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  1. Garfield
    Garfield at |

    Really good list and very very funny!!!

    1. k biesen
      k biesen at |

      hummingbirds are also very territorial and will use their rapier like beaks to STAB each other TO DEATH!

      1. TopTenz Master
        TopTenz Master at |

        Hummingbirds may be badass, but this praying mantis catches a humming bird. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uWqTZErviJ

        Anyone interested in seeing the top 10 unbelievable victims of the praying mantis, besides me?

        1. Zaknven
          Zaknven at |

          I’d love to see that list!

        2. k biesen
          k biesen at |

          I’d definitely like to see that. great idea for a list!

  2. FMH
    FMH at |

    Nice list. Maybe you should have mentioned that nutria actually taste quite good.

  3. glen
    glen at |

    You guys missed out the Honey Badger, surely the toughest little badass beast to walk the earth…..Period !.Go check them out on You Tube.

  4. Jezzika
    Jezzika at |

    Wooo 3 Aussie mentions!! The land of badass animals Yes!! Haha =]

  5. gkgkg
    gkgkg at |

    what about the honey badger!!!!

  6. Sue
    Sue at |

    As an Aussie I feel that it should be mentioned that Koalas (not a member of the bear family) and Wombats also bite. Wombats can also kill cars – you hit one on the road, you might kill it, but it will take your car with it.

    Don’t get me started on the 800 known species of reptiles… Or the spiders…ick.

  7. Nigel
    Nigel at |

    A little fact checking – Wombats do not kick worth a darn, their legs are too short.
    Across the wombat’s bum is a plate of cartilage, which it can use as a plug to block the passage to its den. If you were a dingo and the wombat felt it was perhaps going to be dug out, it will flatten its back end to the floor leaving a gap between its bum and the roof. Dingo head goes in to bite, wombat bum heaves upward pushed by those rather short but incredible powerful legs. Dingo dies of crushed head. I know of a researcher who had his hand crushed in exactly this way through not being quick enough when trying to recover a juvenile animal from its burrow in a wildlife park.

  8. Holy mocks god created this for us
    Holy mocks god created this for us at |

    The Cassowary is my favorite of all. Beside from having the leg of a dinosaur “Yes prehistoric dinosaur leg” its attitude is priceless. Maybe a good reason it did not go extinct. This bird is more than a wolverine cause it could out swim you Beside being a bird. I just hope this happen to a Poacher, to teach them a lesson (bird watching is better than poaching) nya hahhahaha!!!!! =D =D :’-)

  9. Gyn
    Gyn at |

    You forget to mention one of the most aggressive animal on the planet: the wolverine.
    He fight and win against much bigger wolfes. Wolverine max 18 kg, wolf max 70 kg.

    1. CBomb
      CBomb at |

      But… it’s not a ‘Secretly” badass animal.


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