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  • 5minutes

    Incidentally, while Clive Staples Lewis was raised in a Christian home, he became an atheist at age 15 (1913) and remained such throughout WW1 and during the first half of his time with Mrs. Moore. He called her “mother” because his own mother had died early in life.

    It is likely, however, that they were lovers. And while it may seem odd to call your lover “mother”, it’s not unheard of, especially among people of that era. Sort of an affirmation of the fact that you call them “mother” so that they’ll let you be “father”. Think of Ronald Reagan calling Nancy Reagan “mommy”. It’s a term of affection from a past generation. In 100 years, people might think it’s weird that we called our significant others “baby”.

    • I didn’t know this: Media coverage of C.S. Lewis’ death was almost completely overshadowed by news of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy, which occurred on the same day, as did the death of Aldous Huxley, author of Brave New World.

      • 5minutes

        Yeah. There’s a book about it called “Between Heaven and Hell” by Peter Kreeft where the 3 of them meet and talk in the afterlife before heading to their eternal destinations.

  • steve

    Couldn’t find a worse picture of Dr. Rice, could we?

  • Caress

    Hey, this is a pretty offensive article! I was homeschooled my whole life untilI went to college when I was fourteen. And I have friends too! Come on guys, you can’t let a few imbalanced kids destroy the reputation of homeschooling! Besides, public schools are nothing to be proud of…

    • I don’t know what to tell you. This was written by a homeschooled author. Maybe he will chime in on this.

      • Sarge

        I don’t know what to tell you either. Why are you offended?

  • David

    Homeschooling isn’t near as bad as this guy makes it seem. Social skills of homeschoolers can easily exceed those of public-schoolers if home-schooled correctly. They don’t necessarily just learn at home and aren’t as sheltered as they sound. Some travel a lot and learn hands-on which is the best way to learn. I’ve never been homeschooled but I’ve learned a lot about it and I’ll tell ya it stomps public schools in the dirt as far as actual teaching goes.

    Being around adults all day can improve a child’s vocabulary greatly and teach them how to converse like an adult

  • David

    And how is Assange more successful than Edison????????? that doesnt compute

  • David

    How is Julian more successful than Edison??? makes no sense

  • Dan

    While I am not at all surprised that Tim Tebow was homeschooled, Julian Assange is a different story.

  • Elizabeth Lopez

    I went to public school and I’m a social retard! I should’ve been homeschooled!

  • Ghost000

    Actually Edison didn’t invent everything. He was a good business man who had workers that improved OTHER peoples inventions, On top of being a scumbag.

    • magiccarpet

      Speaking of Edison and the people he lied to and cheated on happy birthday Nikola Tesla a man way ahead of his time.

  • Pount

    I was homeschooled for 5 years, and I am definitely not “socially-crippled”. It depends on the person. Certain people may be set back by homeschooling, bu t the majority thrive.

  • foohy

    “…he invented everything.”

    …say textbooks. He was a businessmen who stole many of “his” inventions both from his employees and through plain old patent-grabbing. His biggest invention is the industrial research lab which he used to take credit for his colleagues’ work.

    If you want a true scientist and a far more important inventor, look up Nikola Tesla.

  • ifoundyou37

    I have read quite possibly 95% of the top tens on this website and out of all the people who wrote. The person who wrote this quite possibly the biggest Morin I have ever trad from on this website. I have been homeschooled I know dozens of people who have been schooled and have all had great social life, succefuland their has been many famous people who have been home schooled you idiot. Get this Morin off or delete this post because this Morin does not have a single clue what he is talking about

    • brian

      I hope you are trying to be ironic

      • yevski

        LOL … The comment must have been written on purpose by someone who is opposed to home schooling. However, that’s okay, I know people out of public schools whose spelling and grammar are far worse.

    • johnnycanuck

      I don’t think you were homeschooled ifoundyou; because if you had been, you would have used proper spelling and grammar.

      • ?

        Or its evidence in favor of homeschooling being a lousy alternative to public (i.e. actual) schooling. What qualifies mom to teach?

  • Sandra

    A lot of us have been raised that this is the “normal” way to educate our children. I was. I thought Homeschooling was not normal. Then I started to really thing about how I defined normal. Put them on a bus with a ton other kids, to a school will they will sit all day with up to 30 (if not more kids), learning from not the best curriculum, which may not even be appropriate for their own learning style. And that doesn’t matter so much anyway, because from what I witnessed in my son’s class, the teacher is so wrapped up getting all those kids to follow instruction (with a few taking most of her attention likely), to really focus on academics anyway. Most of the time the worksheets (which were very outdated). were sent home to be done at home. That, combined with the playground bullying I saw, made me wonder…why we all think this is more normal then educating our young children with individualized curriculum, while using co ops and outside programs to really enrich them in other subjects as well.. opportunities .that they would never be exposed to within the walls of school? And then we refer to these kids as “sheltered”…. I am considering Homeschooling after actually thinking about what it means beyond the bandwagon of perceptions about it.

  • sophie

    Julian Assange wasn’t really homeschooled; he just went to a lot of different schools. I recommend the new film “Underground: The Julian Assange Story” starring Rachel Griffiths and Anthony LaPaglia. It depicts about year of Assange’s life when he was 17 and first started hacking, and gives some insight into why he does what he does. His mother has said publicly that it is an accurate portrayal of him at that age.

  • Rebecca

    johnnycanuck, I was thinking the very same thing as I read through these comments and came upon that one by “ifoundyou”.