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  • SharonW

    Hearts A Mess- Gotye

  • Mark

    Seven Nation Army is a decent song. i know everyone’s got their own taste of music, but puhleez … if these songs get ‘stuck’ in your head, probably you need a replacement! try listening to somethin like ‘Hotel California’ or the lead from ‘The Nomad’ or ‘Be Yourself’ and you wouldn’t waste your time coming up with lists..

    P.S: DID i see justin bieber’s name there?? uggggh…. he is like that unattended poop that flies flock to!

  • Joel

    Never gonna let you up, never gonna let you down,,,,

    • Colleen

      couldn’t agree more. That song gets stuck in . my head too

  • Colleen

    Whistle by F lo Rida and Never Gonna Give You Up by Rick Astey are always stuck in my head

  • james

    HA ! i very proudly have NEVER heard ANY of these songs , and have barely even heard of ANY of the so-called artists… i didn’t bother to press any of the vids to play either , so i still can claim honestly that “Nope , never heard ANY of these”….

    The Final Countdown…. now that you’ve read that it’s going thru your head and is stuck better than any of the so-called on this list is what i am betting…. oh , Van Halens “Jump” too….. repressive low-talented irritating minimalist keyboards getchya everytime…..

  • JoeBlow83

    Try listening to anything by Europe without it getting stuck in your head especially “The Final Countdown”!


    Mr. Saxobeat

  • LoLo

    Too hard to make a list of just 10. Everyone listens to different music.