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  • john

    I don’t know any of those 🙁

    • buttfart

      really…. did u think any were funny?? i didn think numb 1 was gon be good but it landed i thought MadTv was better than some of these n was surprised it didnt make the like or even honorable mention

  • Charles

    Ben Stiller and Dana Carvey had brilliant sketch shows…canceled way too soon. Burns and Schreiver was a pretty decent sketch show, as well (just a summer run). Sometimes it seems as if a really excellent sketch program is doomed to be canceled just because it makes the networks’ other programming look like what is left at the bottom of a discarded cat food container…

  • D.Sharp

    In Living Color?

    • buttfart

      really suprised THAT didnt make it

  • darkknight9761

    I loved this list! It brings back so many memories. I am not at all surprised, and very pleased, to see Monty Python made number one, it always my favorite. You nailed it on this list! I think I can honestly say that this is one of my favorite lists to date, without a doubt! I posted it on Face Book. Thanks guys.

  • Jason


    IN LIVING COLOR should be in the top 3.

  • Kalowg

    I agree. In Living Color should be on this list. Dropped the ball there.

  • Randy

    In Living Color was fantastic. Had some great sketches.

  • For a couple of years now there has been a HILARIUs sketch show on IFC called whitest kids you know…should really check it out

  • david

    What has no one here seen The State?

    200 Lbs. Of Pudding!

  • Meh

    There is no way in hell Tim and Eric’s lame show is better than Chapelle’s show.

  • I’m an individual

    Give this australian classic a go: The Micallef Program. Absolute genius and hilarity. You’ll have to youtube it.

    • James Faust

      @ I’m an Individual: Spot on! The Micallef Pogram rules! This sketch still makes me laugh.

      Also another obscure one (for those that don’t know) is Big Train. Sean Pegg and few others, including “Brian” from Spaced. It’s off the wall like and probably has some of the best skits I’ve ever seen.

  • andy

    I can see a lot of english people getting upset at this list… the whole list couldhave been english apart from saturday night live…two ronnies, alas smith and jones, hancocks half hour, morcambe and wise, little britain, the fast show, spitting image, not the 9 o’clock news which launched the career of loads of comedians including Rowan Atkinson. then theres the benny hill show, the goodies, reeves and mortimer, the week that was, kenny everett, hale and pace!!!!…. the list goes on……>>!!!!

  • Matt

    great but missing In Living Color and WKUK.

  • ParusMajor

    Brilliant list! I had seen Monty Python, the Samurai Chef and Fry and Laurie before, I loved to re-watch them, and the ones I hadn’t seen were funny as well. As hell. Funny as hell, as well.. 🙂
    I do prefer sketch comedy shows to sitcoms any day of the week, with a few exceptions (Fawlty Towers, All in the Family). I hate Friends, Seinfeld and Sex and the City, for example. I can’t understand why anyone would watch those shows voluntarily.

  • thisisaname

    monty python is the best. it earned it#1

  • Dirtydblfjc

    I love Tim and Eric and I’m not sure why. The Chrimbus special was morally reprehensible and awesome. You missed the bus by not including The State. ” Im gonna dip my balls in it ” is classic. A lot of careers were launched from that show. In Living Color definatley should have been here as well. If you guys want a good laugh check out Childrens Hospital.

  • jojo

    what about the state? in living color? A Bit of Fry and Laurie, mr show, tim and eric…yeah right..not on top 10…this guy really loves him so odenkerk.

  • Aidan

    TWO RONNIES – four candles….

  • Bigredd

    In Living Color
    Chris Rock (If Dave Chappelle is a sketch show, then so is Rock)
    All better than “The Show”…

    • gotofokoy

      Dave Chappelle had a sketch show. Chris Rock never did. Look up the Chappelle show.

  • Ragde

    Monty Python Forever!!

  • Garrett

    Anybody remember the Burnett sketch, “Went with the Wind.” It was a parody of “Gone with the Wind,” with Burnett as “Starlet.”

    She tore down the curtains, just as Scarlett O’Hara did to make the dress, but this one included the curtain rod across the shoulders.

    Sheer genius.

    • Yes, I remember watching that. She was asked how she found it. She replied, “I just sawing it hanging in the window.” Or something close to that.

    • That’s my favorite skit from the Carol Burnett show! So funny – I added it to our YouTube playlist for this list in case anyone wants to watch it.

    • Peter Boucher

      The “Went With The Wind” sketch holds the record for the longest sustained laughter from the audience in Television history !!!

  • will

    2 things. in living color should be top 3 and SNL is easily the best schech show

  • Peter Boucher

    How about Laugh-In, Second City TV, The Flip Wilson Show, The Smothers Brothers Show, Sid Caesar’s “Your Show Of Shows, The Ernie Kovacs Show

  • Charlie

    The Brits have it! Just as The Beatles will always be #1 so too Monty Python. I saw them at the Hollywood Bowl, I would not have missed it for the world! If you know all of their work, you can appreciate how so much of today’s comedy borrows, or outright steals, from them.

  • Bill Baldwin, Jr.

    Any listing of Top Ten anythings is always going to leave out worthy entries, excluding the Ten Most Overdone Michael Bolton R&B Covers that is, , but TV Sketch Comedy truly began on live TV in the early 1950’s on YOUR SHOW OF SHOWS starring Sid Caesar, Carl Reiner, Howard Morris and Imogene Coca…..From 1950 to 1954 it was almost always terrific. Here’s one example, a take off on the then famous show “This is Your Life”

  • malei

    sctv is where snl came from. the creator of snl is canadian and when he made snl he brought a whole bunch of his buddies from canada down to be on the show, martin short, mike myers, jim carrey, john candy and dan ackroyd amoung others

  • mattyoungblood

    what about wkuk(whites kids you know) they are preferably better and should be placed 2

  • Joe

    Tim and Eric don’t belong on a list of best anything. It’s the worst show… nay… worst popular entertainment ever created. Quite an accomplishment.

  • Peter Boucher

    “In Living Color”. The Wayman family and also where Jim Carrey got his start. Lets see, the skits : “Men On Film” (Damon Wayans and David Allan Grier as “Blaine” and Antoine”, the 2 ultra gay movie reviewers), “Fire Marshall Bill” (Jim Carrey as a Fire Marshall impervious to pain), “Homey The Clown” (Damon Wayans as a clown who doesn’t like children and knock them on their head with a stuffed sock) and lets not foget the “Fly Girls” who danced before commercial breaks. I believe that Jennifer Lopez got her start as well being a Fly Girl. I also would like to make an addition and that’s MAD-TV. I always looked forward to cast member Will Sasso doing his take on Stephen Seagal, because quite frankly, I can’t stand Stephen Seagal. The one skit where he was dressed in a Karate outfit and they had to do take over take over take because Will was always tripping down or fall off a wall. My eyes almost bugged out from laughing so hard and also cast member Pat Kilbane who did the most dead-on, precise, and perfect impersonation of Howard Stern that I at a couple of times thought it was actually Howard himself.

  • canadaeh

    In Living Colour and Benny Hill should be on the list

  • Griffin


  • Paul

    Good list but, no mention of The Fast Show !!!

  • Mike


    The last great class of comedy students from the late Del Close: Matt Besser, Amy Poehler, Ian Roberts, Matt Walsh.

  • Jezza

    Cough* cough* Key&Peele cough* cough* the only thing worth watching on foxtel.

  • Stephanie

    Have to add “The State.” One of the funniest skits of all time (for me) was the foot race between a man and his young son…genius!!