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22 Responses

  1. sharnique at |

    this list is dull!!! who gives a crap about the best places to watch whales??!!!!

    1. Don Newbury at |

      Go do it sometime and your attitude will change big time.

    2. Nick at |

      That is straight up rude, why even comment?

      Good work author.

  2. Don Newbury at |

    What? No New England?! We have some of the best viewing areas in the world!

  3. Jose Hernandez at |

    It seems like whale-watching will get more popularity and might even replace bird-watching.

  4. sharnique at |

    like I said this and the past few lists for that matter have been really drab and uninteresting TO ME!! this is my opinion and the point of having an open forum is to state your opinion right!! ok than!
    thanks for listening

  5. Equalizer at |

    You forgot Churchill, Manitoba, Canada popular for Beluga Whale watching during summer.

  6. Peter Boucher at |

    Being a Born and Raised New Englander, I would figure New England or perhaps the Beginning of the upper Canadian Eastern Border, but, I guess not……..Oh Well

  7. Chris at |

    @sharnique You sound like a spoiled little kid. Seriously? It’s the internet.

    Anyway, Isle of Skye in Scotland has some brilliant whale watching. Nice list.

  8. Raven at |

    What, no Newfoundland? You can get whales, icebergs and some really beautiful scenery here.

  9. Dennis at |

    Bigger boat…Right?


  10. Lvothread at |

    Cabo san Lucas, Midriff Islands, Santa Rosalia all in or near Gulf of California

  11. wan luna at |

    Why didnt you include the philippines?! In donsol sorsogon, you dont only get to watch the whales you can swim with them and even touch these animals. this list is lame!

  12. Lyo at |

    Excellent list, but I would definetely include the philippines. The Azores are amazing.

  13. PragmaticStatistic at |

    Many years ago we took the whale watch tour speed-boat out of Cape Cod up into Boston Harbor. It was fantastic, one whale came very close to the boat. A memorable experience we will never forget.

  14. Dennis at |

    I would say that topside,starboard on the Pequod would be the best-

  15. John at |

    If the person writing this article had ANY knowledge at all, they would know that ORCAS (mistakenly called Killer Whales) are in fact the largest member of the DOLPHIN family.

  16. mcdaniels0103 at |

    What about Hawaii?
    We just turned 40 and whale watching is now on our radar. I think our kids will like it as well// thanks for the good info.

  17. Asanga Coorey at |

    Sri Lanka for BLUE WHALES !

    It’s is considered that off Mirissa harbor in Sri Lanka is where the world largest Blue whale colony is. More than 5 species also can be seen on the same area. Sri Lanka also needs to be in the list i suppose.


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