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  • Alfred

    I have another one for you, The Airedale Terrier –

  • Dave

    We have a golden retriever – can’t ask for a nicer dog – but not very bright. It can be -30 outside, and instead of sleeping on his heated pad in the dog house, he’ll lay in a clump of bushes and get covered with snow – then stand there shivering and soaking wet ! Doesn’t make much sense to me……..

  • Chelsea

    The people commenting on this list need a reality check. Your dog may be smart to you but this list is talking about how intelligent breeds are on average based on statistics and studies. The AKC concurs with this list, so if your particular dog breed isn’t on this list it isn’t because the author is biased toward your breed. This is based on working intelligence, meaning how well a breed of dog responds to commands and how fast they learn new commands. These dog breeds surpass other dog breeds in terms of learning commands quicker and the complexity of the commands they learn. Of course, a dog in another breed can be as smart as an average dog in these breeds if you’re a good trainer and work with them. This list is on baseline intelligence. If you don’t work with your dog even a Border Collie, the smartest breed in the world, will have problems. The people who are saying a Pitbull should be on the list. Sorry, but Pitbulls in general only score about average in intelligence. That doesn’t mean they aren’t a sweet, good dog. It just means they aren’t on the same level as some of the breeds of superior intelligence when it comes to working ability and training.

    • Reidweaver

      Sorry, but that is incorrect of the top 10 Superdog challenges, the pit bull has won more than any breed. As an owner of a pitbull rescue and a previous dog breeder of other breeds, I have been incredibly surprised at the intelligence and sweetness of this incredibly misunderstood dog. It often only takes several repetitions to teach our dog skills and she does them all for the reward of a treat. Do not sell short the wonderful attributes of this breed. The real reason why they are not often on these lists is because the politically correct AKC refuses to acknowledge them. Their loss.