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  • jason stone

    and people thought Bill Clinton’s marriage was a mess….

  • Sarah

    Very interesting list!

    Although, those look to be quite average lifespan ages in the 1800s & early 1900s.

  • Little_Sam

    I am glad you put Mrs. Lincoln on your list. I think she should have been number one, but that is purely my opinion. In my view Mrs. Lincoln is one of the saddest figures in American History. Not only did she witness her husband getting shot, but three of her four sons (Edward, William, and Thomas) did not survive into adulthood. She suffered through years of depression and mental illness because of this. Not only that but she was rejected by many in her own family because they were Confederate sympathizers. Mrs. Lincoln was a very sad figure indeed. I am glad you put her on your list.

    • Gwen Cohen

      This was fascinating — well written and researched.
      So much sadness for these women.
      I wonder what the attraction was to the first Mrs. Wilson.

  • Susan C.

    Mrs. Lincoln and Mrs. Taylor probably deserve their own pictures and not those of their immediate predecessors to be posted. Lots of unsubstantiated rumor used as research material here!

    • Susan C.

      And, by the way, Martha Washington was the first First Lady to have been married previously. Rachel Jackson was the first to have been divorced.

  • Cass

    There’s a lot of errors in this article. Eliza Johnson was not alcoholic. Ida McKinley’s seizure disorder and neurological problems with her legs were very real and the Vice President’s wife never substituted for her on any occasion – although she offered to be available in case she needed to.

    • S

      So much wrong information regarding seizure disorders in this article! Where is the respect and awareness for persons with seizure spectrum disorders? Time to bring perceptions of seizure disorders out of the dark ages.

    • Terri

      Letitia Christian Tyler also had 8 children and all of them did not live to adulthood . . . her third child, Anne C. Tyer died at birth.

  • Ashlyn

    Good job, although I can’t really tell if you’ve researched much because I am doing a report and this is part of my information.

  • Katie

    The woman whose image you identify as Mary Todd Lincoln is actually Harriet Lane, niece of President James Buchanan. She acted as First Lady from 1857 to 1861, just prior to Mrs. Lincoln’s tenure.

    • Thank you for catching our mistake. The image has been replaced with a photo of Mary Todd Lincoln.

  • Peggy

    The picture that you show for your #10 choice, Margaret Taylor, is actually that of Sarah Polk.

    • Thank you for the correction. We have placed the correct photo of Margaret Taylor.