploit the situation. Besides, he was heavily supported by that other confused moron, Goebbels, who had to attend no less than five different universities just to obtain a humanities degree, allowing the worst of philosophy to rot his brain along the way. We’re talking “dumber than dumb” here but rare, unfortunate circumstances that made for success anyway à la talebian “Fooled by Randomness”.

  • Jon

    I really enjoyed reading this. I have been studying the Nazis and the Holocaust and about “the people who defied Hitler” for quite some time now and have even visited a lot of the places involved to gain a better understanding. The reason I started doing so was because like a lot of people, it dumbfounds me not so much how people like this can gain control but how they gain such wide support.
    When you get right into it, Hitler was a complete failure at almost everything he ever did. School, Art, Women, military tactics, authoring, the list goes on and if not actually being German wasn’t bad enough, he was almost certainly of Jewish bloodline. The Nazi leaders he surrounded himself with were of a similar calibre, all of them failures and bullies with a very warped sense of reality.
    Am I any closer to understanding how they gained such tremendous support? No, I must admit that no matter how many times I listen to their speeches, I can’t see past how ridiculous they sound. They contain no reason nor sanity and more than a hint of propaganda and pure evil. Yet thunderous, fanatical applause abounds all the same. I’m just glad that a small percentage of the German population did see through all the BS and risked everything to try to stop it.
    Hitler’s only talent was that he had a knack for reading people and what they craved the most even though he had no idea how to provide it. Mostly, even today, that’s all a politician needs.

    Love the “Scissors, paper ” picture !

    • Simon Oz

      Very impressive and informative list David Clark. I’m sorry you had to deal with idiot Clive but it added to the entertainment.
      To Jon, nice perspective and all the best for your further studies.
      Scissors/paper picture is perfect, indeed.

  • Marcus Oblivious

    Don’t forget the lack of German Aircraft Carriers… Smart move not to include the most lethal weapon going.

  • Barry Udoff

    Good list. Clueless Clive. Triparite treaty in affect only in cases where member was attacked so Germany was no bound to declare war on US after Pearl Harbor.

  • German AircaftCarriers

    with all the U boats, missiles etc did they really need them….

  • nbwriter

    Thanks to David Clark for writing this fascinating list. I don’t know if Nazi Germany is on the curriculum in schools, it’s been a long time since I attended. Personally, I think every student of history should study the differences between a professional soldier like Rommel, and a dangerous meglomaniac like Hitler. Rommel refused to commit war crimes in the way the SS did. This eventually cost him his life.

    We have to understand that the SS was Hitler’s private, powerful militia and a kind of police force. It was a branch of the SS that ran the extermination camps. Rommel was never part of this. We can thank our lucky stars, Hitler was too arrogant to listen carefully to soldiers as gifted as Rommel. If he had, the Allied forces may have made fewer gains during WW2. In fact, the Allies tried to assassinate Rommel twice without success. For any students or researchers who feel inclined, I’d highly recommend watching “Desert Fox: Story Of Rommel” 1951 feature film (based on an allied commander’s indepth research) and “The Rommel Papers” that include Rommel’s personal notes on his campaigns and career.

  • J. Clay

    Adolf Hitler was not an idiot. He was a smart man that used his intelligence, knowledge, wisdom and understanding to do evil things. He was an evil genius… The real idiots are those who think that people like Adolf Hitler and others like Joseph Stalin and Mao Zedong are idiots. These people are monsters, murderous killing machines, you morons! Destroyers of worlds!! And yet you dumb asses still think they are the idiots!!! Not me, I think they are evil geniuses!!!!

    • nbwriter

      One can argue (as J Clay does) that Hitler was an “evil genius”. But this belief must be tempered by the facts. Hitler’s policy of “no surrender”, fighting a war on two fronts (East and West) and taking Stalingrad at any cost was disasterous for the German army. 850,000 German and Axis troops were lost and injured at the conclusion of Stalingrad. Hitler’s 6th Army was totally surrounded by the Soviets, leading to a decisive Soviet victory. Effectively, Hitler’s decision to push the entire 6th Army forward lost him the war on the Eastern Front. This kind of military lunacy cannot be described as the work of a “genius”. But it can easily be described as “evil”. After the Eastern Front fell to the Soviets, high-ranking German generals and officers realised Hitler was prepared to slaughter complete armies, leading to the decision that Hitler must be assassinated to save Germany.

  • Allan Ritchie

    I dont think Hitler was stupid he was just filled with destructive forces over which he had no control of and these in the end affected the Germans themselves ven more then even the jews

  • Edmund

    Don’t know who David Clark is,but he should do a bit more research before going on a rant.He mentions the brilliant Rundstedt,when it was in fact Manstein.It was he pushed for the offensive to be put back,as it was to close to winter.The plan came originally from Hitler.Not sure what a maroon is,a colour maybe.Oh and he can’t spell Caucasus.