Top 10 Ways To Promote Your Social Media Presence Offline


When social media enthusiasts think about promoting their social networks, they usually only do so online in email signatures, website links, and other profile links. But why not take your social networking love offline as well. Here are 10 ways that you can share your social media presence in the real world.

10. MySpace Costumes

MySpace profile Halloween costume

MySpace was one of the first social networks I had the pleasure of experiencing, simply to connect with classmates and friends. So it is not a surprise that the first social media profile costume was someone dressing up as their MySpace account. (Image Credit)

9. Facebook Costumes

Facebook halloween costume

Just like MySpace costumes, you know you are a social media enthusiast when you choose to steer away from the average Halloween costume and go for dressing up as your Facebook profile instead. It’s really not a half bad idea, though: I would bet that wherever this guy went that day, he acquired a new Facebook friend! (Image Credit)

8. Twitter Whiteboard

Twitter interactive costume with whiteboard

While wearing your social media profile is pretty inventive, making your profile interactive is an even bigger step in the right direction. The above Twitter costume allows you to do some live tweeting – with permission, of course. Use of their @usernames on the board would have made this perfect. (Image Credit)

7. You Like It

Victoria Secret You Like This Facebook panty

Victoria’s Secret found a very “cheeky” way for their models to get some attention for their Facebook fan page. (Image Credit)

6. Twitter Tees

T-Shirt With Your Tweets On It

If you’re not fully comfortable with wearing a full on profile, your next best bet is a t-shirt. T-shirt design companies that take custom orders can put your favorite tweet on any sized tee so you can wear your tweets with pride. This could be a great way to start conversation at large networking events and conferences. (Image Credit)

5. Charms

Twitter bird charm - jewelry

Charms can be a cute fashion statement – you can add them to bracelets, necklaces, key chains, and zipper pulls to display your affection for the Twitter bird or other social networking characters. Some good ones that come to mind are the HootSuite Owl or any of the strange but cute Plurk characters. (Image Credit)

4. Tattoos

Twitter tattoo - fail whale

I’m not sure how wise this one is, seeing that social networks that are popular now could be gone in the foreseeable future, but if you are super committed to your favorite network, you could always permanently proclaim that love with a tattoo. I might do a temporary or henna tattoo for a conference, but that’s about as far as I would go. I guess there are always removal procedures that you could get down the road. (Image Credit)

3. Bumper Stickers

Twitter bumper sticker

Since I sometimes like to think of my car as an extension of my accessories, anything I place on my car would be something I was indirectly wearing. Therefore, another great way to display your social media presence offline would be via bumper stickers. Of course, if you drive like a maniac or flip a lot of people off, you might not want to advertise your identity. This could be particularly damaging to your reputation and/or your career if your bumper sticker advertised your company Twitter account or other online profile. (Image Credit)

2. Vehicle Wraps

Yahoo vehicle wrap

If a bumper sticker just doesn’t say it loud enough for you, you could go the next step and have your whole vehicle wrapped. I think if you incorporated the facebook costume look on the side of a SUV or truck, you would be sure to garner some new friends. Again, consider your driving skills when you make this decision. (Image Credit)

1. Billboard

Ashton Kutcher Twitter Billboard

Are you looking to get a million followers on Twitter or Facebook fans? Do you have some excess funds to spend? Then you’re in luck – you can put your request for online connections on a huge billboard, just like celebrity Ashton Kutcher did. It paid off for him, as he’s now hovering over the 5 million followers mark. Of course, a reverse idea of this would be to make a billboard asking a celebrity to follow you – if you were the only one being followed by someone with millions of followers, you would definitely get some traffic just based on that! (Image Credit)

Written by Kristi Hines for Plus Size Costumes.

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