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  • Crudus

    #8 uhh, what? Men have better spacial recognition and awareness than women. They sort of needed it to go hunting and find their way back home. That sleight was just offensive rather than funny.

    • tassie devil

      Spot on. It’s women who have the least developed sense of direction! This certainly goes back to our mammoth hunting days.

    • Lida

      Take a joke. Women have to deal with sexist jokes constantly, they can’t joke about men now? I’m not saying sexist jokes are only okay if they’re directed towards guys, but I’m saying both parts should chill, and ESPECIALLY men. There is much more offensive things towards women out there.

    • Lida

      And it’s untrue that men have better special recognition and awareness than women. That’s just a sexist, offensive statement in the first place.

      • archworf

        says a woman

        • Jacob

          Why are more women graduating from college then? Why are more women becoming doctors scientist? Girls aren’t good at math a science is just a myth?

      • Anon

        Do you have any facts to back up your statement or are you just talking out of your vagina? Yeah… that’s what I thought

      • Maximillian

        um…its how we evolved back in the hunter gatherer days, since you know that handy GPS you have wasn’t around back then.

        you can never joke with women….

        • LOL please

          “Facts” as in crapyou pulled out of your behind that you repeat in order to promote this idea of male superiority. Oh jee, did you know people use those kinds of socially-constructed “facts” to also support white supremacy? Seriously. Sit down dudebro.

      • Maximillian

        but what is really puzzling to me is, how are you able to cook a wonderful meal and hate on men at the same time?

        • Tai

          Wow, way to prove her right guys.

      • Isatas

        I studied this at university (and I’m a woman) and indeed me DO have a better spatial ability on average.

        I’m all for equality in this we are equal in, but it’s o.k to admit we are not equal in all things. Men don’t be offended if i say you just aren’t as good at breastfeeding as us women. I promise I’m not being sexist haha

  • archworf

    #11/12, to quote my girlfriend, “Less filling/tastes great!”

  • Aaron D

    Hey guys,
    I thought i’d tell you that that picture of the men on the beam was making the empire state building i believe. But! The interesting part is that most of them in that picture are from Canada, Newfoundland to be specific

  • SciGuy

    This list is just chock full of factual errors, mistaken thinking, and just plain weirdness. Examples:
    #9 – “Human reproduction is notoriously fickle and very inefficient” – except, maybe, compared to other mammals. Have you ever read about any other animals (or even watched the Discovery channel)? Check out lions, for example.
    #8 – Men have no sense of direction? What planet are you on? The average man’s spatial ability is much higher than the average woman’s, due to higher testosterone levels. That’s why men are typically much better at reading maps. *Ego* is why they don’t want to ask for directions (which is a little above a sperm’s thinking level). Also, the “wet spot” is due to “backflow,” and has nothing to do with the direction that sperm swim; it’s due entirely to processes in the woman’s body. You probably don’t want to know too much about it.
    #7 – What does this have to do with a biological clock? The term refers to the fact that most women *can’t* get pregnant over the age of about 40. A man’s “quality and quantity” of his sperm might start dropping at 25, but men can father children well into their 70’s, and probably beyond (though they might need Viagra by that point, to help get the wigglers there).
    #5 – WTF is up with a shark picture? (Not a factual error, just…WTF.)
    #4 – “On the other hand, of the vast number of mammals, humans included, have one of the smallest sperm cells, measuring only 40 microns long.” – Sentences like this are what an editor is supposed to prevent.
    #1 – Sounds more like an advertisement for Mormonism than scientific research. “plenty of fresh air” will increase a man’s sperm count? NO alcohol or tobacco, or else numbers drop? Vitamin supplements are proven (no – guaranteed!!) to increase sperm count? To quote another website, “Citation Needed”.

    Some might argue that the lists on this site are just for entertainment, but I’d reply that it IS possible to be entertaining AND informative AND accurate. This was the 3rd or 4th list I’ve read on this site…and, I’m done.

    • Jonathan

      Sharks can’t swim backwards either. That is the reason for the picture

      • CkladRN

        Thanks Jonathan, looks like some guys need to do their homework before giving their “facts” and opinions.
        Hey guys- take a joke. Your acting so hormonal. But my question is- do you actually bleed like women when you are on your period?

        • CkladRN

          Ps -this is not directed to you Jonathan. I appreciate your fact 🙂

  • Smith

    This ‘Karl’ fellow must be confused about his gender. Either that or ultimately the author is a tranny. This list is bias and very offensive…towards men.

    I would like to point out two points that were more offensive than the others :

    -Men do NOT have a bad sense of direction

    -Just because an individual avoids alcohol and smoking, eats his vegetables, and leads a generally healthy life, does NOT NOT NOT! mean his kids will be boring. That is the most dim witted attempt at a opinionated joke i have ever seen.

    Even your title seems to offend readers, confidently stating that we did not know any of these facts.

    This article is truly garbage, and while the non bias points might be scientifically valid, it doesn’t take a good poster to fish them out of google, it takes a good poster to post an actual funny, educated, and witty article that doesn’t offend the same gender as the friggin author. No innovative points, and the more points you read, the more you want to shoot someone.

    • Don’t hold back, Smith. How do you really feel? Maybe you will like this list better?

    • CkladRN

      looks like some guys need to do their homework before giving their â??factsâ?? and opinions.
      Hey guys- take a joke. Your acting so hormonal. But my question is- do you actually bleed like women when you are on your period.

    • dave

      wow you talk about being offensive after you said tranny? you must be the smartest person i have ever met

  • Lichumo Murry

    The search for lenghth of the mature spermatozoa let me here, and thanks i found it,,55microns it is.

  • Ike

    “55 millionths of a millimeter or 55 microns in length” – wrong math, please correct this

    • What is correct? Should it be 55 nanometers? Help here would be appreciated.

      • Ike

        No, nanometer is too small, it’s a billionth of a meter in US units. 55 nanometers would be a size of a very small virus.

        You should have said ’55 millionths of a METER or 55 microns in length’.

  • Namek

    Hmmm, having a little difficulty understanding the boring offspring part…

  • brian

    No sense of direction hahaha must be a woman man bashing cause she’s bitter