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  • andy

    sorry but.. Burroughs at 5.?…even Hunter would have put him at 1. **Naked Lunch** I mean, come on…NAKED LUNCH!!!!!!!

  • andy

    …and no mention of Lewis Carroll?

    • Lewis Carroll didn’t do drugs or alcohol. He was a mathematician and liked logic puzzles. That’s why so much of “Alice In Wonderland” has to do with logic problems in language.

  • Actually, it was William Blake who gave Huxley the title for his book; in his “Marriage of Heaven and Hell”, Blake wrote “If the doors of perception were cleansed, then everything would appear to man as it is, infinite.” So it was really Blake who gave the Doors their name, albeit in a second-hand way!

    • I’ve never heard that before and I’m a fan of all three – thanks for sharing-

    • sdasd

      Actually had a significant amount of influence (regardless of Blake’s share of the weight). Jim lifted this quote inarguably straight out of Huxley: “There are things known and things unknown and in between are the doors.” An obvious alternate that tied in with his band’s name. Thanks for being pedantic though.

      • pedantic: “overly concerned with minute details or formalisms, esp. in teaching”

  • I don’t know about R.L. Stevenson doing coke, but I read that many of his stories came to him in dreams, including Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

  • caveman73

    No Edgar Allen Poe?

  • LS

    One word: Bukowski.

  • Peter

    Very good list. Interesting to see how some of the great works on here were influenced by drugs.

    Honorable mention to Ernest Hemingway. That man could drink! Here is a very good account of his various alcoholic adventures.

  • luke

    L Ron Hubbard?

  • harold

    what no samuel coleridge???

  • Mr. Grumpy

    Fitzgerald (Alcohol)

  • Stephan

    For #10 Charles Baudelaire you wrote, “…unless you happen to live in the Netherlands or know a UCLA student who has astigmatism.” I believe that you mean to say a student with glaucoma. Marijuana is used in the treatment of glaucoma and not in the treatment of astigmatism. Glaucoma causes painful swelling of the eyeball. Astigmatism causes a visual problem but no painful symptoms and is corrected by simple means of proper lenses.

  • Tonya

    No mention of H.P. Lovecraft. Opium and the nightmares it caused, wrote most of his works.

  • David Grove

    How about DeQuincey? Jim Carroll? Denis Johnson? Rimbaud? Antonin Artaud? Georg Trakl? Franz Wright? These are famous writers. Some of them aren’t as famous as Stephen King, but they’re all better.

  • YouRang?

    I think you’re wrong on some of these. Your title says “drug-addled” but several of these were wackjobs before they ever used a drug.

    They were pre-addled.

  • Mearek

    A creative mins has the ability to find non-typical connotations, connections, normally but when substances dissolve the blood brain barrier a virtual plethora of ideas unfold.
    Author and artist have a discipline of work that can either be in handed, run amok or even devolve the creative mind. These people leather lived or experimented, evidently with the benefits and consequences. Interesting. Mearek

  • Zach

    Actually, Burroughs admitted in his own work as well as interviews that he only ever wrote anything when he was in between relapses or was going through dry-spells. He said when he was actually high on heroin he was completely incapable of writing, or really anything besides staring at his shoe for four hours.

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