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  • Drac

    Some good items on here, but you left out one of the best: Security. When the economy is bad, people are more willing to steal, and the need for security increases. It’s one of the few fields that actually improves when times are tough.

  • HMS Awesome

    You missed out undertaker/funeral director

    • FMH

      Because it’s actually not recession proof as such. While people always die, there are generally too many funeral homes that have to fight over the deceased. (yeah, the picture of a flok of vultures comes to mind). If the economy gets bad, people will pay less for funerals and some funeral homes go bankrupt.
      I live in Germany, the funeral market here is clogged with competitors. A year ago there have been some murders among them and ten years back there was some kind of mafia-like funeral gang who really tried that horse head trick from “The Godfather”

  • Batman666

    Where is porn?

    That market is recession-proof if anything.

  • 5minutes

    Porn’s not really as recession-proof as it used to be, mostly because people aren’t buying porn anymore: they’re getting it for free on the Internet.

    What people are buying that’s not on the list: alcohol. Beer has been a traditional safe haven for recession profits for decades.

  • Fred Richards

    It’s funny that tattoo is on the list. I just talked to a parlor owner who shut down because of the recession. Maybe he had other problems?

    • FMH

      Nah. If the economy is bad, people pay less for luxury. Tattoos are kind of luxury.

      • Fred Richards

        That’s what I think too. So why’s it on the list?

        • FMH

          Well, I ask myself the same about restoration (luxury), freelance (depends on business, but freelance workers are always the first who fail to get hired when economy is down) and movies.

  • Dennis

    I disagree with “movies”–Movies are actually taking a hit right now–NetFlix put Blockbuster out of business but I believe they’re headed for the boneyard as well.

  • darkknight9761

    Having worked in the food service industry for 30 plus years, I can vouch for the validity of the fact that if you have experience, ‘professional experience’ in cooking, you can always find a job. It’s called ‘a trade’.

  • Moonway

    How about medicine? People continue to get sick, even moreso when times are tough and stress is high as during recession times. One caveat would be those who lose their jobs and medical benefits who then cannot afford to seek medical attention.

    • I find it interesting that you, seemingly from Canada based on your email address, would point out the fact about medical benefits would be lost if you lost your job. 😉

  • Ashraf

    If the economy is less then why should people pay for luxury?

  • TriviaFan

    What about a barber or beauty salon?

    Regardless of economy people still have to cut and style their hair and look good, right? Might even be for looking decent for a job interview.

  • johnnycanuck

    Personal Sanitary products are recession proof. We will always use toothpaste, toliet paper and women will always need…well you know…

  • Dennis

    Well,that’s right–When the pioneers crossed the high Sierras in their wagons they made sure they had a ggod supply of Pepsodent, Northern Tissue and Tampons.

  • You forgot barber, mailman, doctor/nurse.

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