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  • Equalizer

    Of course, all of these price will go down if you sold it at Pawnstar…

    • Oh yeah, for sure. “Look, I can go maybe $50 for that original Declaration of Independence. I mean, there just isn’t a big market for this and it has a small tear on the corner, so… And I have to pay to get it framed. And to be honest it will probably hang on the wall for years before I sell it. Sorry man, that’s the best I can do.” 😉

      • ParusMajor

        heh 😀

  • ParusMajor

    Probably just proves that rich people are willing to pay anything for basically worthless items just to get some of their childhood back. Interesting list, though.

    • brian

      It has more to do with rarity rather than childhood memories

  • thylacine

    I think I read somewhere that original Darth Vader figures with telescoping lightsabers that are still in the box are either very rare or none actually are known to exist. If one is found it could be worth up to $200,000.

  • Cyberteque

    So my *mint* Corgi Thunderbird 2 with Thunderbird 4, Thunderbird 1, Green Hornet car(with missile and that weird “thing” that pops out of the trunk), Batmobile, (with missiles), James Bond’s Aston Martin, Shadow missile launcher(UFO series), Eagle (Space 1999), First release Storm Trooper Gun based on the Stirling Mk5 aren’t worth anything?
    Not to mention all the other Corgi/Dinki/Matchbox Tanks, trucks and cars.

    Or am I just way too old?


  • David

    Okay, the title of this article is “…could make you rich.” With all due respect, most of these items you would have to have a warehouse full to make you rich. Maybe if you had 500 of the beanie babies you could make 1.5 million but since they’re RARE you’re not going to have 500 of them. If you’re calling 100k to 200k rich then I feel very sorry for you.

  • devis

    Beach Bomb. I think that is the funniest one on the list

  • John Taylor

    Since when are lunchboxes and cards toys?

  • Sammantha

    I didn’t even know stuffed animals could go for that much!

  • Sammantha

    Even though they go for that much, I will still buy it!????????????????????????????????????????

  • sonny

    how much would you pay for a supermario nintendo lunch box red with super marios photos on the cover?:

  • brad

    Stepson passed,her n her grandma collected dolls n toys plates n cups all this stuff 1000 of don’t know where to start any freaking idea