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  1. Elizabeth
    Elizabeth at |

    Well done, Jason. I needed a chuckle this morning!

  2. RoboChef
    RoboChef at |

    I liked the list, but I have to point out that most cheeses are lactose- free, as the ripening process uses up almost all of the the lactose. If you prefer aged cheeses, then the amount of lactose is even smaller, close to none…

  3. af
    af at |

    Puerility =/= comedy

  4. Michael
    Michael at |

    I did some more research on right whales, and it turns out that they have 9 foot long penises.
    Now that is something you wouldn’t want to run into.

  5. Someguy
    Someguy at |

    Oh God, the SMELL from that 1,000 lb guy! I’d rather deal with that cheese wheel under an August sun.


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