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  • Rajimus123

    nice job on the list and I think i definitely agree with you on these selections, although i do like a couple of them. As soo as I read Robot Rock and Pumped Up Kicks, the songs stated playing in my head…and now I’ll be stuck with this all day, thanks for that! lol

    • jj

      Pumped up kicks is a cover….

  • Mike

    Chumbawamba. tubthumping
    should be number 1

    • Kimberly


  • Peter Boucher

    Beethoven’s 9th Symphony, Second Movement in D Minor, Op. 125. Why ? Its them main music used throughout my favorite movie of all time “A Clockwork Orange” (I also give honorable mention to the song “Singin’ In The Rain”, sung by Gene Kelly, watch the movie and you’ll understand !!)

  • marc

    I have only heard 2 of these songs, and neither gets stuck in my head.

    • What about The Show by Lenka?

      • marc

        Sorry, this list should be called” Top 10 songs from the past 8 years that you may or may not have heard and don’t really fit the “get stuck in your head” billing.”

        Sorry, none of these songs have any infectious grooves that repeat themselves in your head. A list of summer hits might better fit the criteria of song that gets stuck in your head.

    • fdx

      Yeah me too, it should be titled “Top 10 Songs That Get Stuck In MY Head” 🙂

      Children do love repetition, so if i should take an example with my 4 year old son, here are the songs that get stuck in his head
      -Deep purple “Smoke on the water”
      -Mr Big “To be with you” (yeah i know, don’t ask)
      -Eric Clapton’s version of “Cocaine”
      -John William’s “Star Wars Theme”
      -Peter Frampton “do You feel like we/I do” (live version)

  • Dana

    Come On Eileen! And I don’t even know the words to it…

  • darkknight9761

    I honestly can’t say that I’ve ever had any of these songs stuck in my head, even after hearing some of them. I listen to mostly Classic Rock, ’90s and ’00s Metal and Hard Rock. New bands I like are Seether, Disturbed, favorite bands; Led Zep, Black Sabbath, KISS, Metallica, in that order. There is absolutely zero chance that any of these songs will ever get stuck in my head. I have to deal with Barry Mannilow’s ‘Mandy’ getting stuck in my head! Guess I’m telling my age now aren’t I?

  • Peter Boucher

    The theme from the movie “Chariots Of Fire”

  • jtomblin

    ok what about the witchdoctor by david seville. ooo eeee ooo ahh ahhh ting tang wallah wallah bing bang .

  • GuruDude

    Had to play the video to see if I had ever heard most of these, but having a kid changes, well, everything. Never been a fan of so-called “pop music.” That being said, and I almost hate to do this, but “We Built This City (On Rock and Roll)” is not only awful, it is infectious and highly contagious.

    • JBinPDX

      NAILED IT. The worst song ever penned. Now get it out of my head!!!!!

  • jeever stalin

    None of these stuck in my head after listening. Most sounded awful.

  • Dan

    Really, Really??? No mention of the Journey epic “Don’t Stop Believin'”…you hum two lines from the song and suddenly people around you start singing it…Start singing it yourself out of nowhere, and suddenly people hate you for getting the song stuck in their head…
    I don’t think I’ve ever met anybody that doesn’t know that song…yet the majority of people probably haven’t even heard of this bands/artists you list….
    And what about the chicken dance??

  • jason stone

    i’ve always been seduced by the song Low Rider…every time i hear the first few notes of the bass intro..i’m already singing the song after it’s turned off..something about the beat and the voice behind the words…really catchy

  • desktop mall

    i thin the top of the list is “we are the champion” by queen.

  • brainstormer

    what about Wonderwall??!!! how could they leave that out?

  • pling

    Nya Cat

  • tavarus

    Barbie girl, how i hate that song

  • flatch1

    THAT DAMN GYPSIES TRAMPS AND THIEVES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Oh great, now that is truly stuck in my head. Oh, Cher!

  • batgirl

    I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles) by The Proclaimers needs to be on this list.

  • Felisa Knight

    Over and Over by Nelly and Tim Mcgraw. Just think of that silly song gets it in my head and it will be there for days now


    i dont know about this list, the st vincent tune def doesnt get stuck in anyones head…


    what about the strokes, oasis even selena gomez

  • Victor

    Kids by MGMT cited the “whoever fights monsters” quote incorrectly. It wasn’t Mark Twain, but Friedrich Nietzsche who wrote that. White Stripes and Lady GaGa are definite earworm songs from this list.

  • falconwing

    How about:

    1) Who let the dogs out?

    2)We will rock you?

    3)Put the lime in the coconut

    4)500 miles

    I know they are older…they have been around awhile. Why? You cant get rid of them…they stay stuck in everyone’s head!

  • zeziku

    um… baby by justin bieber!????

  • Jdogg


  • SharonW

    Hearts A Mess- Gotye

  • Mark

    Seven Nation Army is a decent song. i know everyone’s got their own taste of music, but puhleez … if these songs get ‘stuck’ in your head, probably you need a replacement! try listening to somethin like ‘Hotel California’ or the lead from ‘The Nomad’ or ‘Be Yourself’ and you wouldn’t waste your time coming up with lists..

    P.S: DID i see justin bieber’s name there?? uggggh…. he is like that unattended poop that flies flock to!

  • Joel

    Never gonna let you up, never gonna let you down,,,,

    • Colleen

      couldn’t agree more. That song gets stuck in . my head too

  • Colleen

    Whistle by F lo Rida and Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astey are always stuck in my head

  • james

    HA ! i very proudly have NEVER heard ANY of these songs , and have barely even heard of ANY of the so-called artists… i didn’t bother to press any of the vids to play either , so i still can claim honestly that “Nope , never heard ANY of these”….

    The Final Countdown…. now that you’ve read that it’s going thru your head and is stuck better than any of the so-called on this list is what i am betting…. oh , Van Halens “Jump” too….. repressive low-talented irritating minimalist keyboards getchya everytime…..

  • JoeBlow83

    Try listening to anything by Europe without it getting stuck in your head especially “The Final Countdown”!


    Mr. Saxobeat

  • LoLo

    Too hard to make a list of just 10. Everyone listens to different music.