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  • indiabull

    I want to buy a tank to threaten locals ,specially my critics except parent. A tank with anti aircraft will be better as i can use it as bird killer and a roaster too( prey will already singed). Infact, for girlfriend i’ve arranged a night-hawk pistol.

  • Wilm210

    Very interesting list. Although, I was aware of most of the tanks featured here but Tortuga and Christie were new to me.

  • chooks

    lol. . the Tortuga Tank looks like the head of Darth Vader, and the Ball Tank was misnamed, it should be called. . . . . . . .you know what i mean.

  • Bob

    The Sherman Crab was a BRITISH invention using a US M4 tank as a platform.
    The US Army never had any specialist armored vehicles to match the UK equipment and had to borrow vehicles and crews from them when it became necessary after D Day.. The first flail tank was a Matilda Mk2, entirely British.