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  1. Peter Boucher at |

    Regarding No.5 with the Chicago White Sox, I vividly remember. I wouldn’t say that it was the ugliest team uniform, especially if they had Southwestern games to play which would keep their body temperature down. But what makes me cringe is how painful it would be if they had to steal second and third base or even home plate. I can imagine the scraps and open wounds on their knees when being in that situation. So bottom line, the wise decision was to go back to wearing baseball pants. Let me just say that Bill Veeck would have gotten a “howl” regarding this. Or……was it his idea to begin with ?

  2. jason stone at |

    i disagree with the pirate unis..they were very nicely yellow/gold colored mixed with the black and not nearly as bad as the padres unis that were further down the list…when i saw the title for this list my first thought was….HOUSTON BLEEPING ASTROS!!!! and you nailed that one at number one..why in the blue hell did anyone think this was a good design..and they wore it for almost 20 years!!!…glad those days are over..too bad every good Nolan Ryan card has him wearing the stupid

  3. Lola at |

    ok, the Houston Astros uniform is totally inappropriate to play a game of baseball, but…

    Is it wrong that I think the shirt is totally retro-awsome and want one for myself? (minus the “Astros” part, of course.)

  4. Jim Ribs at |

    Cubs 1977 Light blues were pretty bad too.

  5. greethan at |

    That picture of the Pirates players smoking is from 1980…

  6. Phil at |

    Totally agree with The Astros being number one. The only other worse uniform in sports was The Vancouver Canucks uniforms in the 80’s. They looked like someone threw up on them.

  7. Chile Pepper at |

    Isn’t that Jake Peavy in that hideous mustard colored Padre uniform?

  8. JMac at |

    The Astros unis were awesome (minus the number on the pants)! The Padres camouflage jersey’s should be on this list.

  9. Jerry at |

    Brooks Robinsin is the designer in question for the all-orange Orioles uniforms.

  10. Clinton at |

    The Astros “rainbow guts” were last worn in Game 6 of the 1986 NLCS in Houston against the Mets. The white “rainbow sleeve” unis replaced them in 1987.

  11. David K at |

    I kinda liked the Astros and the White Sox (#7) uniforms. I LOVED the Pilots, especially the caps. The rest of this list is pretty much spot on.

  12. Peter Boucher at |

    First of all, I wouldn’t mind getting my hands on one of the Seattle Pilots Uniform and put it up for auction or put it on eBay. But second, Today’s baseball uniforms are made of what I believe is a polyester type fabric which is lighter and more “temperature control” for the player to wear. Way back when baseball was in its infancy as a professional sport, the uniforms were made of thick wool. Yep, nothing better to control your body temperature at a hot climate game then wearing a thick wool outfit. I don’t know how they survived it.

  13. Brian Mouland at |

    Pirates win the worst, oh those ugly hats!

  14. Scott at |

    The 70’s was the best era for baseball uniforms because of all the color,…it’s festive and artistic,… and goes great with the entertainment of team sport athletics. The past twenty years has been drab misery with baseball uniforms. Bring the 70’s back… with all those bright uniforms. Have fun,… don’t be drab.


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