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  • scott kennedy

    fear2 and 3 should be on this list!

    • Dilerio

      Are they like F.E.A.R Perseus Mandate or better!!

  • Aryan

    Amnesia – The Dark Descent is the scariest game I have ever played. It should have been on the No.1 spot with Silent Hills 2.

  • Ron

    RE 4 had some scary moments, the part where you play as Ashley and you can’t attack for instance. Also the sack-head chainsaw man and the chainsaw wielding Bela Sisters (their blood curdling screams could freeze my piss).
    Alone in the dark the new nightmare for ps1 was a really creepy game as well, that old blind lady in the bed gave me the heebie jeebies.
    Silent Hill 2 had a truly creepy storyline. Watching the video in the hotel room sent a shiver down my spine. The parts with the suicidal lady Angela? are very sad and creepy too.

  • Shinigami

    Alan Wake should be on here. It was scary, had really good atmosphere, and a great story.

  • Gamexpert10099

    Punembra Nightmares is the scariest,it could scare you to death!Really!Don’t play it! It once scared a
    35 years old man!

  • Gamexpert10099

    Punembra Nightmares could scare people to death of any age.

  • Adam

    I stopped agreeing with this article by the time I saw Amnesia at #2. The game’s an overrated borefest.

  • Forstrom

    SH2 is an awesome choice for #1. Too bad they’ve ruined Silent Hill series with the new games..
    I’d choose Siren 1&2 over Blood Curse. Yes, the gameplay is harder, but the atmosphere and story is out of this world.


    Amnesia: The Dark Descent is the scariest game I’ve ever played, hands down. That game scares the living shit out of me every time. Resident Evil 2 is definitely a commendable choice for number 1 though.

  • Sarah

    Pesidilo is super scary, waaay scarier than the rest

  • Potato

    Honestly, Amnesia (the whole series) and Sanitarium are the scariest games ever. By far.

  • Potato

    Seriously. I am not lying. Everyone should try them.

  • Potato

    OMG Alan Wake scared me SO much, though. That should also be on the list.

  • James

    Love outlast. Silent Hill 2, Fatal Frame.

  • Aaliyah houston

    I think fnaf 4 is the creepiest game on no.5 look up nightmare characters.