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  • Lvothread

    10. no used clothes smell and are often worn out from repeated wearing and washing
    9. yes if you have kids to buy for no if you are buying for yourself
    8.7.6. absolutely yes especially when its a digital medium
    5. yes and no the author covers it well here
    4. oh yeah ever take a class that required the professor’s book what a crock!
    3.2. sure why not.
    1. if you are mechanical or know and trust a good one yes if not then NO there are to many scammers with junk cars from public auctions looking to make a fast buck off you. remember all those floods in the midwest? that is the used cars you get.

    • 5minutes

      9, I have no problem buying used sports equipment for myself, as long as it’s not a jock strap. 🙂

      5. I’ve bought tons of used instruments and while it’s definitely buyer beware, I’ve had good luck so far.

      1. You have to be very, very careful buying a used car. I’d never use Discount Dave’s Used Car and Hair Care Center, but using a major car dealership can take some of the worry out of the process, especially if they’re willing to back up the used vehicle with a nice, long warranty.

    • brian

      1. Learn how to use a comma
      2. Then I might be able to understand what you are saying

      • thylacine

        The punctuation button must be broken.

  • ROC

    Whoever wrote this has to be from the Northeast US. Daddy’s Junky Music, Newbury Comics, Play it Again! Sports!

  • 5minutes

    I’ll throw one more into the mix: guns. Used guns usually function just as well as new guns, except you don’t have to worry about the break-in period. With semis, you may have to replace a clip or a recoil spring, but at the end of it all, you’ve got a good, working weapon that you can use for home defense, sport shooting, hunting, or collecting.

    • brian

      Yeah, and it was probably used in a murder etc.

      • 5minutes

        Probably not. More than likely, it was used as a home defense weapon and sold so that the owner could purchase a different gun. One of my guns was used at a local gun range and was sold once it had reached a certain amount of usage.

  • Zoe Ann

    I would add furniture to the list….particularly if you like your house to look “homey” and not so generic

  • The problem with used recent modern video games is the Online Pass, which is getting very prevalent in the industry.

    Typically it’s a one-time-use code in the box to “unlock” either multiplayer mode, or sometimes a whole portion of the single player game the the original buyer. So if you buy a game used, be prepared to also fork out $10-$15 extra to get a new online pass for your account.

    If you want to save money on video games I find it’s usually better to just wait a few months for the new game to drop in price, or wait on a sale. Otherwise you might end up actually paying more, or close to full price, to get the full game.

  • shar

    why in the hell would anyone buy a used computer, you dont know what kind of perv had it before you and whether or not the consignment shop has deleted the history….this list is by far the worst ive read on this site.

    • Oh, there are far worse lists on this site. 😉 I usually refer anyone who says a current list is the worst list to this list, which I wrote back in May 2008. Trust me, it is far worse – – Now that is a poor excuse for a list. Much worse that this one, which I actually like.

    • mae,


    • Dennis

      I agree with Shar about the computer. Buying a used one would be pretty stupid unless tou’re going to use it as a door-stop.

      • I bought both my macbook pro computers (let the Apple haters unite) from Apple’s Refurbished area and saved 24% on each. They were used and had a great price. I’m glad I bought my computer used.

  • Jim Ribs

    Some are valid some are not, I guess it comes down to personal decisions. Used musical equipment can be a huge risk if you are buying anything over $100. I’ve gotten good used instruments, but also bad amps, I would stay away from amps and speakers that are used, instruments and mics and such are much easier to check up front. Video games have curbed the used market a little with the advent of the previously mentioned Online Passes. You will end up paying about the same amount after you pay for those services, which I suppose is still a good deal if you save even a few bucks. Buying a used console however, is really stupid unless you buy it from a store that will give you a warranty.

  • Zach Gillette

    Yes, buy used games and movies so the creators get zero of your dollars. Those should be on the worst things to buy used list.

    • brian

      Your point applies to everything. so it makes itself invalid.

  • ParusMajor

    -jock straps
    -bubble gum
    -toilet paper

    Like the man said, better used than abused.

  • FMH

    Yes on the rest, but clothes? Only if you really, really need to. New clothes aren’t very expensive if you’re not a fashion freak – and if you are one you probably don’t buy used anyway. For me, I still think it’s a bit gross. I don’t buy used silverware or plates either.

    Computers? The same here. You get a decent new one for the 700 bucks stated here, too – with warranty. If you need a good one, chances are that you won’t get an used one anyway.

  • skywatcher

    The great thing about used textbooks is the underlining’s already done. And bicycles would have been a good choice. You can pick these up super cheap used, sometimes for 15 or 20 percent of what a new one would cost.

  • Second Hand CDs Online

    I am a reseller of clothes, CDs, DVDs, toys, household goods, books, magazines online. I go to garage sales and hand pick all my second hand goods as I will only sell Top Quality items. The great thing I found that at garage sales I can score great stuff for next to nothing. I have found it easy to buy items that are near new and none of my customers have been disappointed. I myself wear second hand clothes and have had many compliments by strangers in how great they look on me. I also love buying second hand cds, dvds and books as it saves me lots of money and I get to watch, listen and read them before I resell them. So not only do I get to save money I end up making money by reselling them. But not only that, by buying second hand wherever you can you help to keep these goods out of burgeoning landfills which helps to keep our precious environment clean and green.


  • Buying used is the ultimate way to recycle. I don’t disagree with much of what’s on this list, so long as you do your homework and purchase wisely.

    About the only thing I’m not going to buy used is my camera, but that’s just for some personal reasons.

  • Lou

    “If you are a parent, you know how expensive it is to have a sports-fancying son. Padding, sticks, helmets, and balls add up quickly, to the point to where you almost wish he had turned out to be a theater geek. ”

    Um, excuse me? I AM a theatre geek, and I buy PLENTY of sports equipment, thank you very much.

  • Dennis

    Good list but I would have to agree that it would be a little foolish to buy a used computer.Maybe a rebuilt one with a 90-day warranty-Maybe. I would also add novels–I buy all my reading material from Amazon,used. The books are always in great condition and it’s quite a savings.