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  • malei

    sctv is where snl came from. the creator of snl is canadian and when he made snl he brought a whole bunch of his buddies from canada down to be on the show, martin short, mike myers, jim carrey, john candy and dan ackroyd amoung others

  • mattyoungblood

    what about wkuk(whites kids you know) they are preferably better and should be placed 2

  • Joe

    Tim and Eric don’t belong on a list of best anything. It’s the worst show… nay… worst popular entertainment ever created. Quite an accomplishment.

  • Peter Boucher

    “In Living Color”. The Wayman family and also where Jim Carrey got his start. Lets see, the skits : “Men On Film” (Damon Wayans and David Allan Grier as “Blaine” and Antoine”, the 2 ultra gay movie reviewers), “Fire Marshall Bill” (Jim Carrey as a Fire Marshall impervious to pain), “Homey The Clown” (Damon Wayans as a clown who doesn’t like children and knock them on their head with a stuffed sock) and lets not foget the “Fly Girls” who danced before commercial breaks. I believe that Jennifer Lopez got her start as well being a Fly Girl. I also would like to make an addition and that’s MAD-TV. I always looked forward to cast member Will Sasso doing his take on Stephen Seagal, because quite frankly, I can’t stand Stephen Seagal. The one skit where he was dressed in a Karate outfit and they had to do take over take over take because Will was always tripping down or fall off a wall. My eyes almost bugged out from laughing so hard and also cast member Pat Kilbane who did the most dead-on, precise, and perfect impersonation of Howard Stern that I at a couple of times thought it was actually Howard himself.

  • canadaeh

    In Living Colour and Benny Hill should be on the list

  • Griffin


  • Paul

    Good list but, no mention of The Fast Show !!!

  • Mike


    The last great class of comedy students from the late Del Close: Matt Besser, Amy Poehler, Ian Roberts, Matt Walsh.

  • Jezza

    Cough* cough* Key&Peele cough* cough* the only thing worth watching on foxtel.

  • Stephanie

    Have to add “The State.” One of the funniest skits of all time (for me) was the foot race between a man and his young son…genius!!