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  1. tom
    tom at |

    To clear up number 1.
    Atoms are broken into protons, neutrons, and electrons, of which protons and neutrons can be broken into quarks. Gluons are what hold the protons and neutrons together via the strong nuclear force. As far as we know now, quarks cannot be broken down into substituent parts.

  2. The Riddler
    The Riddler at |

    A well compiled, fascinating list. Good form.

  3. Steve
    Steve at |

    Okay, could you substantiate that reference to religious people? I am not aware of anyone who thought the “God particle” was actually, you know, God. Or are you just baiting?

    1. tim
      tim at |

      no its true. its the equivalent of people who come to this site and read only the title of the list before making unsubstantiated comments that have nothing to do with what was actually said in the list. people heard the headline, didn’t look into it AT ALL and thought it had something to do with proof of god. it wasn’t news long becasue it takes all of 2 seconds of actual reading to realize thats not what happened.

      1. Steve
        Steve at |

        That’s….really stupid. Thankfully there were people to correct them, eh?


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