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  • Myself

    Ricky Nelson as well.

  • Jessica

    Marlon Brando? Audrey Hepburn?

  • I am a huge Audrey Hepburn fan, but I am not sure if "sex symbol" is a decent definition for her. I think she is possibly the most beautiful woman to have ever worked in Hollywood but I don't find her as outright sexual as say Racquel Welch.

    But yeah, I was a bit surprised Brando was not on the list and Newman was. Still, a great list.

    • I totally agree with you about Audrey Hepburn. Beauty defined in a human being, but not a sex symbol. Same for Grace Kelly. Now, I could have easily seen Robert Redford and Ann Margret on this list too.

  • glue fang

    Any sexy list without Audrey is just wrong!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • glue fang

    Mick Jagger is ugly

    • Mia


  • Dar

    Monroe is one of those women who everyone remembers as being beautiful, but when actually sees again her photos, one realizes that she was simply beyond beautiful, she was divine!

  • david

    audrey hepburn was a symbol of innocence

    audrey, in loving memory

  • Gerald

    Marilyn monroe is kind of ugly no offense, I always thought she was, shes really curvy and her hair is bad and that face is just too plain, she looks just like any other woman.

    • Billzzz

      Not gonna disagree w/ you on the beauty of Monroe, as sexiness/beauty is a subjective quality. Saying that she looks just like any other woman, though, is a bit of an innacurate statement.

      The truth (and the reason she’s #1 on most/all lists like this) is that she became a definitive model of what it was to be sexy. She didn’t look just like any every other woman. Every other woman wanted to look like her.

      And just to be clear, I don’t think she’s the most beautiful woman to ever live, either. Not by a long shot.

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  • Mariana

    Paul McCartney was the most beautiful man of the sixties. No contest!

    • Mia

      Youre right girl! He’s so hot !

  • Megan

    I knew Marilyn Monroe would be #1 before even reading the article.
    Personally, I would put Brigitte Bardot at number one. She was beautiful by what I’ve seen in her younger years and still is, for her age, today. I can’t get Comic Strip (a song she is featured in, only making noises though in honesty) out of my head!
    I really admire her. Thus she was gorgeous whatever colour she dyed it – blonde, brunette or black. She still is an inspiration, as today I believe she is an animal rights activist?

  • SlytherinAngel

    I don’t think Mick Jagger has ever been hot. He’s just ugly. I mean, yuck. This is coming from a 21 year old female. I wouldn’t have ever thought he was sexy. All the women on the list are just simply beautiful and James Dean, he was hot. Ow ow!

  • Sharmota_Egy

    James Dean ?

    • Sabrina

      Yes of course. He is much more sexier then any of the others on this list. He was also original and not your “typical” male star that cared what people thought. He was just himself. He is and will always be number one in my eyes. gone too soon !

  • kawaii

    raquel is my all-time favorite from that era and she was still unbelievably HOT in her 40s when i watched mork and mindy as a kid. lol. leaving sophia loren off the list is crazy!! wow. ann margaret and jane russell too. paul newman was really a 70s sex symbol when he got older. butch cassidy was made in ’69 followed by the sting a slew of other big movies to follow. you can’t have paul newman and leave marlon brando. a pretty good list though but sophia HAS to be on ANY top 10 list of ALL sex symbols ever.

  • kawaii

    raquel is my all-time favorite from that era and she was still unbelievably HOT in her 40s when i watched mork and mindy as a kid. lol. leaving sophia loren off the list is crazy!! wow. ann margaret and jane russell too.

  • AMI

    Y’ALL full of CRAP!!! U couldn’t come up with one person of color!!! DOROTHY DANDRIDGE IS JUST AS PRETTY OR MORE PRETTIER THAN ALL OF THE FAIR CHICKS!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!

    • Cris

      UH OH! We have a racist here!

  • melanie

    What about Cyd Charisse and her one million dollar leg? What about Gene Kelly? Liz Taylor?
    I agree for Elvis, Betty and Bardot.
    About Marilyn :” She became internationally known for her blond hair, fashion, soft voice, and rowdy behavior.”= Lili St Cyr taught her all that.

  • Samir

    A sex list without Rita Hayworth, Sofia Loren……. ……..

  • Andrew

    WHere is Katherine Deneuve?

  • Sumit

    second ppl on Sophia Loren

    and what about Claudia Cardinale?

  • Todd

    The sexiest woman ever created Ann-Margret is not on this list????? She is sexier than all these people on this list combined. Ann-Margret is the sex symbol of all sex symbols.

    • Yvonne

      I agree Ann-Margret has been so Gorgeous!!!!! To me she is the best!!!! Why in the world is, she not in the list. I agree she should be no.1 and Elvis? #4 he should be higher. By the way I am a Straight Female young but I can recognize sex appeal and beauty!!!!!!!! She can dance, sing, and act!!!! So yeah the very White Tall Green Eye Girl me, is upset! Arghhhhhhhh

  • Rachel

    How do you have the Top 10 sex symbols of the 50’s and 60’s without even putting MARLON BRANDO on the list AT ALL! He was the epitome of sexiness back then, not to mention, STILL has girls melting over him that are 16 year olds. To me, a sex symbol was one back when they were popular, but also still bringing new fans from a whole new generation to fall in love with him and the golden age of movies.

    Also, why not put Sophia Loren, Rita Hayworth, or Vivian Leigh(although I would say that she is more of beauty and less of sex symbol as Audrey Hepburn is). I know that your list is only for 10 people, but the people you chose and the order you put them in, is incredibly wrong in my opinion.

  • Joshua

    OMG. Where is Steve McQueen!!!!!! HE WAS THE GREATEST!!!

  • Dead Flowers

    From a 15 years old french girl :

    To all the peoples who think Jagger is ugly : You might not be attracted by androgyne guys, that’s all. My friends react the same way : Buuurk. But Mick was really sexy at his time, the way he lloks, he sings, everything !
    He has tiny hips, unhaired torso, blue eyes, and plushed lips. He IS hot, sorry. He is sex on legs, honestly. Did you ever seen him on stage. He stare at the audience or the camera like he is gonna rape them ! He know he is attractive and he plays with it. Both gender were found of him in the 6O’s.
    I think he uses sexual energy on stage. That’s all his music is about, anyway, sex. Of course, there’s girls, rock, drugs, parties, love affair, money. But where is Mick, Sex is too.

    Forgive my english, I’m only 15 ^^

  • Addi

    what about Elizabeth Taylor? :O

  • Cris

    Elvis Presley was put at #4? Did the writer of this article shoot some heroin before writing this? Elvis is one apart in his looks, for both males and females. He’s an adonis. Easily #1.

  • Sabrina

    I think that Elizabeth Taylor not being on this list is just wrong! I agree Audrey is beautiful but not in a way that these stars were sexy. She was innocent beautiful and stunning. Elvis should have been higher up though. My favorites on this list are by far James Dean and Elvis Presley for the females Marilyn and Jayne but if Elizabeth would have been on this list it would have been different!

  • Ray Sharpe

    Angie Dickinson!!!!

  • Anonymous

    What about Jim Morrison?

  • cw

    Marlon Brando is a must!!!