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  • Addi

    what about Elizabeth Taylor? :O

  • Cris

    Elvis Presley was put at #4? Did the writer of this article shoot some heroin before writing this? Elvis is one apart in his looks, for both males and females. He’s an adonis. Easily #1.

  • Sabrina

    I think that Elizabeth Taylor not being on this list is just wrong! I agree Audrey is beautiful but not in a way that these stars were sexy. She was innocent beautiful and stunning. Elvis should have been higher up though. My favorites on this list are by far James Dean and Elvis Presley for the females Marilyn and Jayne but if Elizabeth would have been on this list it would have been different!

  • Ray Sharpe

    Angie Dickinson!!!!

  • Anonymous

    What about Jim Morrison?

  • cw

    Marlon Brando is a must!!!