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  1. englishsunset
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    Growing up 100 miles south of D.C. and 100 miles west of Norfolk/Newport News, VA; I didn’t know as a kid that we were likely target central during this upheaval. My father did though. He came home and within an hour we were on the way to the family shelter in the woods with weapons and food enough for a month. We were set, but it never happened and it was years later that I learned what actually took place. Phew!

  2. Bleh
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    The world only nearly ends during the war where nothing happened. Man, that was hypothetically terrifying!

  3. Andrew X
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    Sorry, but this list does not make the cut.

    — Numbers 8 and 6, for starters, are not about “the world almost ending” but are about quite the opposite – moments when steps toward stability were taken.

    — #2 – No Soviet ship ever shot down an American plane during the Cuba crisis. A U-2 was shot down by Soviet supplied land-based anti-aircraft missiles in Cuba, not any Soviet ship.

    — And lastly, no mention at all of Able Archer ’83. (google it). That time we were as close as during Cuba, and didn’t even know it. It was Reagan finding out later from Thatcher (via her spy in Russia) and sort of freaking out about it (in as much as Reagan would be inclined to do so) that caused him to seriously decide to try to stabilize US-Soviet relations. Able Archer certainly belongs on this list.

    This one needs a re-think.

  4. Someguy
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    No mention at all of Col. Stanislav Petrov in ’83? This list was poorly researched and executed.

  5. Anon
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    India did not go to war with Pakistan you moron, it was the Pakis heady with their fervent Islamic fanaticism (still on) instigated their fellow ilk in the Kashmir valley along with their military cahoots who invaded India. Of course, India gave them a bloody nose then and several times later too.

  6. Jeremy
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    First you slam Reagan for being the worst thing that could happen and then spend the rest of the entry talking about how his plan actually worked?

    Be careful, your bias is showing.

  7. shadow
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    powerful people are always messed up :\

  8. pittbull
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    Reagan Rocked. He won the cold war and freed Eastern Europe without firing a shot. But you can always tell a biased democrap when you read one.

  9. Tim Stroud
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    Good article.


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